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  • ablejoso 1d

    Yesterday's Stench

    Years after it grew into a boy
    The dead rat from yesterday
    Emit an unbearable stench
    To the detriment of the home

    A home with "love" and trust
    At the brim of collapse now
    As he came around to claim his son

    Is he the father of our son?
    No, he is trying to destroy us.
    That is all, if you're sure.
    Then like nothing happened
    The rhythm of love continued

    Again he came around
    But this time the story made rounds
    You father another's child
    Action is required
    And to the police you reported

    She heard about your action
    He has been arrested
    Her heart sped off to the past
    Wished she could bury this dead rat
    Better than she ever did
    But now the smell was there
    It besieged the atmosphere

    No where to go
    Today has transformed
    Tomorrow is no more
    As yesterday's strength waxed

    You have arrested him
    You were satisfied at your action
    But unknown to you
    You've just arrested her

    She sat at home depressed
    Confused, not sure of anything
    Then to Sniper she ran for help
    The devilish liquid never turned down offers

    As you opened the door
    Regrets flowed down her eyes
    But you didn't understand
    You were caught only by her pain
    Until she whispered with her last breath
    I am sorry

    Just now the stench got to you
    And you cursed yourself
    How could you not perceive such a stench
    Until yesterday's rat now lay before you?

  • ablejoso 4w

    Boisterous Silence

    When I whispered
    It went without a sound
    When I shed tears
    I felt no flow
    It was all quiet and dry;
    The world is a tumultuous ocean.

  • ablejoso 4w

    Dim Flashes

    Poverty is a dark cloud
    Every effort, eclipsed by the shadow of doubts
    Mixture of fear and hope,
    Tomorrow comes anyway
    We must live till he comes
    The saviour, whether death or life
    All shames will be buried or lightened
    Sing the song or not
    Our generation somehow, before long
    Will hear the song
    Everybody lived that ever was...

  • ablejoso 12w

    How amazing it is that you can be locked out and not be locked down

  • ablejoso 12w

    Desperation breeds disappointment if you fail to acknowledge preparation

  • ablejoso 13w

    You don't know how great a writer you are until love slaps your face (poet), wealth kicks your butt (writer), and health gloats at you from a distance (dramatist).


  • ablejoso 13w

    The worst thing in life is to be poor in whatever thing you believe in.

    You believe in riches, you've got to get it. You believe in spirituality, you've got to get it. Whatever it may be, you've got to get it. Just get it rightly. Don't be poor!

  • ablejoso 13w

    There are just some people who don't have the strength to fight it, they just get carried along and hope it conveys them to a pleasant destination. The worst strategy though. But what can they do since they can't be ready enough for life.

  • ablejoso 13w

    Life is just a passing wind. It lacks direction. When you're taken by it, you lose direction.

  • ablejoso 14w

    I react, it is insanity; you react, you're human.