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  • absynth 20w

    Sentenced to solitude

    Here is a sentence of solitude
    That has been thrust upon us,
    A litmus test of our attitudes
    Without the swords, sticks and clubs.

    A verdict delivered overnight
    Though it was looming over our heads
    Leaving us terrorized and traumatized
    Confining us to our homesteads.

    Deserted bazaars, barricades on roads
    fear behind masks fully covered
    Seperated from the herd, embracing a virtual world
    Doing it all for once to save a dying world.

    #publiccurfew #socialdistancing #selfquarantine
    This time these hashtags are real and not mere memes
    So sticking to the basics of sanitation and hygiene
    Is how we segregate to work as a team.

    Lets take away more from this outbreak
    Than what it did from us
    Lets slow down for heaven's sake
    Before we fully fuck it up.

    For now is the time to pay for our crimes
    which we commited with open eyes
    But let this sentence we are serving today
    Be another tomorrow that never dies.

  • absynth 21w

    Back to love

    I sometimes feel like going astray
    Knowing too well that you will show me the way
    Back to your cove.
    The times when I'm a guest inside myself
    And can be wrenched out of that dungeon
    Only by the close warmth of your breaths
    Like the roof's been lifted
    For a trapped pigeon.

    Its queer writing down how you feel
    Without thinking at all
    As if emotions have their own rhythm and rhyme
    And you are all malleable and ductile clay
    Between their ruthless fingers
    Till you are kneaded on and on
    And start to enjoy your aching rawness
    Without a care about what you turn into.

    Sometimes I'm so full of emptiness
    That I feel like puking
    But nausea is the closest I get
    Before realizing that this emptiness
    can only be drained
    By your empty syringe
    Which leaves behind its own void inside me.

    Theres so much to say,
    An infinity to feel;
    A moment to get broken
    And an eternity to heal
    But as long as you are my moon
    And I'm your moon beam,
    You are the sun and I'm your ray
    I can wander everywhere but never go astray
    For I know that you will show me the way
    Back to love.

  • absynth 32w

    The ballad of Mr. New Year

    Mr. New Year was sitting behind a mist of time
    Patiently waiting for the firecrackers and cries
    To thaw him from his icy shrine,
    Putting an end to his penance
    And only after the uproar subsides
    Does Mr. New Year realize
    That its the only welcome he gets
    And besides that the world has hardly changed.

    When he puts his first step
    on the dark carpet of midnight,
    The world goes berserk
    Champagne corks fly.
    Whats all this fuss and why?
    Thinks Mr. New Year
    While glasses clink together
    Amidst a loud chorus of "Cheers"

    Suddenly he feels a cold hand on his shoulder,
    He turns around and there is Miss Winter
    With her icicle smile,
    Dressed in frosty white.
    She opens her blue lips,
    lays her hand on his
    And says "welcome my child."

    "Here is a peg of brandy to warm you up
    And a plate of cheese crackers
    That everyone loves.
    Let the taste of the world
    dissolve on your tongue
    And then get ready to listen
    To every single resolution."

    But before Mr. New Year
    Has downed his first sip and bite,
    A crowd gathers around him
    In a circle of noise.
    Suddenly a voice shouts out-
    "This year I want to lose weight."
    And then another goes
    "This year I want to let go of hate"
    Another goes "I want to travel the world."
    And another one, "I want a million followers."

    Perplexed, Mr. New Year tries to make sense
    Of the blitzkrieg of wishes
    Thrown at his face
    While Miss Winter whispers in his ear-
    "This my dear happens every year.
    You just sit here and enjoy the show,
    It will be over before you know."

    So Mr. New Year quietly sits and waits
    As the crowd hollers till they go hoarse
    And drink themselves to death.
    Finally when the first glint of the sun
    Sneaks into his eyes,
    He sees everyone fading away
    Into the mist of time
    So Mr. New Year walks out of the doorway
    And never looks behind.

  • absynth 33w

    मैं मर जाऊं तो मेरी एक अलग पहचान लिख देना,
    लहू से मेरी पैशानी पे हिन्दुस्तान लिख देना.....
    - राहत इन्दौरी

    #hindipoets #bharatras #shayari #deshsankat #urdupoets

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    जा तुझे माफ़ किया

    इंसानियत का इतना ढोल बजाया की फटके हाथ में आ गया
    देखो खुदको इंसान केहने वाला अपनी औकात पे आ गया

    बिछ्डों को वापस घर बुलाया और अपनों का हिसाब कर दिया
    मंदिर तो ज़रूर बनाया पर विश्वास का सर्वनाश कर दिया

    कुछ आधा अधूरा दृश्य दिखलाया बाकी पर लिहाफ़ रख दिया
    जब जनता ने शोर मचाया तो इसे विकास केह दिया

    सारे विश्व की परिक्रमा कर आया, समृद्धि का यूँ जाप किया
    काला धन कहाँ वापस लाया, शायद विदेश में सब ख़ैरात किया

    मन्न की बातों से सबको ख़ूब लुभाया, सबके हाथों में चाय का गिलास दिया
    शक्कर कम है यह नहीं बताया, भक्तों की भेड चाल को भली भाँति भांप लिया

    पेहले सबकी आँखों में धुल झोंक आया, फ़िर उसे झाड़ू से साफ़ किया
    सच को स्वच्छ बनाकर दिखाया और झूठ से अपना दामन झाड़ लिया

    गइया को सबकी मइय्या बनाया, खुदको सबका बाप करार दिया
    कौन खाएगा अब कैसा खाना, सीना ठोक कर यह भी ऐलान किया

    जिस मिट्टी के लिए सबने इक्क्ठे ख़ून बहाया, उसे फ़िरसे हिन्दू मुसलमान में बांठ दिया
    कितनी शीतल है हम भारत वासियों की छत्र छाया, हम अब भी केहते हैं "जा तुझे माफ़ किया."

  • absynth 35w


  • absynth 39w

    Global Warming

    Nothing to do
    Except missing you,
    A feeling that now
    Is but poorly disguised
    By pile upon pile of tumbling words,
    Too stubborn to trickle down
    Into the mould of either
    A poem or a song.
    Maybe they are now angry
    For not having been used for so long,
    Too long deprived of a smile
    And too deeply drowned in a scorn.

    But "sorry, please stay, don't go away,
    I will try harder,
    Things will be better,
    You are all that matters."
    All these realizations were too drugged
    To even blink an eye
    leave aside the word "try"
    When you and I
    Drifted away like two poles
    Entombed in a single globe
    That now seems to have stopped spinning
    And something sure has changed
    As a world of words crumbled
    Like glaciers of ice crashing down
    Without a trace of warning
    And all that love is reduced to
    Is a fading phenomenon of global warming.

  • absynth 42w

    Started as a poem. Turned out a prose.

    #halfsmokedcigarettes #temptingtoxins #smokyscribblings


    Here I am lying beside you on the bed staring constantly as you fill a blank page with scribble after scribble. Its as if you uncoil all the weight in your mind and wrap it around this white sheet so as to exorcize yourself of the invisible chains clamping you down. But then I wonder how would you be able to do the same with me? Maybe I should find a way to disintegrate myself into words and scatter around that spotlessly white paper. Perhaps then it would lighten the load of my presence from your existence. Just like the freshly lit cigarette between your lips does.

    I ask you what you are writing about but then the fluency of your silence makes me shut my mouth. Nothing unexpected. I just stare at the frown in your brow and imagine how many words would fit into it. Would they be enough to be counted as an explanation?

    The way you sit just an arms length away from me bounded by an unknown territory of mysterious words, makes me scared of the words that pop up in my own mind. Words like 'refugee' or worse 'infiltrator'. Now, all I wish is for my own words to have remained a mystery to me. Perhaps then I may find myself in a state somewhat similar to yours without the formal thread of words. But guesswork isn't any good at this point. Its either you know what's going on or you don't. Or atleast this was the ideal state that we strived for all this time. Instead of blindly believing that I'm your's and you are mine.

    You quietly pass me a half smoked cigarette and I take it without wanting to. Only because a 'no' sounds worse than silence. Half hearted attempts suck. So I suck on the cigarette until the stub starts to burn my lips. And you are still writing...

    #writersofmirakee #mirakee #mirakeeRoar #pod #readwriteunite #wordporn #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #mirakeeapp #writers_paradise #writers_together #mirakeepost #mirakeefamily #mirakinity_mibe #writersunited #writersbureau

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  • absynth 42w

    Four Walls

    Does anyone really care
    For the tears you shed?
    Would they be always there
    Like they once said?
    Will the tongue tied silence
    Lead you towards peace?
    Or is it monstrous violence
    That will sweep you off your feet?
    Will the crater in your heart
    Grow bigger by the moment?
    Will the pain ever depart
    Along with all the torment?
    Will the emotions keep piling up
    on the sands of your existence?
    Will blind faith ever make up
    For all the ignorance?
    Will the human in you
    Ever turn complete?
    Will love ever find you
    As long as you breathe?
    Will the words you so cherish
    Change anything at all?
    Or would they just perish
    Within these four walls?

  • absynth 44w

    #woodenscratches #nailart #eyeofaflame


    The wooden varnish on the table
    Gives in reluctantly to the attacks of my nails
    As I scribble the hieroglyphics of a failed time table
    To leave behind a stale trail
    Of all the weight in my mind
    Beyond its expiry date
    And past its shelf life,
    Falling in love with putrefaction,
    Turning into a clone
    Of its own Stockholm Syndrome,
    Elated at the possibility of donating its carcass
    To a fermentation flask
    And churning in optimal conditions
    Until the grind turns it into wine
    And spills out finally as intoxicated lines.

    The golden flame in one corner of the table
    Breathes in its soot
    While playing a crackling flute now and then
    When the faint wisps of evening breeze
    Eve tease it into an occassional jig,
    Disrupting its calm
    And scattering its warmth
    Till it no longer resembles a flame
    But a helpless dame
    Running helter skelter for shelter.

    A heap of books in the other corner of the very same table
    Topple onto one another
    Cloaked in disorder,
    Trying very hard to be a pile
    While being choked on each other's paper masses,
    Desperate to be spotted and sorted
    By a symmetrical hand
    But then order and routine never go as planned
    And so its finally back to those scratches
    On the wooden varnish
    Turning more distinct and deeper
    As every wish fades and starts to vanish.

    #writersofmirakee #mirakee #mirakeeRoar #pod #readwriteunite #wordporn #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #mirakeeapp #writers_paradise #writers_together #mirakeepost #mirakeefamily #mirakinity_mibe #writersunited #writersbureau

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  • absynth 45w