Love yourself, forgive the broken, accept defeat& strive for success

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  • adeahsmommy1587 15w

    I remember, "you say it best, when you say nothing at all", meant something beyond what our hearts could speak

    We would embrace, squeeze tighter, and muster, you make me weak

    Like an addict that's chasing their very first high;
    I sit
    I wait
    Broken hearted and lonely, I stand by

    I let things go, forgive, and believe
    It's not that easy for you, so you say I'm naive

    I wear our love like a badge, a battle we've won
    You try to wash it off, hold hard grudges, and try to be done

    One minute you don't believe you deserve such bliss
    And the next you're just gone...

    ...I can still taste your kiss

    I wish for a lot of things but not like I do for us
    I wish we could move forward and stop all the fuss.
    I've never meant to hurt you, I've never wanted to leave
    But you're so against love, because it's you that's naive

    I'll sit with our child for the rest of my life,
    Waiting for your love, and to be your wife
    I love you enough to let you go
    I just pray you come back, the day that you know

  • adeahsmommy1587 17w


    Value Your Time
    Before Your Time
    Has No Value

  • adeahsmommy1587 17w

    You, Me

    I'm lost in our memories, I'm lost in a trance
    I can feel every touch, I can see every dance
    I was yours and you were mine
    We laughed and we loved from beer to wine
    You loved me, and I loved you
    Our love was easy, and the skies were blue
    Our eyes met, and our souls took the lead
    We wanted each other, never did we need

    Fast forward ten years and I'm crushed to the core
    My soul is detaching from yours and it hurts
    I know about her and wonder how she flirts
    Because with no respect at all you gave right in
    Left me asking why, and you lying about where you been
    I can't eat, and I can't breathe
    I watch you shower, dress nice, walk out and leave
    Our daughter, our home, our dog, and our life
    I was supposed to be her, more kids, and and your wife

    I'm not mad you, I'm mad at me
    For wanting you, and not needing me,
    for believing in you, and not dreaming for me
    I'm mad at myself for so many things, like living for you and forgetting about me
    I'm mad that my baby begs for a sibling , a family, of us, yet tells me twice now how she met daddy's huss.
    I'll try to remain calm, smile, and wave but I promise that bitch will fear me to her grave

  • adeahsmommy1587 17w

    Am I your muse
    Do I make you sick?
    Pick a song

  • adeahsmommy1587 18w


    "Girl you're crazy", is what I hear; and as I flip my head, I respond, "That's what the doctors say!"

  • adeahsmommy1587 19w

    How to...

    When given life I knew how to breathe, how to trust,
    how to love, and even cry.

    But what I didn't know my dear,
    is how to live and die.

    You're not guaranteed tomorrow, hell, even what's left of today,
    So in this very moment, there's a hundred things to say.

    Accept what you can't change, don't waste a single breath.
    Stop wasting time, and asking why, or dwelling in regret.
    You're cheating all who love you, even those you haven't met.

    I can, however, tell you, how to make the best, of every thing you see.
    How to empathize with others, and cherish what is free.

    Time is what we're given, it's free, but costs the most.
    You can't rewind or replay, or erase what brought you pain.
    You can however, HOPE.
    Have a dream, and believe.

    You can be a victim in this life, or choose to survive.
    Wallow in self pity, or be happy you're alive.
    I want my story to empower those, that just might feel alone.
    Learn how to love your scars, and how to love yourself.
    Don't be a concrete angel, a name carved in stone.

    Anything we encounter could always just be worse.
    Show your family, friends, and strangers, nothings worth a hurse.

    We all deserve good things.
    Love, and success.
    Don't believe the haters, they always settle for less.

  • adeahsmommy1587 45w


    Value time, before your time has no value...

  • adeahsmommy1587 45w

    Where There Is A Woman

    Where there is a woman, there is man.
    Black, white, Puerto Rican, or tan.
    She created a life within her womb.
    Some raised men, some ended in a tomb.

    Where there is a woman, there is Grace.
    Amazing, loving, forgiving, grace.
    Even the ones that are evil and rude.
    Deep in their souls, love will protrude.

    Where there is a woman, there is life.
    Protect her, love her, she'll someday be a wife.


  • adeahsmommy1587 162w

    She always told him not to buy her flowers.
    She told him they represent something beautiful, that dies.
    So much life and beauty.
    Petals start to fall, it cries.
    Petal by petal crumbling,until whoever possesses the power, throws it away.
    It can't stay.
    But he did one time...
    He bought her a single rose.
    It bloomed so beautiful and vibrant,
    As if it were there to pose.
    It never died...
    Petal by petal fell to a resting spot.
    Alive and vibrant still...
    Staying alive with all its will.

  • adeahsmommy1587 162w

    Who am I, and what have I done?
    I messed it all up; he is the one.
    Seeking attention, in every wrong way.
    Caught up, and now I have nothing to say.
    I will take the blame, admit I was wrong.
    Please don't go, I've loved you for so long.
    I just want you to let me love every piece you.
    The damaged; the healed; and broken parts too.
    We swore we would never inflict the same pain as our past.
    Building up walls, and even doubting we would last.
    The moment came where we fell in deep, we let one another in.
    And just like the rest, we have loved, only to be hurt again.
    Forgive me for all the damage I've done, and pain I have caused.
    I can't go back. This isn't a game. It can't be paused.