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  • adeiz001 10w

    Dear departed

    _*Dear Departed*_

    Dear departed,
    Today you have left me a chalice,
    Filled with salty water of the river of sight,
    In sorrow I drown,
    In pain I lie,
    A look back at the time we breath together,
    Drank to our fill from the chalice u left,
    Drunk I was to the unending moment we spent on a throne of love,
    The sultans of eloquence we were once known,
    Our experience and lives were like songs of pleasure,
    We held conversations with the stars,
    We befriend the moon and the sun,
    You were my red rose of the deepest hue,
    We kept time with the rhythm of our hearts,
    Making feathers from the wings of our hearts,
    We smothered sorrow in its sorrowful ness,
    Together we transformed the groans of pain to joyful sighs,
    At our distress together we recited poems of happiness to the ones around us,
    With the language of our hearts,
    Now am all alone with the chalice in my hand,
    Telling the tale of my departed,
    To the ears of existence,
    © Mr khyroo ✍

  • adeiz001 10w

    The battlefield

    *The battle field*
    I see that u have adorned your finest armour
    made of stanza,metaphors and anaphoric tone,
    I see u have polished your boots ready for line breaks,pause,and stressed pentameter,
    I see now that your words flourish cut deeper than authur's Excalibur,
    use of imagery,perfect word plays, consonance are the mantra u give ur self called warriors,
    they chant in rage,
    the battlefield left in disarray,
    as the lexicographer,spoken word maestro,poetic writer,
    makes his entrance his pen sharper than sun rise as it decapitates,
    amputates the young poetic pawns,
    As it tear open their strong shields
    flanking them in the left and right direction
    today is not their day of victory,
    today is the day they lost,
    their Godly muse failed them,
    their courage,bravery all shattered,
    their pen fell from their hands ,
    their armour broken to their spine,
    and their general said,
    sitting at the top of his stallion,ebony,dark, eyes from hell,
    strength from the wind,
    sword in hand,
    I see that your grounds is not fit for
    a poetic battle,
    ©Mr khyroo

  • adeiz001 61w

    I closed my eyes to this world where love is a charade,i opened my eyes and all i see is a blur,i opened my mind to give thos world a chance,then i realise hate was the rose flower sold at daylight,now tell me how my world is not oblivious when my tears dried in my eyes and it went in search of a treasure called redemption

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  • adeiz001 68w

    Echoes of silence

    Oh the humms and whistle sound in the abyss be illuminated in the mind and of the one on search of solace;

    Let you humm in every mind that
    Wishes to seek oblivion,a world away from the crowd,let the silence linger in the mind of the stranger till the end of his travels

    Oh crystals as silent and beautiful you be stay in my thoughts like a drip of the water from the oasis in spring;

    Let the eye and the mind be of absolute peace,let not the breeze
    That passes disrupt the world i built of silence,and yet my world
    Be invaded by the echoes of silence;
    In my heart

  • adeiz001 68w

    Reason d'etre

    The earth dominance be the bedrock of all;
    The sun shines and sets without failing;
    So the wind whistle,in our hearts we listen;
    Our heart like a plumber works tirelessly all season;

    The smiles on the face of the wolves we see outside be a reason for us to live, in our hearts be the prey for the wolves outside we see;

    We laugh and cry over our lost and found,grief be an untimely friend that visits
    Our eye balls be drenched from the stream in our hearts that flows;

    Still we stand,grow,move till reason d' etre is achieved
    Courage be the robe we wear and fear;

  • adeiz001 68w


    I am hurt not by these wounds i carry but by the thought of the wounds afflicted on me from the thought of how foolishly i told myself about building an eternal future in my sole lonely heart where u reside.

  • adeiz001 68w

    Time the parameter for our living and the judge of our past and present decisions and yet fickle to our very existance

  • adeiz001 68w

    Duchess and i

    We are these two broken individuals,our heart has been torn and shatterd, the only redemption we could find is within ourselves cus we share one thing in common pain we are paranoid when it comes to the matter of the heart,so the only ones we can trust is but ourselves cus the pain we felt has bound us together.....