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  • adeladarling 16h


    I can hear what their asking
    I can see what their saying
    I can feel what their needing
    Your eyes take my soul out dancing
    And for the first time I saw home

  • adeladarling 4d


    Mascara smeared from falling tears streaming down her face...

  • adeladarling 5d

    Follow you

    Through heaven and hell I will follow you
    Through Time and space I will follow you
    To name a few
    Yeap I will follow you there too.
    Yet you already know this to be true, because of who you are, because you're you.
    The glue to all my broken parts.
    especially when it comes to the heart.
    In this place of scams, schemes and all these
    What am I suppose to do with the amount of love I have for you.
    You touched my heart.
    I want to do my part.
    Make me worthy while showing your grace.
    When end comes I hope to see your face.
    Thank you Jesus.


  • adeladarling 1w

    Goodbye my sweet...

    Remember more tender
    so not to offend her.
    Let her down gently,
    as she listens intently to
    the words you're about to speak.
    Maskara smeared,
    with rolling tears,
    streaming down both checks.
    Be kind as you let her go
    she's the sweetest thing
    you'll ever know.
    As you will soon discover
    she is like no other.

    Love without conditions
    Finding Grace,
    meanings, and
    reasons through
    Truth, beauty,
    And goodness

  • adeladarling 4w

    Remember when...

    I had all and then most of you some and now none of you...~ Lord Huron

    Take me back to when you remember
    sharing the same hopes and dreams
    Meet me in that little house high inbetween the
    living trees.
    You were happy then.
    Best of all you and I...
    Remember so clearly how much you would love. Never imagine holding back feelings of...
    To be with you in a little space
    Knowing you belong happy and free...
    Free to go but happy with me.
    Your head in a book my head in your lap.
    When we were thru we'd smoke then
    take a nap.
    Take me back to that life again
    I have yet to do all these things with you my friend
    Take me back to remember when.

  • adeladarling 5w

    ★·.·´¯`·.·★���������� ��������������★·.·´¯`·.·★

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    Life is to short to
    Not be authentic
    Life is what you're handed, it's what you make it.
    Be grateful and tackle what's at hand
    Tackle what's in front of you as peacefully as you can.

  • adeladarling 5w

    Little wanderer you

    Beauty lies in
    the wanderer.
    Her curiosity
    never dies.
    Be kind to the
    wonder of a wanderer
    Blessed are you who finds.

  • adeladarling 6w


    Enough already... in and out of my free mind time.
    You are already living in my dreams, in them you and I are on the same team.
    I have intergraded you as part of my shadow my imagination running wild.
    Much rather walk the straight and narrow.
    My feeling unchanged.
    Except for the pain
    You don't want any part of me.
    Kicking the dirt thinking how could this be.
    I have done what you asked,
    you needed a fast.
    If I knew I never crossed your mind
    I would stop wasting our time.
    If you would just pray and ask
    You will receive while completing the task.
    So what do you say to
    today being the day.
    We blow florets into the wind
    and then let us pretend
    those are our troubles as we
    watch them fly away
    we continue to be friends yet
    another day.

  • adeladarling 6w

    Digital Campfire...

    The digital campfire is where I want to be.
    Is that possible for you and me?
    We share space on the IoT.
    With mutual friends all up and in-between.
    I apologise for my behavior.
    I kno you don't owe me any favors.
    I was hoping you might find Grace
    And for me, save a place...

    Around the digital campfire

  • adeladarling 7w

    Just a note...

    Sweet Jesus is your return flight to this plane already here?
    If so how will you let me know you are near?
    The kind of love you have shown
    the most purist kind I have ever known
    Deeper then the ocean wider then the sea ,across all the mountains throughout every tree
    Even time and space can't erase the love you have for me.
    Recently I have felt uncertainty about my place or where I belong and I was hoping you'd show me if you don't mind me tagging along.
    I haven't yet found my purpose the thing I am suppose to do.
    Unless my purpose was to keep my faith in you.
    I ask you now in this little note
    to bless all those who have their heart broke.
    Comfort those that are lost in faith, and finding those who are in the darkest place.
    Shine your Light so big and bright
    So it can be seen though out the world day and night.
    How do I help others understand
    this is all part of the plan.
    Things are happening at a rapid pace hope you have stockpiled a lot of Grace.