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  • adenbentolila 3w


    Where did time go
    Left in a flash, with just memories to show.
    All my friends have left
    All grew up and charged with theft
    They all stole something from me
    I found out eventually
    They took my trust and fun
    But when I needed help they all started to run
    All of them were fake
    The pain I can't shake.

  • adenbentolila 3w


    I am in pain
    Nothing can keep me sane
    Just surrounded with tragedy
    Drifting off into the sea
    A sea of my darkness
    Cursed with decaying bliss
    Can't you see the worlds going to hell
    Trapped and quiet so I can not tell
    I'm sorry that you have to be
    Informed of my tragedy
    But I hope you sit here and see
    What a mistake I was meant to be

  • adenbentolila 13w


    Why me
    Why can't you see
    Why does it always have to be me
    Stuck in this rut
    Forced to keep my mouth shut
    Why the fuck
    Why now
    I don't understand how
    It just has to be now
    Why be alive
    Should I just die
    No I must find out why

  • adenbentolila 13w


    Why is life so hard
    What if I have just been dealt all the wrong cards
    I miss everything and everyone I lost
    I try so hard but at what cost
    Why is everything so difficult
    I am brainwashed in this cult
    Just help me escape
    Unless its to late
    I have lost all hope
    I cant do anything or even cope
    It's just to difficult
    Should I consult
    No, let it be difficult

  • adenbentolila 14w


    Mine are amazing
    Always there for me
    My mom is the queen and my dad is the king
    My brother is funny
    My sister is beautiful
    My grandfather is always bright and sunny
    I can see into my family's soul
    I love them and they love me
    Talk to your family and you should see

  • adenbentolila 14w


    I'm stuck
    I have no where to go
    I cant breathe FUCK
    I just can't NO
    Didnt mean to get mad
    Sorry to be like this
    I'm just always sad
    All I do is seem to do is miss
    I'm just stuck

  • adenbentolila 14w


    The walls are closing in
    The ceiling is coming down
    Paying for my sins
    No safe place is around
    I'm buried
    Covered with dirt
    Every grain is my sadness building up
    Its killing me slowly like this demon that lurks
    I'm buried
    This is it

  • adenbentolila 14w


    Ups and down
    Most my life I feel like a clown
    I am barely able to stand this pain
    Like no matter where I go it is just rain
    A rainy cloud above my head
    Its saying wouldn't you be better dead
    You push through life hoping for good things
    I hear myself cry at night and I just keep hating

  • adenbentolila 14w


    Not so straight
    Not so gay
    Should I come out before it's to late
    Should I tell them today
    No they are not ready
    Should I wait till my life gets steady
    No it's now or never
    I am bisexual dad, from now and to forever

  • adenbentolila 14w

    I'm not ok

    No one asks if I'm ok
    I'm not let me say
    My soul hurts like the devil
    It's on another level
    No one understands me
    They just don't care to see
    I'm just waste worth nothing
    Even if I try to be loving
    It's like my head says it's not worth living