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  • adesh_poz 75w

    Alright. Time to do some work.

    Here's something all of you fellow mirakeeans would have to sign (if you haven't already).

    Your support would be heavily appreciated by people of future generation. Besides, you owe them(your kids, other animals, plants, the whole earth) this.

    Just search the term "Global deal for nature" and you'll find what you're looking for. We need this petition to have more and more support before the 2020 meeting. It's time we do more than we already are doing.
    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee @geraldine_mary etc...

    To all those who sign, thank you.

    To all those who choose to ignore, that's ok. Just don't blame it on others when it comes on your doorsteps...

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    Need a little bit of support for earth

  • adesh_poz 80w

    Sapiens: A brief history of Humankind
    By Yuval Noah Harari

    Page: 391
    Chapter 17
    The Wheels of Industry

    I wouldn't request but state that this book needs to be read by every human who wishes to grow above his/her sad illusion of life and its apparent reality.

    It's a Story book. Except this time, humans are the central characters and it stretches over millennia.

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    "The history of ethics is a sad tale of wonderful ideals that nobody can live up to. Most Christians did not imitate Christ, most Buddhists failed to follow Buddha, and most Confucians would have caused Confucius a temper tantrum."

  • adesh_poz 110w

    Few life skills are as neglected, yet as important as the ability to remain calm. Our very worst decisions and interactions are almost invariably the result of a loss of calm – and a descent into anxiety and agitation. Surprisingly, but very fortunately, our power to remain calm can be rehearsed and improved. We don’t have to remain where we are now: our responses to everyday challenges can dramatically alter. We can educate ourselves in the art of remaining calm not through slow breathing or special teas but through thinking.
    The School of life

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    "CALM" by The School of life

  • adesh_poz 113w

    I don't share much here now. Not because this platform is not worthy (saying that would be a terrible lie coz I've found a good lot of people with wonderful mindsets) but because it takes time to generalise or specialize the thoughts according to the needs of this platform. And also coz, I have lost sense of having an audience who listened to me. Nevertheless, I have to share the thoughts. Who knows, it may do good to someone...anyone. :)

    @zkhannn @soulfood @blissfull___being @lisbeth @geraldine_mary @invincibleme97 @an_audacious_lover @_mysoul @writersnetwork

    Sup guys?

    Apparently these are the only tags i can find at this moment. I've been my usual self and bothered myself by forgetting people and names. Such a lovely thing to do! Well, you can't blame me entirely. I've been inactive on this platform and NOBODY(minus a few) tags me or message or anything. Apparently, their life has moved on. Well, mine has too but I prefer not to forget people I have admired in the past. And this statement is in strong disagreement with what i was saying earlier. Well, it doesn't matter.

    Must have been a while but dust your dirty faces, wash off all the dirt and do what I have been telling you to do since a long long time. SMILE! �� This time, for a little longer, a little broader.

    Oh and before i forget, hi there. Remember me? :)

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    "I've noticed that while rage and anger can be of use in physical confrontations and labour works, it is-quite often-devastatingly terrible while writing, thinking and speaking. A person with such mindset-whether temporary or permanent-often lacks the rationalism in his/her thoughts and actions."

  • adesh_poz 118w

    3 sentence crazy. ��

    But seriously, from the moment I stopped writing, I have always felt hollowness. I don't know why I did that! Anyone knows? Why I stopped writing? �� I want some replacement reasons. ��

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    And now I wanna write again...
    The stories I used to think and write.
    I don't know why I left writing...

  • adesh_poz 120w


    Although I have used this analogy here, to be frank, this is not as good an analogy as it should be. I think I like Alan Whatt's idea of life as a dance a better analogy. :) But, here it is.

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    ...and in my continuous walk in this reality,
    I have lost many of my old friends and found many new.
    And this will keep on repeating forever with little exceptions...

  • adesh_poz 120w

    #attitude #humble #optimism

    I have often seen this situation where people start judging other people because of certain events. And often, they make a whole damn book out of it which appears to define the "guilty" person's personality. But, that's not right. One single action doesn't define a person. There's a hundred thousand other freaking things which, combined, do. So, before judging, remember to be more practical and ethical. Think about it from more than one POV.

    And don't forget to smile. ����

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    (Optimistic personal based) attitude

    Don't judge me. Ever! Because, I'll always be more than what you might have imagined me in your judging. This isn't some teenage girl attitude (which suffers from meme attacks quite often), this is a humble reality which I'm letting you know.☺ Rest is your choice. Just so that you know, your poor judging won't matter much in my life. Only your true opinions would. And those too would define you and not me. Because, nothing defines me but me myself. (And I won't give this myself a name.)
    P.S. : No offence meant. I love you nevertheless.

  • adesh_poz 120w

    Some chattering from my side:-

    Hi everyone... anyone here to talk to this old fella? ��

    Anyways, for those of you, who don't want to talk to me or are disconnected, let my last message be- "Smile please. :) You look better with a smile. And anyways, it's free!!"

    And.... it's sad to confess that i have lost some friends from here. �� It's a pity. I didn't follow them and now they are lost. I'm hoping maybe they'll be back one day. If not, well, I have some sweet memories. Trust me. I'll be happy with them. Life always give me one hell of an experience. And I love my life (even with it's negative sides).

    You tell me if it's normal or weird but i like the times when I'm miserable. �� No really. I don't like it when I'm miserable but i like those times.

    Coz, every time I suffer like that, it is proceeded by a very mesmerising thing. I end up learning something new and exciting. I don't know why. I have weird ways to learn. ����

    Okay. Enough of my clattering. We'll see each other soon. Till then, smile dear. Let it add to your charm. �� LOL. (Laugh out loud/Live your life/Lot's of Love) (apparently there's a lot of meaning to it...)

    I follow it, even if it goes against me. ��

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    Lesson of the day

    I think, when the old ones with whom you used to talk don't bother to talk to you anymore, you should simply smile and move forward. Find another person. It's quite easy to find people actually now a days. Someone to have some casual his and hellos. Why make yourself sick with those people who don't give a damn about you? ☺

    Remember, at the end, you do everything just to make yourself happy. (Includes service coz that also makes you happy ultimately.) This is a universal truth. Remember it. If you're not happy with life and people, there's not much of a point staying like that. Change is good, if it's a good change. Well, what an obvious thing, no?

    Some people don't understand this though.

    Life has a lot for you. Infact too much. And that's why you can choose things.
    Know that this doesn't mean you should be mean, but that you should never ever degrade yourself to anything less that special. Trust me. You shouldn't. You're not worth degrading, no matter what.

    With love and compassion,
    Adesh (POZ)

  • adesh_poz 127w


    Dear Varnika,

    In case you find this message, this is another one of my proper observations which I would like to share. First of all, hi. Haven't heard from you for a long time. I think this friend of yours deserves atleast a 'hi' with a smily emoji. ��

    To begin with, I'm pretty sure I understand what you're trying to express. But ofcourse, I don't have any clue what is it in real (if any).

    Looking in the mirror analogy is an indication of some sort of introspection even if it's just physical. (Ofcourse, here I assumed it's more than physical.) Unheard voices and unfocused people are no alien to me. I have studied them with extreme interest and sometimes have felt a deep connection with them, even if I never actually talk to them in real (which in most cases would have been weird).

    But yeah, I get it. I guess.

    By the next few lines I related to an incident when I didn't know what to write but still wanted to write something and ended up with what I call my "babblings". Ofcourse, this piece is a beautiful melody of vocabulary and have nice rythm in it, I still think it's just an outcome of that problem. (A beautiful outcome ofcourse)

    And forgive me if I wasn't supposed to do it, I laughed at the line when you said "Pffft! How can a digital watch tick?!". That had humour in it. I couldn't control my smile.

    I know that you would probably think it's lame and rubbish and indeed it is. (But still it is better than 90% of what I get to read here on Mirakee.) But I'm not just focusing on this mere post. I'm focusing on you. You're in need of something. And I can just smell it. Forgive me if it's an absurd interpretation. My nose is blocked by the way because of a mild cold.

    But on a serious note, do talk to me. I've waited for a while now. Perhaps I can help you figure it out if not solve it? Sometimes we don't know what's the problem actually. And that's just so annoying because now you couldn't know how to solve it.

    A writer's block isn't a very hard thing to break. A single thought sparked by someone can break months old silence. Example is my own. I had been quite thoughless for months and recently someone's simple question about gender equality made me think again. Now, I can continue my research on spiritualism and how it describes life and mind. (No. I'm still very much atheist. GOD is still a hollowed down story for me. What I'm looking for is an upgradation of atheism itself, where a mind can be less abstract and a little bit more joyful and aware of what's happening. But that's a topic for when you start talking. )

    Hope you bother yourself with a hi.

    Adesh (POZ)

    P.S. : Please tell me I haven't misinterpreted another person as Varnika. That would be a "LOL" situation because I wrote it in a very serious and thoughtful mood.����

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    Another reply

    To Varnika if she finds this message.

  • adesh_poz 131w

    @demitria_louise (post titled "incomplete")

    Take my Advice and don't read it unless you have a lot of free time. I checked it myself and think it's mostly garbage.

    Good luck. (Hehe. I don't believe in "luck". It's all cause and effect. Just a little too complex for us to notice.)

    Note: this isn't a post. I was writing a comment to this (tagged) person but it was way too long. So, I'm posting the comment.

    Don't bother yourself with it if you're not that person. It's just me and my "philosophical" babblings. Infact i don't expect the person himself to be bothered by it. It's long and mostly insignificant. Its incomplete. Like my second last post, it's incomplete. I wonder if I would ever complete it all. My drafts section is growing unnecessarily large because of these incomplete stuffs.

    Hopefully I'll forget it all. I have my base philosophies anyways. These are just special cases philosophies based on actual problems. Wait. What am I talking about?

    Oh. I'm hopeless.

    Comment portion.

    Allow me to speak a few words regarding your post.

    1. I'm terribly sorry I can't repost it. It's not up to my standards (which are nowhere close to the standard standards you usually see around).

    2. You're kind of funny. That stalking thing made me smile. So, thank you for that.

    Ok. Enough numbers!

    I read the first two paragraphs and then slipped to the end. Sorry for that. But all I want to talk about is the last one.

    You say that you can't describe your thoughts at one single time (and perhaps post) and I feel completely related to it. I'm suffering with the very same problem lately.

    Earlier my thoughts used to be crisp and straight forward. But I'm no longer my last self. I have grown beyond my horizons and have seen from so many perspectives and point of views that my thoughts are now enormous! Gigantic! It's hard to just sit and write it all for a single post. My problem is that I can't keep my ideas and stories to myself. One day i was trying to write how I became an atheist and then something even bigger than an atheist, something which contains mind and spirit (energy) and still don't believe that this traditional god exist. (Because it doesn't. He have created the picture of traditional god and have been praying him for thousands of years). But that's a topic for different talk to someone else.

    Okay. So where was I? yeah.. so, I tend to write my ideas and thoughts and stories to different people. Different parts, bits of myself to different people. It's a terrible thing to do if you ask me. I am a kind of person who likes keeping every single thought he had into a diary (not a physical paper diary though) like thing.a propet organised notes of events of my life. So, I'm still searching for a better way to store my thoughts. Because what i am making now is a disorganised graveyard of thoughts! They will be lost. One day or the another.

    And my mind has a problem. It can't repeat many of those. Cause they only existed for a moment and then captured in right time.


    "Unnecessary portion."

    But here's the question. Why do I need them anyways?

    Well, I feel that all these things will serve as a few things- memories,old bases and beliefs and a reminder that that's how I used to think. I don't want to forget any moment of my life. Cause they are the only thing which separates me from being similar to the rest of the universe.

    Here's a fun thing that every human being should know.

    You're not any separate being different from the rest of universe. You are an part of it.

    Let's take an analogy. You're like the wave that flows in the ocean. The ocean is the universe and you're a temporary bump in the form of a wave. You were created one day because of some events and you formed a complex organised structure growing and then reaching at the peak of your complexity and thus your beauty then you start degrading and at the end you fall back to the ocean. No matter how big you become, you'll eventually and up being the normal part of ocean again. This is not a gloomy analogy. No! This is reality. There's nothing to fear, nothing to lose, nothing to be happy about either though.

    It just tells you that you are a temporary bump of the road of time.

    You know what it's going way deeper than I thought. I fefinetely lost track of what i was actually going to say. Sorry for that.

    I am ending it here but remember, that is the hard part of the reality. Once you understand that, you can go to the soft and nice part of it. I like giving the hard part first. It's better to deal bad and then happy rather than happy and than bad. (Even though the order doesn't matter in a higher perspective anyways. But that's another babbling. )


    Some talking at the end:-

    How difficult it is there days to write it all. It overwhelms me every time! You know what? There should be a device which can extract all these thoughts and make a proper book out of it.. yes. A book! That's what i want. But writing a book isn't an easy thing. I won't do it now anyways. I can hardly write a comment without getting into deep thoughts. Because I don't feel satisfied. There's more to write.

    How much?

    A lot more. But that needs organisation again. And... there's the bummer.

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    For Louise.

    A comment.