The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me

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  • adi808 3d


    Pyaar karta hai dil,
    Ahsaas jatane se darta hai,
    Ab bhi roz teri raah pe thama rehta hai,
    Isi intezaar mai ek jhalak dikh jaye,
    Ab tum mile ho hume,
    Toh mil gayi hai duniya meri,
    Mai aur tu ab bus yahi chahiye,
    Baki kisi cheez gham ki fikar nahi.

  • adi808 4w


    in a fast pace life,
    i took a hault,
    climbing through the mountains,
    felt like another world overall,
    greeting people with a smile and hug is constant here,
    spending time lovingly and chirping birds is all i could hear,
    Blue skies and flowing river shines throughout the journey
    At the night the stars shine and breezy trees glitter every time i see,
    As the time pass by my soul connects to everything that connects my eyes,
    Unsure about what the technological future holds but the history again brings me back to life

  • adi808 7w

    Emotions are necessary only to the ones who deserve and for the rest keeping them in mystery works.

    -Aditya S

  • adi808 11w


    Ek dost mili ajneebi si,
    Raah mai mere sath chali,
    Haste muskurate ache palon mai sath nibhaya,
    Bure zakhmon ko nayi roshni ka paigam dilaya,
    Is bhatke rooh ko ab jaake sukoon mila,
    Ae dost mere tere bina is zindagi mai adhura rehta

  • adi808 11w


    Dhoop ki tarah tum meri subah mai naya rang bhar deti ho,
    Chidyon ki tarah tumhari surili awazon se dil khil uthta hai,
    Sath mai baithke puri duniya apne sath hone ka awsar milta hai,
    Dur hoke bhi usi ek phonecall ke sahare mere sath tum rehti ho,
    Aur phir shaam ko jab ghar lautkar tumhare chehre ko dekhkar sari thakan mit jati hai,
    Phir raatko chand ki khubsurti se zyada tumhara chehra mujhe apne dil ke dhadkano ko phir tez karta hai

  • adi808 13w


    Teri dosti ne mujhe jeena sikhaya,
    Sunheri yaadon ka ek samundar dilaya,
    Ab bhi unhi yaadon ko lekar tumhe apne paas rakhti hoon,
    Ye dosti tumhari meri chahe kitni purani ho par wahi musukurahat leke aati hai

  • adi808 17w

    In the hills

    In the hills rest my soul every corner feels home,
    Branches of trees directing to me life keeps going until you breathe,
    Holding her hands we admire the flowers birds chirping around feels like orchestra for us,
    Hide and seek and karaoke while enjoying the view we seek everyday,
    Living amongst them surrounded by two dogs and a kitten,
    Life is blissful with a cup of tea, book in the mitten

  • adi808 17w

    Old Soul

    Ignited by the fire of love we old souls dream of a magical romance,
    Walking with the "one" feels like destiny got us along way,
    Holding hands walking through the same lines smirking over lame jokes we act like kids,
    Watching elderly sharing a cup of tea we share a moment of bliss,
    Rushing through life we stop by to breathe at the seaface arms across each other,
    We don't expect more from life just someone who will age with me happily lifelong.
    -Aditya Suryavanshi

  • adi808 18w


    Dreaming in the night, I came across you,
    Were you fictitious or a person passed by,
    Heartbeat rise by the imagination of you,
    You were the reason that made me most alive,
    Every moment I spend a part of you was with me deeply connected,
    And the day you come across me I'll connect our dots like they were meant to be

  • adi808 18w


    In the dark, lights flashed on me,
    Saw a girl twinkling amongst different shades,
    She was lost, curios weaving a mystery of her own,
    Found myself amusing over the song which had lyrics falling with the star,
    Circling around meeting different people the girl was always in my eye,
    Suddenly got a push from behind as if it's already been destined,
    Dancing like kids we created memories that lasted longer than the night,
    And later on we caught star by holding our hand together just for a moment of bliss