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  • aditya_periwal 9w


    Can you hear the voice that’s calling you?,
    All this time I still remember,
    The sun and moon and how they shine together,
    It feels so strange when you’re not here with me,
    I need your smile to keep me going,

    In my heart its snowing,
    I’m trying my best to keep smiling,
    Slowly its warming,
    As Fate is linking your heart with me,
    Cherishing the rainbow we saw together,

    All the colors in my mind are now turning white,
    When you smile it feels much stronger,
    But when you laugh it lifts me so much higher.

    In my heart its snowing,
    But now you’re here,
    Tightly, you hold me,
    It warming me from inside,

    So lets shine upon our way together.

  • aditya_periwal 16w


    Paint a picture that's as pure as white can be.
    I'm going to the yet unseen world.

    When I was a child I wandared.
    Everyday under this gray sky.
    So many dreams ran together.
    With a different map each day
    Evey dream is changing my map everytime.

    I wondered if someday I'll make beyond that cloud. Even though I was taking only these small steps towards it.
    The falling raindrops are persisting an irregular reflection.
    As they're seeing into my heart.
    Wounded to put a bold front.
    The Rays of light are scattered through the droplets.
    Criss crossing each other.
    Going forever, not knowing where they're headed.
    My eyes are burned by a fleeting afterimage.
    That's why I've to go to this unseen world.

  • aditya_periwal 54w


    There's a beauty in the way you thrive despite it all.
    - Demon slayer

  • aditya_periwal 65w

    Meaning of Life

    "All of us are going to die one day. Does that mean there's no point in living at all. Does that mean life is meaningless not matter what we've done till now. No it's not, we give our lives a meaning and we live to honor memories of those who've made sacrifices just so that we can live." -Erwin, Attack on titan

  • aditya_periwal 71w

    Being kind to each other is the least we can do as humans

  • aditya_periwal 75w

    Discuss ideas, not people.

  • aditya_periwal 78w

    There's always so much to learn from everyone around you.

  • aditya_periwal 88w

    The only truth in this world is that there is no truth. Anyone can become a god or a devil. All it takes is for people to believe it.
    -Kruger, Attack On Titan

  • aditya_periwal 88w

    You cannot really compare people. Everyone has their own set of incomparable talents.

  • aditya_periwal 90w

    If everyone's not special then maybe you can be what you want to be.