Wisely playing with words.

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  • ady_sha 1d


    Oh the rush I feel ,
    The temptation to reveal ,
    the character that would unravel
    The Real Feeling .

    Oh but I am outdated .
    Can't allow the emotions to run naked .
    And , I will remain dedicated
    To the friendship that is underestimated .

    Oh but can you guess
    For , I don't want to be like the rest .
    Take a hint and dive right into your feelings
    Because I wanna know , whom are you concealing ?

  • ady_sha 5d

    Hold On

    Hold my hand , tight
    As we might fall apart
    But , don't fright
    We will follow our heart .

    Hold my hand , tight
    You seem sad
    But , don't fight
    We swore we won't get mad .

    Hold my hand , tight
    You have gone so far
    But , we will be alright
    We've never let the other one get a scar .

  • ady_sha 5d

    Life is funny yet interesting...♡ @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Amusing Life

    Without a muse ,
    I am singing about my bruise .

    The sun rise and
    I panic about the things I could loose .

    My days are nice but ,
    The feelings at night amuse .

    With the loneliness , I suffice
    The hurdles are the 'Morning Blues'.

    Gazillion advices but ,
    It's always the wrong that I choose .

  • ady_sha 2w

    Heart tends to love ,
    The dancing leaves
    And the eerie silence
    The autumn leaves
    And the wind , violent .

    Heart tends to love ,
    The deep blue sea
    And the sound of the waves
    The sandy shallow sea
    And the adventures , safe .

    Heart tends to love ,
    The shrill first cry
    And a faithful ally .
    The tenderness of the beast
    And the darkness at the least .

  • ady_sha 2w


    Clock is ticking ,
    And I am a baby ,
    I fall but they praised
    For , I tried to take a step .

    Clock is ticking ,
    And I am a kid ,
    I fail but they are OK
    For , I learnt something .

    Clock is ticking ,
    And I am a teen ,
    I am bewitched and they are unaware
    Suddenly , the unknowns became vital .

    Clock is ticking ,
    And I am an adult ,
    I am lost but they found me
    For , they always cared .

  • ady_sha 6w


    Winter winds
    Gives me chills
    Not the coldness , it is
    The sour memories , it seems .

    The noise of the breaking hearts
    And the yelling of so-called dear ones .
    The broken promises
    And the almost broken life .

    Mended , it seems
    The bruise , they couldn't see .
    Sewed it back , and as soon as I did
    they came back with an apology .

  • ady_sha 6w


    Have been gone for weeks
    Don't know , what my heart seeks .
    A friend with whom I can speak ....
    Or , A friend who just speaks ?

    But I have been gone for weeks
    And no one has noticed .
    Do I need to speak .....
    Or , meet ?

    And I am gone for weeks
    No one knows about the nasty deeds .
    How do I shout through bricks ?
    How will you know that I do not exist ?

  • ady_sha 6w


    The doors are closed
    And I have no way
    I am locked inside or outside
    I don't know
    It all looks the same
    " Find me a way " , I requested to God
    "Find your way" is what my strength said .

  • ady_sha 7w

    Couldn't hold on to my soul . #soul#peace#tranquil#mirakee

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    Mistakes have names .
    Names , make my head fall in shame .
    Shame , makes me regret .
    Regret the choice I once made ,

    Made on behalf of my soul .
    Soul did deny , but I was just alone .
    A lone soul did a Mistake .
    Now , Mistakes have Names .

    Names , now feel ashamed .
    Ashamed of the deeds , they did .
    They did not do it intentionally , THEY say .
    But what is the Need , anyway ?


  • ady_sha 9w

    The Mightier

    Nuisance created by the heart
    Is being amended by the maturity of brain .
    The losing strength of the heart
    Is being uplifted by the mind , acting as a brave knight .
    The destruction created by the actions of the heart
    Is teaching the brain to take the correct decisions .