writing is good for the soul ��

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  • aecapelle 17h

    hApPy :)

    Yeah I'm happy
    But I wanna be the girl thats happy by herself
    Not the girl who when alone cries her self a puddle till she drowns
    I wanna be the girl thats happy with no distractions
    Not the girl who gets so busy she forgets her own emotions
    I wanna be the girl thats happy because she is
    Not the girl whos happy because thats what shes forced to be
    I wanna smile for enjoyment
    Not for satisfaction

    You think I'm so happy but at the end of the day for me it gets worse than you'll ever imagine, my pain is nothing you guys could ever fathom

  • aecapelle 7w

    dont even wanna get out of bed
    Its as if I am numb
    clouded thoughts in my head
    just need to see someone
    this isolation is driving me crazy
    its all too much
    just wanna fall over
    I've had enough

  • aecapelle 10w

    i like dandelions
    underrated,but the most beautiful
    the ones kids love before they're told its a weed
    full of love and wishes, flying free
    the joy floats through the air in a million pieces
    soft and gentle
    when people grow up they lose that feeling
    they forget what it was like as a kid
    to make a wish and watch it grow
    they use weedkiller
    but it is no match for the true magic within

  • aecapelle 12w


    im so tired of waiting and waiting
    just to lose feeling at the right time

    misinterpretations are driving me wild
    i think of you so much you should be fined

    i swear you looked at me some type of way
    but i guess it was just my imagination everyday

    your bright blue eyes, as you ruffle your hair
    i can't dare to look because you'll never be mine

    i hope she realizes how much she has
    because a guy like you is really special

    i just really thought it was something for a second but it's fine I'll just go back to concealing all the time

    its safer and that way, i can never get hurt

  • aecapelle 14w

    and just like that
    I became the earth
    gravitating towards you
    needing the light
    spinning in excitment
    but we all know in the end
    my whole world revovling around you
    if I get too close, I will surely get burned

  • aecapelle 26w

    Put on your mask
    And hide from the world
    Your smile is hidden
    Goodbye heart of gold

    There's no one to talk to
    No one to care
    Goodbye outside world
    We weren't prepared

    Hidden in our houses
    Scared of the virus
    Letting it control our lives
    Like it was a giant siren

    I'm so tired of these masks
    I don't wanna hide anymore
    I wanna smile and bask
    In the bright sun galore

    I wanna talk to everyone
    And be friendly to strangers
    Run around carefree
    Without any dangers

    I wanna burst out of my house
    And go on an adventure
    Surrounded by people
    Fearless, ready to take on the world
    I wanna change this all but I'm just one girl

  • aecapelle 28w


    Why am I so nice and giving to others
    Why do I welcome strangers as if their brothers
    Why do I have to care so much
    Why can't I be like others who don't give a fuck

    I was just trying to live
    I was just trying to help
    I was there when you needed

    But where are you now?

    I comforted you
    I restored your ego
    I gave you enough strength to ask her the answers

    Now all that trust we had is blown away

  • aecapelle 31w


    Some people search the world for what others are born with

    Who knew one simple color could be loathed so much

    We live our lives just as anyone else
    but are hunted for something as simple as melanin

    Everyone bleeds the same, everyone breathes the same we are all the same, one human race

    You are killing brothers,sisters,mothers
    You ask why we're mad when you never felt the struggle

    Did you ever have to have the talk, or be scared to just go and take a walk?

    Do you fear for you life everytime you get pulled over by a cop?

    When you don't understand our demand for justice sit back and remind yourself

    No ones skin should disgust us

    If you wanna shout one more time but all lives matter

    If someone was dying would you ignore them save another

    The home of the free will never be true
    And all men are equal, or red white and blue.

    This is a lie, not everyone is treated the same
    We need to change this and call our their names

    Black lives matter
    Black lives matter
    Black lives matter

  • aecapelle 44w

    I just wanna talk to you
    Don't care about what
    Im waiting and waiting till I slowly turn blue

    Liking you it makes my day
    But when you ignore me
    Its unbearable pain

    You flirt with me
    But others too
    This is the sad reality

    Are we getting closer
    Or is this slowly falling apart
    I wish my feelings were run over by a bulldozer

    You can be really nice
    Or bully me
    I really need to put this heart on ice

    I just wanna be official
    This thing in my chest, not a game to be played

  • aecapelle 47w


    Idont know why i fell but i did
    Mabye it was your deep brown eyes
    Or your warm pearl smile
    Was it your charm
    That made me want you to stay awhile

    Mabye it was your kind caring nature
    Or your soft curly hair
    Was it your mind
    That made me jump headfirst blind

    Your an amazing person
    You have such great vibes
    I dont know why im falling
    For someone who will never be mine