-simple tragedies-

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  • aecir_erica 24w

    If ignorance truly is bliss,
    Then reality will surely be missed.

  • aecir_erica 24w

    I often caught myself conjuring dark thoughts. I don't know if it was just exhaustion of something else, but whenever I was in a dark place I'd think of my brother. Like what will happen if I wasn't there for him, and somehow I guess it got me through a lot of things. I know it's hard on him sometimes too, but I'm glad to have had him as my brother.

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    Being alone in your own world is scary,
    As if the sky's burden is yours to carry.
    It's suffocating,
    The thought of giving up,
    Wanting everything to stop,
    As if you just want to lay down,
    Ang forget about your frown.

    Then you see someone beside you,
    Struggling, just like you.
    Wrapped up in his own little world,
    Seemingly undisturbed.
    And for once you wish to stay,
    To wake up another day,
    To help him find a way.

    T'was enough reason to stay.

  • aecir_erica 25w

    Love can be anything, and your everything. But is it enough to be the only one in love? Can you still call it true love? #truelove

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    True Love

    Staying with the one I love
    Giving everything I have.
    Everyone called it true love.

    But is it really true love?

    When all I could do is wait for him to say
    Those three words I whisper day by day.


  • aecir_erica 70w


    I made a mistake,
    Something I was willing to take.
    I thought I made it for my sake,
    Thus mistakes I continued to make.
    It was a gamble everyday I partake
    Ignoring my conscience that continuously ache.
    Now back in my bed I wake,
    I do admit, I made a mistake.

  • aecir_erica 71w

    Just as my head hung low,
    And as the droplets ceased to flow.
    She unfolded her beauty in plain sight,
    Reminding everyone of the light hidden within sight.

  • aecir_erica 87w

    And as wars were won,
    Hearts were torn.
    Depravity scattered like ashes
    Alone with no familiar faces.

    The ground reeks with iron,
    With a sight no one seemed to fathom.
    As lost as them souls above,
    This land has been washed off of love.


  • aecir_erica 91w

    There is no perfection in this world,
    But there is a revelation always foretold.
    Let go and smile once more,
    Live up life to its core.

    patch up your wound,
    As much as you could.
    Soothe the pain,
    Of every promise said in vain.

    If there is forgiveness,
    There will always be a chance for happiness.

  • aecir_erica 91w

    And for once in his life he was celebrated, paraded,
    On a casket his loved ones provided.

  • aecir_erica 92w

    I didn't wish to be an antique on a shelf,
    But someone who can be comfortable with my own self.
    Vehemently searching for what they call self worth,
    Then maybe, just maybe I could step forth.

    Have a little bliss in solitary,
    Have a little walk in the prairie,
    Even if it was just momentary,
    I don't want to feel temporary.


  • aecir_erica 93w

    Since it's been raining quite a lot these days, I thought of this old poem I made a few years back. Time surely flies fast....

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    As darkness envelopes the sky, I hear a plea.

    At night, who is it that I can't see?

    Who cries so hard that it makes people shiver,

    The one who made a puddle a river,

    A child, a diver.

    The sky burns in a golden hue.

    It angers on the plea that isn't given due.

    But the plea is outreached and cannot be understood,

    Even with a hoarse voice of allude.

    I don't believe she's rude.

    The night that the stars and moon hid,

    Darkness turned into a wavering red yield.

    Her tears continue to flow in every turn,

    As everyone lose bits of what they've yearn.

    Lightning hits and everything will burn.

    She will repeat her plea over and over again,

    as people cover in blankets and sleep in their den.

    And like tears we cry, it soon fades away.

    But time knows only when it'll come back one day,

    and for us to wait and stay.