carpe diem. seize the day.

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  • afreethinker 1w

    I'm trapped, he says
    Me too, she whispers,
    for a longer time than you.
    He reaches out his hand,
    clenching on hers tightly.
    If that's so, let's stick together.
    Their eyes smile at each other.
    She grab on him,
    standing up, feeling safe,
    He put her out of her misery.
    How warm, his hand;
    how pretty, his eyes.
    They walk into the darkness
    This time, they have no fear.
    The warmth that comes from the hand and reaches the heart has distinguished every single kind of negativity.
    He's here, she says to herself.
    She's here, he speak to himself.
    We are not alone, no, not anymore.

  • afreethinker 6w

    I can feel death sleeping beside me
    Gently and soundlessly
    I fail to see him during daytime
    But I do when I close my eyes.
    He was the captain of maritime
    Ordering its shadows to
    Coat me up like wave tides
    Endlessly seeking for an opportunity
    To choke me up and drown me down by brutality.
    Death is a flow of darkness
    Cold but rather warm
    Harsh but rather gentle
    Snarling but rather smiling.

  • afreethinker 11w

    You are blooming with happiness
    That little smile of yours
    is the poem in my heart
    And that remains forever.

  • afreethinker 12w

    A broken soul

    I have nothing to offer
    Just waves of depression.
    I'm drowned

  • afreethinker 13w

    A free thinker

    My actions follow the rules
    But my mind does not.
    I am a failure product of sick education system
    But my soul is not.
    I am free. And I let no one touch me.
    I am humble. And I let nothing changes that.
    I have had a vision
    That I finally break free from the indecision
    That alas, I found my place and my love.
    Lust for love, lust for life, lust for freedom.
    I tried to succumb to the systematic and purposeful and productive lifestyle
    but everything is pure collision.
    We all know that life is purposeless
    We were just trying to feel fulfilled.
    So we created the purpose.
    But that's not what I want
    I think free
    And that will remain for eternity.

  • afreethinker 13w

    I've got two sides
    One that follow the rules
    And one that wants to break free.

  • afreethinker 13w

    The sky is dark and the morning is grey
    They say that the world is ending this way.

  • afreethinker 13w

    Step by step
    We stomp on the knives
    That scattered over the place
    Forever bleeding
    We feel no pain
    Beauty, red roses, dripping blood
    Vampire, beauty.
    Until the blood turns black
    Pitch. Black
    And that's when the light turns off
    Quiet, shush.
    The world is sleeping, and it's snoring loudly.
    It's just another comedy.
    Wait for the lights to turn on
    Will we make it?
    Are we willing to wait for it?
    I am sleepy, I am tired.
    Can I not?
    We die the same way, anyway.

  • afreethinker 14w

    Sunday's Blue

    I don't feel like myself anymore.
    What can I do when all of my beliefs suddenly doesn't make sense anymore?
    I tried so hard not to stress myself out.
    I tried so hard to chase the sadness away from me.
    I didn't know it came from me. And it will live inside me, for eternity.
    I can feel the storm coming.
    The thunder's rumbling.
    The wind blowing.
    Fierce, and yet so gentle.
    Gentle enough to not kill me.
    Just cradle me to sleep.

  • afreethinker 15w

    This is how we end the world
    Nothing is required
    Just a broken soul
    And some blurry pieces of memories.