The kid who knew too much.

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  • agodnottobenamed 4d

    A second

    A second of anger
    And a second of stupidity.
    Is all it took me
    To break you so selfishly.

    I may not deserve you now,
    Nor may I deserve you in the future.
    But I cannot be complete without you,
    And yes, mistakes are in my nature.

    I shall always try,
    To give you a better tomorrow.
    The sweet I shall save,
    And swallow the sorrow.

    But no one can take your place,
    And without you, I'm not human.
    Alone, my life is a disgrace,
    So please, be mine till I hear God's summon.

  • agodnottobenamed 5w

    The problems you face are just a bunch of locks
    whose keys you already have in your keybunch.
    All you have to do is figure out which key fits where.

  • agodnottobenamed 6w


    I am like a bee
    And you are like honey.
    I live to brighten your sweet life
    Even if I have to lose my sting for it.

    I want to come back to my hive
    Everyday to feed you.
    I want to sleep in your coziness
    Because I need you.

    And everything else in the world,
    Comes second to you.
    You are my home till I'm old
    And you are what makes this bee's home sweet.

  • agodnottobenamed 6w


    Keep all the joy and hand me the pain,
    And I'll hold you an umbrella in the pouring rain.
    Not even after a trillion tantrums will I complain,
    Shout or thrown on you, the blame.

    I called you my Queen not to feel like a King,
    But because I know I'll carry your throne even when I'm dying.
    I can't see you sad, my Darling,
    For your happiness, I'll even be a mercy killing.

    Climb on my back merrily,
    And I'll parade you around the world royally.
    I live to make your face a smiley,
    Because love, you've to live forever happily.

  • agodnottobenamed 6w


    When you speak,
    You sound like a singing peacock.
    When you don't,
    You feel like a warm breeze.

    How could I not have fallen for you?
    Your smile is as beautiful as your heart.
    How could I ever have lived without you?
    You make me feel like this is my life's start.

    If I lose you to time,
    I care not if I die to reach Hell.
    The fires of Hell shall seem only a spark,
    Infront of my burning heart in your reminiscence.

  • agodnottobenamed 6w


    Close your eyes on my lap
    And forget this world.
    Hold my hand while you nap
    And together, we'll grow old.

    Your smile is what makes me happy,
    And that's all I live for anymore.
    You make me jump like a bird which is flappy,
    And my heart is with me no more.

    Darling, it was meant to be,
    In heaven, was our togetherness created.
    Darling, don't you miss me,
    In earth, our future awaited.

  • agodnottobenamed 7w

    Happy New Year!

    An year comes to an end
    And so much has changed.
    I didn't know then and
    Now you're my everything.

    We had not time to spend
    But we didn't seem to need it either.
    You and me seemed so meant to be
    That our present seems like the best time ever.

    And one day,with you in my arms,
    We shall read this and smile.
    Wondering if we always knew,
    That we'd last longer than a mile.

  • agodnottobenamed 7w

    Because I Am For You

    I'll piggyback you if you wont walk,
    Make you smile if you dont talk,
    Don't you cry babygirl,
    Because I am for you.

    My arms to hug you tight,
    My eyes to stare at you,
    My lips to kiss you,
    Because I am for you.

    You are my purpose,
    All I love I suppose,
    I'll always be with you,
    Because I am for you.

  • agodnottobenamed 8w

    Smile at me!

    If you're sad and your day went bad,
    Just look me stumble and smile.
    I'll give you a hug and then give you a kiss,
    And look in my eyes and smile.

    Smile at me, sweetheart!
    And forget the rest
    Walk with me for our new start
    I'll make our tomorrows are best.

    If we stumble and fall together,
    Atleast we'll not be alone.
    I know I love you and thats all I know,
    Till the last bone.

  • agodnottobenamed 8w

    Come In My Dreams

    You close my eyes and I close yours,
    As we rest in the warmth of each other.
    We drift from this world into our own,
    Where all our no's smother.

    We fly higher than eagles,
    And swim deeper than submarines.
    Our smiles wider than a million globes,
    And tears filling oceans beyond sight.

    Me lost in you and you lost in me
    Not even Heaven can make me this free
    You are an angel and I am lucky
    Wish I never woke up for another day.