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  • ahoneybun 49w

    Oh to be loved
    To hear music when they speak
    To see stars in the empty sky
    To fly high without wings

    Oh to be loved

  • ahoneybun 51w

    Screw it, I'll like my own posts.
    Self love, baby

  • ahoneybun 52w

    Yellow muddled sunrise through the window
    Eating my thoughts for breakfast
    Eh~ You're still reading my words? 0w0
    That's unfortunate uwu

    Kangaroos are scary
    Snakes aren't that bad
    Knees are just the elbows of legs,
    Sing your favorite song
    Kick all your enemies
    Savour the sunshine while you can

    This poem makes no sense
    Honestly, does it need to?
    I think I like it so far
    Confusing, careless, overall trash
    Cheesy, easy, lactose intolerant


  • ahoneybun 52w

    To write about love
    To sing of it
    To cry because of it

    I know of love
    But I will never love anyone
    As how Romeo loved Juliet
    Why would I weep and die
    For someone other than me?

    I know of love
    I love my pens
    And my books
    And the smile my mother gives me
    And the warmth of family

    I love the way love makes people write
    And act, and talk, and kiss, and live
    I hate the way love makes people write
    And act, and talk, and kiss, and live.


  • ahoneybun 65w

    Being here without reason
    Existing for now without purpose

    How long had these feelings been here?
    All these grey, muddled voices
    Piling up in my head, my heart
    Please tell me what's wrong...
    You're gone again.


  • ahoneybun 65w

    The sky can mourn
    The sky can smile
    The sky can bleed
    The sky can cry

    No one loved the skies less
    For being grey

    The sky can weep
    The sky can laugh
    The sky...

    Its blue today


  • ahoneybun 68w

    Im just ranting ig. #poem #idk

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    I wished you loved me
    The way you looked at others
    You always seemed happier
    Without me

    We're drifting apart
    I'm trying to stay dry
    On my rocking raft

    You laugh, dancing and spinning with them
    I can't do much
    The storm here is too loud

    Trying to reach out
    My shaky, wet hand
    Almost touched your silk shirt

    I stopped
    My eyes filled with salt water
    You don't deserve this

    I laid on my rocking raft
    Looking at the night sky
    I hear your laugh
    And I smiled
    With tears streaming down
    I felt my raft start to break


  • ahoneybun 72w

    My brain screams
    'Do your work'
    My hand weeps
    'I can't'
    And I laid on the floor


  • ahoneybun 82w

    I dont know im sleepy and have no motivation #poem #bad #sleepy

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    Waking up
    Only to fall
    Back into slumber

  • ahoneybun 88w

    Butterflies aren't real
    They're made of fears and glitter
    And live in your stomach

    They don't like flowers
    Rather have thoughts
    It tastes better I suppose

    Not really nice
    Those mean little things
    But listen for a bit
    They'll whisper what you need

    Once, twice
    Never too much
    They spread their wings
    And flutter away
    Never to be seen again

    Butterflies aren't real
    But what do I know
    It isn't Spring yet
    That's for sure