Instagram Handle - @aimanissar Fantasy and philosophy lover. writing since 2014 - present.

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  • aimannissar 79w

    I don't understand if it's my expectations or your shallowness I should be more afraid of.

  • aimannissar 82w

    Priceless are people who make us feel we're home.

  • aimannissar 88w

    Whenever I'm lost , broken or sad,
    My heart yearns to seek refuge under your soul's warmth,
    My limbs yearn to walk to your heart , to my home.
    My eyes yearn to see the reflection of your compassion.

  • aimannissar 91w

    The bird without wings never knew what flying high in the sky feels like.

  • aimannissar 92w

    Take me back to where we left and never came back.

  • aimannissar 92w

    I tried hard to hate you
    So forgetting you could be easier
    But you don't deserve my hate
    You're not wrong you never were
    You made me who I'm today
    You taught me to love myself
    I kept wishing we'd meet in some other dimension
    Where you'd be mine
    And I'd be all yours
    But that's not happening ever, I know
    It pinches me that I'll never see you again
    But I'll always love you
    For now I'm letting you go
    Cuz you can't be with me
    And that's hurting
    And I don't wanna be in pain anymore
    I wanna live
    I wanna be happy
    I wanna love
    With all my heart and soul
    So Goodbye to you and all our memories we'd together
    I'll always remember you
    I hope you do the same.

  • aimannissar 93w

    Take Me Away

    Take me back to when I didn't know how cruel this world would be.
    Take me back to where we'd sit and talk with no worries.
    Take me back to when we thought good things never come to an end.
    Take me back to where we laughed for no reason and and then left.

  • aimannissar 93w

    I wish you could love me like I do but since that's not happening
    neither in this world nor in any other
    Neither in this dimension nor anywhere
    Neither today nor tomorrow.
    So I'll let you go forever.
    ~Aiman Nissar Mahajan

  • aimannissar 93w

    I never knew how to express my love to people . But I guess now since I'm getting good with words I'm learning to let them know how much I'm grateful for having them.

  • aimannissar 94w

    The Keeper of Love

    She's the queen of kindness,
    The keeper of love,
    A rainbow in white light
    A star shining above
    A river in a desert
    The sun on a day
    A rose among the lilies
    A black in shades of grey
    She turns rocks into pearls
    Broken souls to flying birds
    Poison into antidote
    She's an alchemist in her world.
    - Aiman Nissar Mahajan