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  • aimira 15w

    Do you ever feel tired about me?
    Or something that we can't get used to be?
    My eyes were so puffy, like it was stung by a bee
    Or maybe its hurts so much, when you were with me?

    I'm sorry for getting in your life
    But it's not that i pushed it right?
    You said that I will pray for your faith
    I hope you could pray for me not to lose myself before its too late

    I'm always like this you know how was it?
    It was like enduring all of this but I know where to sit
    Not in your side, but in God's feet
    Where I need to trust him so that we will meet

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    You were always right, and i was low
    You were always positive, and for me its a no
    You were to happy, while i was sad so
    You were my one, but I also need to grow

  • aimira 15w


    All i do is give my sorrows to God
    All I hold on is the faith we have in him
    It's so hard for now
    But I will endure no matter what

  • aimira 16w


    How will i be able to help you?
    If all you want to do is hide your sorrows to me?

  • aimira 18w

    Psalm 46:5

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    She will not fail

    God is within her, she will not fail

  • aimira 18w


    Sorry, if I have fallen inlove with you
    Sorry, if i didn't give others the chance
    But neither both of us understand
    How long will this love take us right?

  • aimira 18w

    By Lows-Pink Sweat

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    Cause even when I'm at my lowest low
    Just know forever, i'll be here for you

  • aimira 19w


    Im tired, and lose my visions
    But I regretted my decisions
    Maybe i was just so sad that day
    That's why i thought it will be okay that way

    I'm sorry for everyone i failed
    For all the words that I used to be saved

    I'll rise up again, my love
    Not today, just next day, im so sad

  • aimira 19w

    I'm really willing to lose everything for everyone
    But I'm losing my mind and give it to anyone
    I was wondering, maybe i should give it a time
    Understanding people rather than mine

    It was hard for me to remember my happy days
    And all I do was call your names
    And maybe if i'm in distress
    I got to see your face

    But it's late
    Because your just reading the letters that I gave

    Thank you for giving me smiles
    And i will remember this even after my life
    But i just want to end this pain
    And literally not my life

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    No one

  • aimira 19w

    While I was holding that medicine
    I was remembering your name
    I'm saving you,
    But what about mine
    Should I lose both at one time?

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    While I was holding that medicine
    I was remembering your name

  • aimira 19w


    I should have known better
    That this life would be this bitter
    But maybe it will not last forever
    This feeling will be gone, carefree wherever