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  • ainlya 1w

    The debt of Love

    Moved by the immense kindness shown by a friend, he said with tears in his eyes"I don't know when will I be able to repay this debt".
    Patting on his back, his kind friend told him not to consider it as debt but as Love.
    See the thing about debt is that it can be paid with or without interest but may bother the bearer with thoughts of uncertainty, guilt, restlessness and the so like but Love is unconditional.
    It is multiplied and no interest can be paid on love because it is Infinite.
    So my friend the debt of my love can be payed only by spreading it bountifully.

  • ainlya 2w

    Her soul was withering
    Like the winter tree
    His was ablaze
    Like the flaming seas
    Intertwined by destiny
    When they did meet
    Their souls unified
    And it was Spring.

  • ainlya 2w

    single day
    the infinite
    beauty of Mother nature blessing us.

  • ainlya 2w

    the ray
    of sure hope
    which is obscured
    amidst the chaos of uncertainty.

  • ainlya 3w

    Our Imagination flies with the fuel of thoughts we put in our subconscious.

  • ainlya 4w

    Doubt is the threshold of one's own affair, if not proven it drives to despair.

  • ainlya 37w

    Love is liberating our souls and intertwining our destiny.

  • ainlya 65w

    You have fractured my heart
    Into pieces comminute
    No amount of splinting
    Can hold it like you.

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  • ainlya 69w

    वीरान रास्ते
    वियुक्त सपने
    मेरे लाल ईंटों वाला घर
    अब मेरा न रहा।
    कैसे मैं अपने बचपन में
    इस आंगन में खेला करता था
    कैसे हर कोई
    मेरी चिंता मेरी फिक्र करता था।
    अब मैं बूढ़ा हूँ
    पर मेरा घर तो मजबूत था
    अब तो ये गिरने वाला है
    इसमे मेरा क्या कसूर था।
    एक नए मॉल को
    इस जगह पर आना है
    मैं कहा जायूँ
    मेरा तो न कोई ठीकाना है।
    काश कोई अपना
    आज मेरे साथ होता
    अब मैं ही बच गया हूँ
    मैं अकेले ही रोता।
    धीरे धीरे से तबाही
    का वो मशीन आया
    और जब उसने मेरे घर को तोड़ा
    तब उसने मेरी रूह को भी
    मार गिराया।

  • ainlya 70w

    Nobody knows
    The worth of your love
    Or the depth of your hate
    You feel all alone
    And tired of the wait
    Collecting memories
    To make yourself smile
    Not realizing that
    Redemption is the only way
    Stringing the moments
    To give yourself Joy
    That peace you will achieve
    Only if you conquer the pain.