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  • aj_vaan 7w


    Sometimes you just feel that somebody should stay happy always, no matter what...

    You may not express completely as it may hurt them or you in the long run...

    You will feel happy that somebody has come into your life and they never fail to make you feel special..


  • aj_vaan 20w

    Wonder woman

    There is this one person, with whom you will feel alright even when you are not.. because you know that she will be there to protect you always and get you back in shape..

    I would give anything to get you back Mom..


  • aj_vaan 31w


    Do you know?



  • aj_vaan 34w

    Special one

    Sometimes you just feel like saying to that special one about how good you have felt once with their company and how much their words mean to you..

    The one who sensed your fake smiles, lost soul..

    The one who seriously wanted to get to know your sorrows and make you feel better..

    Not everyone will get that someone..


  • aj_vaan 35w


    As my name suggests i am similar to Moon in many ways..

    I will be very bright some days and dark some days doesn't mean that i will change..

    Like how Moon reflects sun's light, I reflect people's light..

    We both make people happy when we are bright and make people miss us when we are dark..


  • aj_vaan 35w

    Comes back to me..

    Whatever I forget,
    those things will find their way to
    come back to me always..



  • aj_vaan 50w

    Brother & Sister

    One soul with whom you will fight for no reason..

    There are times when you might have rolled on the grounds with each other's hair in hands..

    There are times where you might have stolen his candies/cookies or vice versa..

    There are times when you might have cried to Mom that she takes care of the other one only..

    There are times where we have protected our sibling's silly secrets with our lives..

    We have fought worse than tom & jerry, but we cannot live without each other.. Thats the damn truth..

    Dedicated to all brothers & sisters..


  • aj_vaan 61w


    When you know about your damn luck, you won't feel the disappointments at all.


  • aj_vaan 66w


    Will I ever be able to forget you?

    Answer will be NEVER...


  • aj_vaan 77w


    We live neither in the past nor in the future...