It’s all about energy, frequency and vibration ;)

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  • ajay_krsna 4w

    One day, soon,

    We will return to the sweet tranquility of starry nights, dine under twinkling lights and watch sunsets from park benches to sand beaches.

    We will clink glasses in bars to bells in temples and walk under the velvet smoke of summer nights, hand in hand.


  • ajay_krsna 10w

    / I might not be that soul
    who tells you fairytales,
    pushes you through
    the storms of hell
    stand by your side
    while the whole world is
    against you /

    / I might not be that soul
    who shows you the heaven,
    puts your
    insecurities to sleep
    and reminds your worth /

    / I hope that one day,
    even at old age,
    I could still make you
    feel like a child
    pull a nickel
    from your ear
    because it’s all about
    such simple efforts
    walking that
    extra mile /


  • ajay_krsna 11w

    Beneath the shadows of darkness and metaphors of buried sentiments,
    the moon whispers magical words that you’re my kryptonite
    as the magic doesn’t lie
    within you or me
    but conjured in the might of we.


  • ajay_krsna 14w

    You came
    as soft as
    the snowfall
    and gave
    me a gift of

    I believe
    you are here
    to stay
    for long.


  • ajay_krsna 15w

    She adorns herself
    not because she’s afraid
    to flaunt her flaws
    but, to conceal her own
    world of endless desires
    where ‘infinity’ is just a place
    and ‘impossible’, a mere term!


  • ajay_krsna 17w


    If I was a mirror, whose reflection would I choose to be?
    If I was a rainbow, on whose sky would I choose to be?
    If at all I was to be in the sky, whose star would I choose to be?
    If you’re wondering who that lucky snowflake is?

    Just read it again from the beginning!


  • ajay_krsna 18w

    i always believed
    that i was gypsy at heart
    until the day you came
    and showed me
    what home feels like...


  • ajay_krsna 19w

    We are...

    an infinity of sparks
    that burnt into life
    within the void
    between life and death
    and, space and time.


  • ajay_krsna 20w

    My basket is full of metaphors and similes,
    That I gathered all along...
    Now I wander in search of your tune,
    To string them into a melodious song.


  • ajay_krsna 20w

    I can manage to avoid the
    thoughts of you all day
    But at nights, my dreams
    are about you after all.