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  • ajjaps 7w

    Twenteen. ����❤

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    Dear Self

    Living for two decades is not easy for you
    You have been through a lot since you were young
    In this life full of obstacles and challenges
    I am glad to say that you already reach the level 20
    Although sometimes I know that you get tired and just want it to end
    But still, you choose to keep going
    I apologized for hurting you in many ways
    You doesn't deserved that kind of treatment from me
    Thank you for being strong and transparent
    The world sees you even when you feel invisible
    Keep taking time for yourself until you're you again
    Honestly, you are doing the best that you can
    Be kind towards your journey
    Be nice to your soul, and give yourself some real love
    God has your back
    Celebrate, smile and be happy.


  • ajjaps 7w

    Precious Soul of Ayla

    My lovely sister
    Inseparable friend
    Through the sweet and bitter
    You are here to the end

    To me you are an angel in disguise.
    Full of intuition, you are intelligent and wise.
    You are my guiding star, my shining light.
    You are my everything, what helps me through the night.

    Always giving and helping through good times and bad.
    You are the BEST friend I've ever had.
    Through trials and tests, right by me you stood,
    And you gave me your hand whenever you could.

    You're in my heart and my prayers.
    I'll wipe your tears, I'll get rid of your fears.
    Whenever I have gone through some cloudy days,
    You've been my sunshine in so many ways.

    You are my heart, my soul.
    You are my savoir, who makes me feel whole
    If I had one wish, it would surely be
    To give you as much as you've given to me.

    You are many things, but most of all you're my sister and my friend
    My gratitude for you has no end
    And I love you till the end.


  • ajjaps 7w

    Time Freeze

    Taympers, sandali lang
    Taympers, pagod na ako
    Taympers, ayoko na
    Mga katagang madalas mabanggit ng isang musmos habang naglalaro ng paborito niyang habulan
    Ginagamit niya ito para matigil ang oras at pananandalian niyang mailigtas ang kaniyang sarili sa pagiging taya
    Pero bago pa niya mabanggit ang salitang ito ay nataya na siya ng realidad.
    Ang realidad na kailan man ay di niya matatakasan
    Na kahit hingalin na siya at sumuko na ang katawan niya sa pagod
    Hindi na siya makakawala
    Na kahit ilang beses pa siyang sumigaw ng taympers ay hindi na titigil ang oras
    Ang realidad, ay hindi titigil ang takbo ng mundo sa paraang gusto mo
    Pag napagod ka, maaari kang huminto para magpahinga
    Pero kapag tumigil ka, out ka na, tapos na.


  • ajjaps 10w

    Dear Name

    There's a child standing in front of me
    She's wearing the most genuine smile I have seen in my entire life
    She keep her head high, and keep her chin up, and keep smiling like there's so much to smile about
    I wonder how she manage to be happy and confident like that

    She looks straightly in my eyes, as i call out her name
    She became sad as she saw me, she put her head down like she's about to cry
    I feel bad so I try to reach out my hands to show sympathy, but she run away
    She got lost on my sight, and nowhere to be found

    I've been trying to call her name but there is no reply
    I won't stop, I will shout several times
    Until, I found myself in a dark cold room
    And I only hear a tearful echo

    I listen to that sound alone
    Until I realize that the child I saw was the old me
    Now I knew why she run away when saw her future self

    You may be so far that I can't see you
    But I will find you for sure
    I will find your name that had been forgotten quietly
    But for now, I will hug the empty space in front of me.


  • ajjaps 15w

    Lost Star

    Every night I sat on the veranda watching the dark clouds
    Hoping to see the sky full of stars with the bright moon
    But I only saw a twinkling star

    I wonder if the moon comes up that night so the star don't feel alone
    If only the star could speak
    What will it say

    "Ohh please look at me
    Ohh please take me home
    I don't know my way back
    Now this is my spot
    I just want to be loved
    It's not too much too ask"

    As I continue to gaze upon the sky
    There is nothing I can do, I just blink
    And when I rubbed my eyes for a clear view
    The twinkling star disappeared
    I wonder if the star found her way home
    Or it just cover by the dark clouds at night and still alone.


  • ajjaps 26w

    Midnight Sun

    I just take one step away
    I thought you would come and stay
    Like what I used to do everyday
    But it feels like you just let me go and fade away
    Like how the sun disappear when it's cloudy day

    The raindrops are slowly falling
    But it seems you doesn't care, and keep staring
    You just let the thunders keep on roaring
    And let the rain keeps on falling

    Aren't you curious why the sun keeps on hiding..
    In the dark clouds of thunders and lightning?
    Maybe you cause it without knowing
    But instead of asking
    You just stay still and did not do anything


  • ajjaps 41w

    Burning Stars

    As the sun goes down
    I gaze upon the sky
    To look for the beauty of the night
    But they are nowhere to be found

    Oh little stars why are you hiding
    Even the smiling moon is missing
    I miss how you gave light at night
    It seems that the dark cloud is covering your light

    Lately the cloud is crying
    Even the thunders are roaring
    And the sky had grown darker again
    Is there a message you want to convey

    Hey little stars can you hear me
    Please come back
    I miss how you shine at night
    And give us hope and bright

    I know you're too far and hard to find
    But I'll wait and watch the sky every night
    Until I see you shine again
    And able to witness the beauty of the burning stars at night


  • ajjaps 52w

    Inhale, Exhale

    Inhale... Exhale
    Wait, what is this heavy feeling in my chest.
    Inhale... Exhale
    Worry little, dear heart
    Inhale.. Exhale
    I know everything is going to be okay.
    Inhale.. Exhale
    Breath deep and let go of things
    Inhale confidence, hope, positivity
    Exhale doubt, fear, negativity
    Keep the good, get rid of the bad
    Just keep breathing.


  • ajjaps 74w

    A girl who loves to bake turns 18 today
    Her angelic voice makes the trees sway
    Feels like you can listen to it everyday
    Her laughter and smile will brighten up your day
    But sometimes her eyes is not telling the same way

    Her thoughts is deeper than the sea
    And wider like the stars in the galaxy
    She's maybe broken inside
    But you will see her smiling from the outside

    As I got to know her
    I appreciate her even better
    Coz she is a brave writer
    To continue to create a unique story of her in every chapter

    Another chapter of her life begin
    Another struggles, heartaches and challenges she will encounter
    But I know she will receive the desire of heart coz shes a fighter
    And God has a plan for her after

    That's why I admired her for what she is
    From a simple girl to a beautiful young lady she became
    Merivynne is her name


  • ajjaps 81w

    La Luna

    The night is calm
    As the wind touched my skin
    I gazed into the sky
    Then I saw the moon smiling at me
    I silently asked if have you ever felt alone in the sea of stars?
    The moon remained silent and gave no answer
    Until I realized sun is alone too but it still shines
    But unlike the moon it shine in times of darkness