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  • ajumeher1 16w


    Nature in the broadcast sense ,
    is the natural , physical , or
    material world or universe .
    Nature can refer to the
    phenomena of the physical
    world , and also to life in general .
    The study of nature is a large ,
    if its not the only , part of science .
    Although human are parts of
    nature , human activity is often
    understood as a separate
    category for others
    Natural Phenomena .

    '' I like Nature Poem '' .

    - Aju Meher

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    The natural beauty of nature has
    so much to say ,
    The beautiful crossroads and
    long way ,
    The nature has it charm ,
    Keep it safe and don't harm ,
    The nature will keep us unsafe ,
    If we don't keep it safe !
    - Aju Meher

  • ajumeher1 17w

    Hello writers ....!!!
    Hope you are doing well and you are safe at home. We are up with an Interesting Anthology want to be the part of an anthology then go for it .

    *REALITY OF WORDS Publication*
    Present an anthology

    *_Broken Heart_*
    *_Compiler - Aju Meher-"
    *_Theme - Love , Broken heart , True love story_*
    *_Genre - Story and poem_*
    *Pre order compulsion*
    *Entry fees - Rs350*

    *_Co-author benefits_*
    *Co-author will get 3 pages (2 page for write-up and 1 page for bio and pic*.
    *Hardcopy of Book and Certificate*
    *E-BOOK and E-Certificate*

    *_For More details contact us at_*

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    Best Platform for

    This is a best platform for writer . And writers will get certificate and book . And writers will give bio and pic in the book . In that book writers pic and bio all add . Interested people join fast this change your life shortly as know as a writers and after that u can add in other anthologies also . ✋✋✋ I gave the group link in my account of mirakee . If u contact me then what's app me . my no 9777163059 .

  • ajumeher1 23w


    Enjoy every moment of every day .
    Take your time to go out to play .
    Enjoy the time when goes well ,
    When it's bad , do not dwell .
    Enjoy every heart beat of your heart
    is willing to give .
    Make it count as long as you live .
    Enjoy the things you like , endure
    the things you not .
    Count a blessing of god a lot !
    Enjoy the love of the people
    around you .
    Pick yourself up , when you are feeling blue .
    Enjoy every smile , each splinter of fun .
    Enjoy you like , each and every moment of your like and keep smiling always . ����

    - Aju Meher

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    Enjoy the journey......

    Enjoy the journey and always keep smile in your face you should enjoy the little things that you have in life .
    Because you looks back in time , Those things will be big things for you , So enjoy every moment and smile always !

    - Aju Meher