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    We never forget our past nor we kill our demons, we just learn to live above them

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    We live in a society where everyone dreams to be a hero but likes the approach of villains.

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    Government's Measures to Boost Economic Growth

    ■ Task force to finalise pipeline of infrastructure projects.

    ■ Simplification of KYC procedures to improve market access.

    ■ Development Financial Institution to solve infrastructure financing needs of the country.

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    Government's Measures to Boost Economic Growth

    ■ Pending GST refunds to MSMEs to be paid within 30 days.

    ■ Issue of IT orders, notices, through centralised system.

    ■ Dedicated cell to address problems of start -ups.

    ■ Entity for Credit enhancement for infrastructure and housing projects.

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    Government's Measures to Boost Economic Growth

    ■ Government to purchase cars, registration fees put off - to protect auto sector.

    ■ Delayed payments by Public Sector Undertaking to be speed up.

    ■ Angel Tax withdrawn for registered Start-ups
    Angel Tax - Income tax payable on capital raised via issue of shares where the price is more than the market price.

  • ak99aman 25w

    Government's Measures to Boost Economic Growth

    ■ Corporate Social Responsibility violations not to be treated as criminal offence.

    ■ Public Sector Banks - Infusion of Rs 70,000 crore - To increase liquidity in market.

    ■ Additional Rs 20,000 crores liquidity for housing finance companies- Benefits borrowers.

    ■ Banks agree to issue more repo-linked loan products to benefit borrowers - Home and Auto loans will get cheaper.

  • ak99aman 25w

    Scientific Temper

    ■ 1st coined by Nehru in his book.

    ■ Attitude of Logical and Rational Thinking

    ■ It is observing, questioning, testing, analysing, and communication using logic.

    ■ It is a fundamental duty.

  • ak99aman 26w

    Contributions by Indians

    ■ CV Raman 》Nobel Prize for Physics 》Raman Effect

    ■ Jagdish Chandra Bose 》Microwave components like waveguides

    ■ Har Gobind Khurana 》Nobel Prize for Medicine 》Cell's Synthesis Proteins

    ■ S. Chandrashekhar 》Nobel Prize for Physics 》Chandrashekhar Limit

  • ak99aman 26w

    4 Habits to Prevent Fatigue and Worry

    1》Clear your desk of all papers except those relating to immediate problem.

    2》Do things in order of their importance.

    3》When you face a problem, solve it then and there if you have necessary facts.

    4》Learn to Organise, Deputize and Supervise.

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    Zindagi ke is safar mei na kabhi ruthna or na hi apno ko ruthne dena..
    Is safar mei bs sbke chehre pe khushi rakhte hue badhte rehna....

    Zindagi ki khel mei kabhi jeet Naseeb hogi toh kabhi haar jhelni padegi..
    Phir v is khel ko imaandaari or mashaqat se khelna....

    Bhagwaan ne toh kai intehaan rakhe is zindagi mei..
    Har intehaan ko jhelne ki taaqat banae rakhna....

    Kyuki jaise har andheri raat mei chand ki roshni hoti h..
    Waise hi har intehaan ke baad insaan mei ek nayi umeed ki kiran jagjogit hoti h....