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  • akandemathew 105w


    Friend to the lips;
    Enemies to the heart.
    Friends of my foes;
    Secret fan of my woes.
    Your lies in white coat;
    Sailed my heart on a sinking boat.
    Absence when for help cries my soul;
    Still always present to console.
    In public your love proudly you boasts;
    Yet my dreams seek you amidst ghosts.
    Friends are lovely, enemies are deadly;
    But frenemies destroys you completely

  • akandemathew 110w


    I am so separated from you;
    Like a free bird from the caged.
    Why you never left I have no clue;
    Yet to your pursuit you've become a slave.

    I am so separated from your care;_
    Like one separated from home due to curfew.
    I have no one to share my deepest fear;
    Yet for my care money was your best substitute.

    I am so separated from your love;
    Like snakes who loses parent at birth.
    My feelings like an innocent dove;
    Your carefree attitude pushed to untimely death.

    Are you caged by your dreams;
    Or imprisoned by it's cashly rewards?
    Everyday my hope descend from shining to dim;
    As you've been busy since the first day I crawled.

    I am so separated that now I adapt;
    As a poor to poverty growing so lean.
    It's either your desire caged me out;
    Or my demands so high it caged you in.

    I am so separated yet crave your attention;
    But you misunderstood me and got wrong notions.
    I may need the cash but;
    To my joy its not the key.
    It's not the cash but;
    You that matters to me

    Image: @pencilledcelebrities
    #Poephetic #Separated #Abandone

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