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  • akashprasadsah 5w

    U are always enough

    I always told my friends & family to love themselves.
    When me myself never realized, How much I did the exact opposite .
    What I like.
    What I do.
    What I wear or How I look.
    But hold on, that was older version of me,.
    Now, I just love myself more than anyone can❤️!
    I think that's why I m writing these few lines for myself.

    There are playlist I will repeat forever and ever!
    From that beautiful summer march.
    To this freezing lonely winter.
    U knows karma always acts opposite to u.
    Still u Choose to be kind, hamesa toh nhi
    But yeah!Most of the time.
    U r unique
    N weird sometimes .

    Weather when u were surrounded by too many people
    Or when u had no one to call a friend .
    Weather u were such a winner.
    Or felt like , world's biggest looser.
    From the guy who hardly uttered a word in class.
    To someone now, to whom people say, ab bass kar yaar.
    U have grown a long way!!
    I don't know it's good or bad.
    But all I know is,
    U are never too much.
    U are always enough ❤️!

    I really wonder sometimes
    What keeps you going......
    Miles more to cover, years more to live(Hopefully )

    ~Akash Prasad Sah

  • akashprasadsah 17w

    Dear Love,

    I never thought we will come this far,
    It still feels like a dream.
    When I look at you, my shining star .

    You bought me sunshine when I only saw rain.
    Your presence kept me smiling when I only felt pain.

    I never expected we will still be holding each other's back,
    Despite all the fights, wars n good conversation we lacked.
    I'm sorry for keeping you wait these days,
    As u know,I'm struggling to handle too many things parallely.
    Trying making out my way.
    And thank you for all the maturity u have shown,
    It shows in past fews months how much you have grown.

    As u know, time was less , exams nearby.
    So abhi ka liya itna hi
    Miles more to walk with you.
    Constantly, Consistently, Continuously
    I want you.

    Thank you for being born!

    A very happy 19 to you ❣.

  • akashprasadsah 22w

    For the very first time in so many years,
    I missed your scolding, I tried to calm down
    But my eyes went full of tears.

    It makes me scared when I see you growing old
    Hearing your suppressed voice, once which was bold.
    You're the purest form of love, I might have never told.
    You're the most beautiful gift I'll ever receive from god.
    I'm sorry for all the times I fought, but I promise
    I'm always gonna be good human, that's what you taught.

    Even to this day, it's hard to believe
    How you manage to convince your heart for us, even if you disagree.
    Being a mother more than the love, its the respect of the highest degree.
    Today I just wanna say, all that you did for me,
    Will always gonna be stored in my heart and never be gone.
    I pray to god to see you smile & healthy as you were,
    No matter we stay together or apart.
    All the memories I have with you, I'm always gonna adore.

    I wanna end this poem with this note,
    " -: I might never show, But I love you, Mummy❤,
    Thanks for your unshown love, care, all the scoldings you showered,
    You the reason for everything I'm today.
    I never say but I'm yours, good son,
    And this will forever stay this way❤:-."

    - Akash Prasad Sah

  • akashprasadsah 22w

    Dear Mom

    I'm writing this because I wanna tell you that you are strong,
    You have always stood for me and our family, when anything went wrong.
    I remember when things went financially bad,
    You started doing job with all what you had.
    You took papa's place, worked tirelessly every day
    Despite everyone went against you,
    But you fought for us whosoever came in the way.

    For every peny you earned,
    For every sleep you have sacrificed.
    In coming years with your falling health,
    I never imagined things to be this blight.

    You are my strength, my soul , my pride
    a little of all little that I own.
    I know you loves me the most, you might have never shown.
    You never told how much you cared for me,
    But I knew you were always there.
    I knew all the pain you went through,
    Even if you never shared.

    When I was leaving for hostel you didn't even cry for once.
    This was my very first time not seeing you for months.
    Now that I know ,You tried to make me emotionally strong,
    So that I could live alone for long.


  • akashprasadsah 27w

    Youth Empowerment Foundation

    Dear YEF,

    In this busy world ,
    With so many people around.
    It takes lot of patience , courage and determination
    To work for others , risking yourself into ground.

    I don't know how far you all are,
    Be it a hundred, thousand miles.
    But, Trust me guys!
    You are the reason behind the thousand smiles .

    To help others and serve mankind,
    Is something you guys taught.
    It's a pleasure working selflessly for others, something deeply I got.

    It all just a token of love,
    I don't know how this one month passed away,
    Working with you guys was never enough.

    Wish you luck and lots of success ahead ,
    Hope miles more you cover, before people gets dread.
    Kudos to the entire team for the love which they have spread.❤

    -Akash Prasad Sah

  • akashprasadsah 27w

    I feel why there is no any other Mother Teresa or Einstein exist.
    Why we are always taught to copy? And nobody resists.
    Because in this world, this equal world.
    Many don't know they could have a different choice,
    Because this cruel world will suppress you if you will raise your voice.

    Nobody is gonna look at you with pity,
    Unless you are dead- this is an exceptional case,
    They won't let you know its okay to make your own different identify,
    With all the decisions you made.

    That is the bitter truth, my friends,
    With this I wrap up and comes to an end.
    Hold me up, don't get me wrong,
    I just tried to write down my feelings & emotions,
    What I have been through lifelong.
    We all might not have a gist,
    However, somewhere we all are atheist.

    . -Akash Prasad Sah

  • akashprasadsah 27w

    Being Human

    What a world, We are living in!
    So many humans around, still no humanity exist
    People dying because of depression and hunger,
    So much of trauma, fakeness this world consist.
    Being kind to people seems to be a sin,
    As if we all have tossed mankind into a bin.

    There is a huge difference between this made-up world and our reality,
    It's funny but there is no similarity.
    Here religion is worshipped more than humanity,
    Here people be polite if you are rich and treat poor with cruelty.
    They will judge you over your look, colour, caste or sexuality.
    And then they will post their long ethics talking about equality.

    We live in a world that values control over your consent,
    No matter how intellectual you are,
    Nobody cares if you don't score good per cent.
    Sometimes I take a deep pause and think,
    How people lie these days without a blink.
    Is this for what humans were meant to be?
    Living selflessly with their own expectations and greed.

  • akashprasadsah 28w

    I love when you listens to all my stupid, boring stories
    Without taking any pause.
    But I hate after listening when you text ," Getting hallucinations."& wish me good night at last .

    I wanna grow old with you,
    Face all the problems with care.
    We both are together in this❣,
    With C-C ( Carbon-Carbon) bond that we share.

    I wanna wake you up with maggie in bed,
    I'll make tea for you with kiss over your head.
    I promise I won't let you go easily, never say goodbye .
    I wanna walk with you till we reach the sky.

    Well, there are so many things to write more,
    But I don't wanna blaber much & makes you feel bore.
    I don't know I m in love with you or not,
    But definitely you are the best thing happening to me right now.
    Your love makes me feel special as ever,
    Hope we stays together forever.
    And I swear that everyday we'll manage to get better somehow.

    As I have always said,
    Ur my milkyway, my life , my sun☀
    Ur my stars, my moon ,my love❤.

    - Akash Prasad Sah

  • akashprasadsah 28w

    Dear Love

    Where the hell were you till now ?
    I literally quited all the dating apps I knew,
    Been single for way to long, waiting for you.
    But I'm glad now, you managed to find me somehow.

    I had never believed in love & my destiny,
    Until You walked like an angel in my life.
    Everything was so dull and simple,
    Your presence made them beautiful and bright.
    I was too shy as a person before I met you,
    You made me comfortable, special, I can't deny.
    It still feels like a dream,
    Which now I see from my open eye .

    I love to click pictures of everything I find special,
    And I hate when you stops me clicking our pictures together saying," Abhi nhi yr , My hairs are too short"
    Honestly, I feels so annoyed that time, because you always looks so damn hot.

    I hate to see you cry over the stupid conversation we had last night,
    Making it worst when u text," I need some time alone, I'll be alright."
    I try to calm down my emotions that time,
    Waiting for your next text, making my eyes ignite
    By Waking up the entire night.

    I love when you cutely explains what all things you ate,
    Or the scolding you gets from your dad, which always turns you mad .
    You makes me feel like home .
    I have never been before.

  • akashprasadsah 28w

    Dear 2020

    I don't know from where to start and where to end.
    Sorry in advance, if my words don't blend.
    So many things running inside my head right now.
    Still trying to hold my emotions up, and writing this somehow.
    Life is not gonna be as easy as it seems,
    I always knew.
    But , never dreamed my own home will turns out in a cage,
    Extending dates of lockdown, so many curfew.
    Dope days, long drives , hanging out with friends are lost somewhere.
    Now, I'm tired of wearing masks, caring sanitizer taking precautions everytime & everywhere.
    I wasn't this before, the kind of person I have become,
    Anger, anxiety, worries were always been there.
    But never been so frustrated clum.
    Since this year have started
    We all have different stories to tell,
    Different paths along with our ways.
    Somewhere, we all were meant to be together in this,
    But never meant to stay......
    God knows, how this year's gonna end,
    Putting us in which all place.
    We all have different lives to live ahead,
    Different dreams to chase.
    It seems we covered a long journey till now,
    Rest waiting along its way,
    Even if you get tired somewhere,
    Don't quit, listen to your heart,
    What it wanna say.
    Goodbyes might seem easy at some point, but you make it happen. Anyway!
    Even if clouds block your paths,
    Somehow keep on trying to find your guiding sunray!
    So, let's not wait for tomorrow to come,
    Say it, do it all today.
    So that even if you die tomorrow,
    You won't be regretting a day.
    I hope, all these traumas ends soon.
    Life gets back to normal,
    Roads with full of people, without precautions or any goons.

    -Akash Prasad Sah