Writing is my passion and my therapy. I have a dark demented side which tends to come out every now and then in my writing, i blame my past for that.

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  • alecmb 5d

    Ode to Death
    By: Alec M. Bates

    This is where my hope lies
    Waiting for me to die.
    When will my time come
    For life has become so burdensome.

    I See my friend for the last time
    Oh death I've awaited a lifetime
    To greet my old forsaken friend
    And sadly, death our friendship must end.

    Death the time that we have spent
    Was well spent for I am now content.

  • alecmb 1w

    A Binded Chest Unlocked
    By: Alec M. Bates

    This once barren chest of mine
    Was at one time locked
    By a treacherous cursed bind
    And it took an eternity to get unlocked.

    For I traveled to a whimsical place
    To look for the forgotten key
    And slowly a smile grew upon my face
    As vast as the blue sea.

    The moon lit the night sky
    The grassy hills covered in dew
    And it took one look into your bronze eyes
    To know that it was you.

    You were the key to unlock my barren chest
    Which was enchanted with that cursed bind
    But truly, I must really confess
    For it never crossed my mind-

    That you would have access to my heart
    Let alone break it apart.

  • alecmb 1w

    A poet writes for others,
    Yet who writes for the poet.

  • alecmb 2w

    Shattered No More
    By: Alec M. Bates

    Your once shattered heart
    At one time kept us apart
    But with my poetic art
    I was able to mend your broken heart.
    For you could finally see
    Yourself through my eyes
    And with that, were able to realize
    Just how much you meant to me.

  • alecmb 2w

    Many Miles for Smile
    By Alec M. Bates

    I consider myself a traveler
    For I have walked many miles
    And have seen many smiles
    Yet, I have heard the whispers
    Of a smile that make men fall
    To their very knees.
    So I for myself, had to see,
    And honestly i thought i seen it all
    But what they say is true
    For you, and only you
    Have made me fall to one knee
    And ask to marry me.

    If only you
    Would say I do,
    Than all of those miles
    Would have been worth my while
    For I then can keep your radiant smile
    In my life
    If you accept to being my wife.

  • alecmb 2w

    A poet and his muse
    By: Alec M. Bates

    Call it as you may
    A poet and his muse.
    Praying every day
    Regretfully, for all of the clues
    In which I had missed.

    I now look like the fool
    Who allowed his lover to be a muse.
    Love is what I loose
    For I am a poet with his muse
    In which the poet was fooled

  • alecmb 4w

    Cursed Universe
    By: Alec M. Bates

    Out of all the verses
    In all of the universes
    You stumbled upon mine
    So hopefully it's worth your time
    So here goes nothing
    As my thoughts spread their wings:

    He shall be condemned to be eternally lonely
    This is the blasted curse
    In which was bestowed upon me
    From our unforgiving universe
    Hence why I now write
    To the forsake Queen of the Night.

    So there's my hopeless verse
    That I gave to the universe
    To get me acquitted
    Of the crimes I may have committed.

  • alecmb 5w

    Wings Fluttering
    By: Alec M. Bates

    Wings fluttering
    Sun so warming
    Damn, now I see
    Why Icarus wanted to fly

    Wings fluttering
    Sun is warning
    Damn!, Now I realize it's me
    Who is falling- I'm going to die

    Wings fluttering
    Sun shining through
    I awake from my slumber
    To this dreary December

  • alecmb 8w

    My father passed away this Thanksgiving and this is a poem I wrote about him.

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    Voices in the wind
    By: Alec M. Bates

    Voices are heard in the wind
    From our loved ones whom are gone
    Reassuring us that we're not alone

    Voices are heard in the wind
    From our loved ones whom have passed away
    Who will show us the way

    Voice are heard in the wind
    From our loved ones whom are now removed
    Say that we are still loved

    When we fall in despair
    When all hope has dissapeared
    And we throw our prayers in the air
    Do not fear, for our prayers will fall to the ears
    Of the voices of our loved ones in the wind

  • alecmb 8w

    Any constructive criticism and/or opinions much appreciated. Trying to perfect my craft. Thank you in advamce~ sincerely a struggling poet

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    Palace of Light
    By: Alec M. Bates

    Stars ornament the sky
    To give a flickering light to the night
    What I would give to be a fly
    On the walls of the Palace of Light