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  • alexselven3 1d


    Gazing since our birth towards the sky
    Stars were one's that always shined

    One night it fell,to share it's glittery light
    Made us attracted to feel with our sight

    Land searched astar that crossed
    Felt like mystery,as seen across the shore

    Lost in the nameless land of ours
    Gifted by the raging seas to shine our♥

    Golden eyed,with five pointed of stars
    From the heart of the apple, Venus &mars

    Residing in the depth of the ocean
    Twinkling of eyes through the seas
    with it's emotion,expressing soul dreams

    Hailing miles away from the sky
    Letting water to be,it's blood that revives

    Gust of the wind with it's heavy breath
    Gentle touch it made,to feel nature's Den

    Sand does remain in its tender lips
    Swimming heights to feel the gentle kiss

  • alexselven3 2d


    reign of orange had its course of shine☀
    Shades getting darker and deep as a wine

    Black carpets invading around the sky
    Aura of midnight wishpers to say you hi

    feeling of spiritual and solace around
    beautiful voices of Nightingale surrounds

    Gazing the sky with our kind eyes
    the silver doves of the forest of night

    Constellation ofstars glows in its grace
    star fallsto race your beats with pace

    Sky alligns to make milky way join tonight

    Light in the dark as MOONLIGHT arrives
    Wolveshowl as it's shadow of the sight

    possessed power&captivated presence
    Angel in disguise are clouds that strength

    likecrescent moon in it's peak phase
    Steady glitters of venus shines in grace

    Up above the perfect nightspots
    Rhythmic sync of flares vanish the scars

  • alexselven3 1w


    Painted with the same brush deep inside
    Bright Light from the sky reaches aside

    Both Connected from a different plane
    Both bumped up in the same lane♥

    Blood is rushing high as its a new sight
    Breath is pacing faster as it's the 1stnight

    Aura is flaming as two elements collide
    Feeling of a perfume in the air besides

    Touch of hers feels so familiar
    just like light energy travelled since ages

    Communication through silence So deep
    secret language of sensation does peep

    Searching the crowds for your face♥
    Breathing the moment with intense pace

    Two physical beings but 1SOUL♥
    digging a litter deeper to feel the mirror

    exchanging flames until we are same
    sub-conscious feel as it's a divine name

  • alexselven3 1w


    Curbing fast our dreams deep inside♥
    angel gaze the sky before our dreams die

    Winds whispering the deep blue sky
    As Ancient presence arrives from heights

    Clasping the cliff with it's crooked hands
    Close to the sun ☀in a lonely land

    Spreading it's dense wings with grace
    Has a league in air that none can chase

    echoing through the mountain walls
    Thunderbolts with elegance it falls

    Whistling &piping with it's unique sound
    humans from earth admire all around

    Aloof sea beneath The eagles crawl
    Airs of blaze envy the Strength in its jaw

    Strongest & brave among all his folks
    Aerial of heights Is it's secret they hold

    Feather of eagle falls in someone's hand
    significane of happiness makes it grand

    Impatience and pushy maybe its flaw
    flaw is a gift to ignite the blaze in our♥

  • alexselven3 2w


    Feel of the warm breeze flirting around
    Made me sense a gentle energy around

    Carved by perfect pair of curtains
    Spark arising like a pair ofdiamonds
    gaze in her eyes Felt like a tranquil's sight

    Eyes were the windows of her SOUL
    had a vision that witnessed as a SOLE

    A deep glance in her beautiful eyes
    Arised her smile that camouflaged sight

    Just as the mysterious hailing in sky
    Here was the mystery hailing in her eyes

    Holding secrets deep in hereyes
    Just like light energies away from the sky

    Secretslocked inside her heart♥
    Coz the memories has blocked the start

    Eyes can be triggered by a Divine light
    Straight from heaven that glances bright

    Casting the dark side apart from Sight
    beautiful are those even when they cry

    felt the touch of her soul♥in immense
    To heal her emotions that made her tense

    Craving the feel is that I gently sensed
    my eyes were gifted by a different lense

  • alexselven3 2w


    Glimpses of shadow,I see of myself
    Lenses of my eyes,sense something else

    darkness with a pitch silence around
    Trapped unseen feelings tapes me round

    Heavy heart of mine quenching for love
    Shadow of the moonlight hits the ground

    Surrounded by Pine treestries to speak
    Winds in disguise finally hits the creeze

    Whispering me Like the echoes of melody
    feeling of heat with a sense of my energy

    Gazing at first sight was strange but real
    Seemed like a cheat to my vision
    light appeared next to me for a reason

    Mysterious&magical,colorful yet spiritual
    golden light was the grace of my night
    Speed of light magnetize the aura aside

    Couldn't speak but senses did speak
    Perfume in its voice was within my reach

    sensed it said to feel the trials that roared
    Were the tests to reach the tranquil Soul

  • alexselven3 3w


    Painted some pictures by angels from the heavenly sky
    A feeling of ☁Grey's speech to make our soul♥feel high

    ☁reigning together to feel the paradise sky
    Sensation of elegance to sooth our naked sight

    Showcasing shadows on fields & ground
    when the earth needs this crown

    Tons of☁cottons waving in sky
    with a grace of electric breeze that blushingly arrive ♥

    EYESbegin to chase
    as CLOUDS☁belong to a unique race☁

    ☁Blankets☁ of ace remind u of those rainy days

    graceful &bright☁yet so agile
    Reflexing the feel with it's earthly right

    May not be a moonly night
    But a beginning to smuggle our heavenly sight

    Clouds shaped lips begins with a kiss
    soul♥quenched the feel that badly missed☁

    having an aura to resurrect with it's unique height☁
    AURA is in peak to our our eternal ♥INSIGHT♥

  • alexselven3 3w


    Aloof from the noisy noises across
    Away from the gossip world that cross

    Wind of sanity drawing us so near♥
    Humming of birds, erasing the nasty fear

    Shades of orange in the sun☀showers
    Colors of golden flakes in the sky occurs

    Listening to the husky breeze sound
    feeling the sense of cold breeze around

    Aura with♥hearts of sensitive soltitude
    in the mid of the woods to feel high
    edge of your soul♥feels a Lil shy

    Shining of flowers in the misty woods
    Unlike the blanket, dressed in a hood

    Shadows of treeswith a husky breeze
    evergreen as a old wine hits the creeze

    Halo effect digging the glittering rubies☀
    Magical forest in land beyond dreams

    Silver grasses shimmering with grace
    Triggering your soul's♥ hidden elegance

    Stroll to hear the windows of your silence

  • alexselven3 4w


    Miles away from the urban rush
    wind smuggles the soul with silent hush

    Sketching a portrait in my enigmatic sight
    as eaglesflying with grace in the sky

    Shades of the☁blankets turning grey
    flame of the☀Sun showers it's peak rays

    Orange of golden shades fading it's Ace
    A fag stroll of the sun☀reigns with pace

    gazing in silence At the deep blue sky
    My eyes Moves to the beauty of heights

    Sketch of thoughts rushing in my mind
    Canvas of portrait, painted on the sky

    Range of mixed colors getting so shy☀
    As Shades of sight invading my eyes

    Sky lit up just like a fiery fairy tale
    Scarlet of red bleeds the lovely blaze

    glitters of shine with its attractive raid
    Blushing with grace before it fades

    Softly the evening ends its race♥
    chase does trigger it's resurrecting phase

  • alexselven3 4w