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  • alizerah_poems 6w


    Again and again
    Living in the moments pain
    While bringing in the hurts from yesterday
    Dutifully keeping old cycles the same

    Sometimes when we hurt
    We do not hurt because we've been injured or bitten

    We hurt, because we choose to feed on fire
    When we could harness it to chef the meal which destiny requires.

  • alizerah_poems 17w

    I learnt Jupiter can swallow up a thousand times of planet earth
    And the sun in turn can swallow up a thousand of Jupiter
    How significantly small we are in a galaxy
    Well why do we ever get sad?

    Is it that we only explore
    A galaxy we've created only in our minds
    Filled with words people have said
    People, who only speak from a bland galaxy in their own small round mould of matter called their 'head'?
    #galaxies #poetry #happiness #sad @writersnetwork

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    Well why do we ever get sad?

  • alizerah_poems 17w


    They told me to stop raining tears on the earth of my face
    But how could I when my mind like clouds was filled up with regrets
    And the only way to let go is the outbursts?

    It may rain today
    And not rain tomorrow
    One thing for sure
    This cloud gets filled up real quick
    Absorbing the things I already cried out years before
    And making them fall out once again
    Leaving me cold cheeks through the dusk and dawn


  • alizerah_poems 17w

    Is it?

    Hey what's this I feel?
    My mind quivering every time I see you wake up next to me
    Is this even actual beauty
    Or you were created to give perfection an identity?

    Is it your words for me
    Or the way your voice comes off as very surreal?

    Is it your lips for me
    Or the way your smile fills up my heart like a sea?

    Is it the beauty in your laughter for me
    Or the way it resounds so soothingly in my night dreams

    Is it the beauty in your eyes for me
    Or the way they make my heart skip a bit?

    So many baffling questions for me
    That I just think you're perfection's identity

  • alizerah_poems 17w


    Where are those words I told you?
    I thought you listened
    I saw you paying attention
    But now...
    it only seems as though
    You've never heard a word from me

  • alizerah_poems 17w

    Note to self (I)

    Dear self
    I'm sorry for all the times I made you feel less than human
    Just for some persons to feel good 'bout being inhuman

    I'm sorry for all the times I refused to listen to you
    When you said some things were no good for you

    I hope you accept my apologies
    Cause all I'm hunted by is the unending memories
    Of me trying to be good to fools
    When all I did was make of myself a bigger fool

  • alizerah_poems 17w

    To ourselves

    The truth we hate to tell ourselves

    The lies we love to tell ourselves

    The ways we end up hurting ourselves

    Cause we fail to stay honest to ourselves

    Only if we listened to that tug in our heart

    Only if we swallowed the bitter pill and acted right

    Only if we refused to accept disrespect in aims of being nice

    Unbelievable will be the peace and clarity that'll ooze out of our lives

  • alizerah_poems 18w

    Crashing tears

    She dabbed a piece of cloth on her face,
    Mustered all that she could call courage
    And turned to the world to say,
    'I have no tears'

    But it was to her courage' defeat
    When the waves of tears
    came crashing
    on the shore of her cheeks

    So quick
    She felt betrayed
    She felt played
    By her own skin
    To her own shame

    Now the onlookers know that she'd been crying

    The young woman,
    baffled by the thrill on their faces
    Tried to plead her case
    Tried to explain her pain
    Tried to let them see the way her heart had been lame
    But they didn't care for anything she tried to say
    Seeing her in regretful tears
    Was truly what they had always craved


  • alizerah_poems 18w


    When did everyone take this path that I did not know of?
    Each day it seems like I was left out while growing up
    For the times I try my best, I still fall out when I show up
    I really did not grow up with you all

    And it feels as though I was stuck in a hold up
    While you all were busy
    flying off to the future

    But I'll be fine
    Even though I'm still trying to understand
    How I was outside
    When y'all decided to take the fast side

  • alizerah_poems 18w

    'There's always light at the end of the tunnel', they said
    But what happens when the trapped ones have grown accustomed to the darkness?
    Falling in love with it's delusional blindness
    And not realizing that their bondage was never the walls between them and the light
    But their penitent inability to not call it home