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  • am_idiot 2d

    Jan 16

    और अब समय ही नहीं...

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    कह दो इन हसरतों से कहीं और जा बसें
    इतनी जगह कहाँ है दिल-ए-दाग़-दार में

    उम्र-ए-दराज़ मांग के लाई था चार दिन
    दो आरज़ू में कट गए दो इंतिज़ार में

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    इस सफ़र की वजह
    है ये फ़र्ज़ या सज़ा
    ये मैंने जाना है कहाँ
    की दिल मेरा
    है बंजारा
    पर मन फिर भी
    ये माने ना..

    A long way to go...

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    मैं हारा हुआ खिलाड़ी हूं
    तू मुझ पर दांव ना लगा,
    जो अब मुझे खुद पर नहीं,
    मुझ पर वो भरोसा ना दिखा।

  • am_idiot 1w

    Friendship depends on you, not on the other person. What matters is what you put into a friendship, not what you get out of it.

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    True Friendship

  • am_idiot 2w


    Visibility: 100m

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    Frozen Heart

    Just as a spring breeze awakens tender new shoots of green, sincere encouragement can thraw a frozen heart and instill courage.

  • am_idiot 2w

    Dec31, 2020

    21 things from 2020 for 2021;

    I'll try my best to look beyond COVID-19, but this virus gets its mention even before these 21 points.

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    1. It's very easy to fall head over heels for someone, but it's really hard, really really hard to move on or to get rid of the thoughts, which were created just by you, your fantasy, your overthinking; as it is rightly quoted in 'The Paths of Glory' by Jeffrey Archer,(by the way, it's a good book), "descent is going to be more difficult"

    2. However well, you've planned but someone mightier is there, with his own plans and you can't do anything but to resonate yours with his. As one of my friends rightly said "ke sab likha hua hai".

    3. Mental health is a serious issue, we all have suffered or are still suffering from it, at some time or the other, and to overcome this you need to have someone, with whom you can share everything, especially your insecurities, your fears, your agony, your failure, your inferiority complex, someone very special, and yeah self-awareness, mind fullness, meditation, yoga certainly help and should be made essential components of our life.

    4. Saving is the most important, so save more than you spend, you never know when a rainy day may turn into rainy days or even months, God forbid.

    5. Competition is brutal, so you have to strive even harder for every penny, for every piece of bread, for everything in life, now I understand the relevance of the idea proposed by Charles Darwin in his 'Origin of Species', i.e., "Survival of the fittest".

    6. People are mean, so should you, I know it's hard for you but...

    7. How can you offer something that you don’t even have yet? You haven't yet achieved your dreams or goals, so don't brag about them and attract people just because of them, as god forbid, if you'll unable to realize them, you have to lose that person too, which will aggravate your wounds.

    8. Life doesn't give second chance to everyone and if you get one, grab it with both hands, just toil till your last breath, don't get 'run out' again by committing the same blunder, as even Dhoni won't get a chance to play the next world cup.

    9. Read books, a lot of books, they just add value to your life in countless ways, you can relate to them, you can find solutions from them, you can learn from their story, for instance, I took my Ammi's chest pain seriously just because I've read 'What do you care what other people think?' a book based on the life of an eminent physicist Richard Feynman and many more. I'm not a that avid reader as of now but I surely will, book-by-book.

    10. Don't overthink, and please don't make so many permutations-combinations, they do more harm than good, and 2020 is full of such overthinking, but 2021 should not, in fact must not.

    11. Who will cry when you die? NO ONE expects few, only a few, and as like every other year, this year too, we have lost many, some of them are known to us, and most of them unknown, but barely anything has stopped if even for a moment, this is life, whether you are Sushant Singh, or that poor mother on the railway platform, it never stops. So don't take it for granted, it's a one-time offer.

    12. Don't think about what this bloody society will say, 'yha kese ko farak nhii pdta, sb haisiyat puchhte h, Khairiyat sayad he koi ', so why to bother about them in the first place.

    13. "We are afraid of losing what we have, whether it's our life or our possessions and property. But this fear evaporates when we understand that our life stories and the history of the world were written by the same hand." Don't afraid to lose!
    'kya leke aaya tu bnde,
    kya leke jaye gaa'.

    14. Keep looking for the true meaning of your existence, you haven't yet found that...

    15. Discipline or self-discipline allows you to do all those things you know in your heart you should do but never feel like doing.

    16. Regain your lost enthusiasm, the lost fire to become better with each passing day, fire to learn, fire to work long hours, recall your powers, nobody else but you yourself are your 'Jamvanta'. And if you want to get what only 0.001% get, you are not supposed to do what the other 99.999% do, as simple as that, bigger the victory, bigger the sacrifice.

    17. When you promise someone you will do something, do it. Be a person of your word rather than being “all talk and no action.”

    18. You will certainly get what you want , provide you want it from your heart of hearts, always remember this lesson from The Power of your subconscious mind by Murphy, sooner or later, 'chahe ghoom ke jaana pde, pr manzil melege'.

    19. Maybe God created the desert so that man could appreciate the oasis, and so is the case with Covid, or any other obstacle which may be waiting for us, with his open arms.

    20. Find enjoyment in small-small things, and you know these small things are the most extraordinary, only the wise man can understand them.

    21. Some things are better left unsaid.......,


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    You cannot trust a man
    if you don't know his house.

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    Don't know why?

    Everyone, when they are young, knows what their destiny is. "At that point in their lives, everything is clear and everything is possible. They are not afraid to dream, and to yearn for everything they would like to see happen to them in their lives. But, as time passes, a mysterious force begins to convince them that it will be impossible for them to realize their destiny."


    PS: Merry Christmas��

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  • am_idiot 4w

    December 17,

    to be continued....

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    कैसे ?

    कैसे कोई किसी को इतना समझ सकता हैं
    कैसे कोई बिन कहे भी तुमको सुन सकता हैं
    और कैसे कोई इतना सब जानकर भी
    अंजान बना रह सकता है......

    कल से खुद को इन्हीं सवालों से घिरा पाता हूं

    करता हूं सवाल खुद से,

  • am_idiot 5w

    December 11, 2020

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    The Laughing Heart

    Your life is your life
    Don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.
    Be on the watch.
    There are ways out.
    There is a light somewhere.
    It may not be much light but
    It beats the darkness.
    Be on the watch.
    The gods will offer you chances.
    Know them.
    Take them.
    You can’t beat death but
    You can beat death in life, sometimes.
    And the more often you learn to do it,
    The more light there will be.
    Your life is your life.
    Know it while you have it.
    You are marvelous
    The gods wait to delight
    In you.

    Charles Bukowski