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  • am_kwrites 4w

    I want to stop!

    Some times I just want the time to slow down. To turn indifferent, feel nothing and just be my own. Away from this world I want my mind to cool down. The burning noises in my head to shut up and get to an inner piece. In to a shell like a snail. Who just cover itself up and let the fate drive him to his destiny. But then this shutters me that it is not to be human. Cover yourself and leave yourself to the mercy of fate is NOT HUMAN. To be human means to suffer. To be human means to struggle. To be human means to feel, feel the happiness, the sorrow, the agony and the pain. To be human means to fight back, win and get their where you want. Because to live is to move.

  • am_kwrites 13w

    Sincerity Once Lost, Never Returns

  • am_kwrites 17w

    My thoughts are scrambled,
    and my pain is outreaching                                My heart is screaming
    And my self is dieing
    My existence is vanishing,
    and my survival is endangered,
    But no one can see it
    no one can notice it.

  • am_kwrites 23w

    I am tired, therefore I gave up.

  • am_kwrites 23w

    I miss you

    I miss the former self of yours,

    When you used to wait for my call

    When you longed for my single sight

    I miss those solicitous words, concerened gaze and expressive care

    I miss those winsome nights when you look at me for hours 

    With love in eyes and affection in words

  • am_kwrites 24w

    If holding becomes a burden, it is better to set yourself free. 

  • am_kwrites 25w

    گہری بات

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    جب آپ کو یہ احساس ہو جائے کہ آپ سے بات نہ کرنے کی وجہ سر درد نہیں بلکہ آپ ان کے سر درد کی وجہ ہیں تو آپ کو خود ہیان کی دوا کے طور پر کنارہ کشی کر لینی چاہیے۔

  • am_kwrites 25w

    Sincerity, the sacred, the hardest thing to find. Its is never recieved from where you expected the most. Your expectations become your curse and you are killed by the despair that replaces expectations 

  • am_kwrites 25w

    For stop being hurt by someone's criticism, you first need to stop being cherished by someone's appraisal.

  • am_kwrites 26w

    Let the wings of my imagination fly
    Let the passerine of my ambitions get out of the cage
    Let me breathe in the fresh free air
    Let me conquer my world of my own