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  • amaall 11w


    And just for a moment,
    It was as if,
    The stars,
    And the moon,
    And the earth all paused,
    And gazed at us,
    As we were,
    Under the light of the stars,
    And beneath the darkness of the night.

  • amaall 31w

    Just a minute

    See the colours as they morph in the skies,
    And watch the stars dance,
    To the rhythm of the wind,
    And the rhythm of the trees.

    See the tides rise
    And the sun fall,
    From the crashing of waves,
    To the pitter patter of the first rain.

    Take a minute,
    To see the beauty around you,
    For such minute is not wasted,
    It is what makes up a lifetime.

  • amaall 35w

    Today she gave me flowers

    Today she gave me flowers,
    That girl that lives across the streets,
    Hair black as ebony,
    And a smile brighter than the sun's.

    Today she gave me flowers,
    That girl they say is sick,
    Yet sweet as honey,
    And graceful as a cloud.

    Today she gave me flowers,
    And i stared at her clearly confused,
    She didn't even know my name,
    Or weather or not the neighbors liked me.

    Today she gave me flowers,
    And when i askes why,
    She simply smiled,
    And walked away.

  • amaall 40w

    They said I'll get over it,
    Time heals, they said,
    But they never stopped talking,
    Never stopped pointing,
    Never stopped whispering,

    Those glares that went straight into my bones,
    Reopening and resurfacing the wounds over and over again,

    What they didn't tell me,
    Was that i could heal a lot faster than they told me,
    All i had to do was not give them the pleasure of hurting me,
    Not give them the attention they so desperately wanted,
    Not to listen to the rumours,
    And to smile at those who stared at me,
    And at last, it was finally time for me to heal.

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