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  • amakawrites 17w

    My Forever

    My heart beats twice as fast when I'm with you,
    Maybe it's because it's gotten so familiar with you.
    Your images cascade my thoughts when I'm away from you,
    Maybe it's because you have dragged me so into you.
    My feelings for you grow like a tree planted by waters when i see you,
    Maybe it's because they were watered by you.
    And if again, i cross this paths,
    I still want to be with you.

  • amakawrites 18w

    Listen Son

    Bright and brave is he,
    The true son of his father,
    Stands a head taller than his peers,
    His wisdom is immeasurable,
    I call him Akanni,
    The reason for his father's smile.

    Akanni can you hear the women cheering?
    Standing marveled at your strength,
    All of them yearning to be immersed in your arms,
    Forcefully shaking the Ílèke on their waist,
    Listen Son, when night comes they will flee,
    Their footsteps will be wanting in your rest place.

    Akanni, Can you see the young men beaming at you?
    They imitate your every move and gesture,
    All of them yearning to make your acquaintance,
    Faking broad smiles when you are around,
    Listen Son, when night comes they will flee,
    They would cringe when you approach their gathering.

    Listen Son, draw neigh,
    No greater gift, can a father give his seed,
    Than words of wisdom gathered from his youth,
    Look before thou cast your net to fish,
    And turn away when men raise you in exaltation,
    Listen and take heed Son, it is never as it seems.

    *Akanni-- A name from the western part of Nigeria.
    *Ileke-- Female waist beads.

  • amakawrites 18w


    The song of my heart,
    Stories that would cut through parts,
    The reflex response that pulls me into halves,
    A breaking chain, a bond left cracked,
    Lost for a second, and then shown the right path.

    The chilling breeze warms me,
    Cuddled in dark places where no one can see,
    The true persona, I want to be,
    I'm trying to fake it, but my spirit won't lead,
    Lost for a second, and then thought how I should feel.

    The closing feeling of fear and strife,
    Pierced through me like the sharpest of knives,
    I want my soul to find peace, to be alive,
    I want a resting place, my own hive,
    If this great falling mountain of pain doesn't crush me, maybe I'd survive.