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  • aman_aj_00 14w

    Dreams of your book, Oh! how you hugged it tight
    Melodies of piano, tangled in my cries.
    Sip of your coffee, I was jealous of that cup
    Shiny face through the windows, your hands around that pup..

    Memories I lived, laid in tomb yet I smile
    In the city of oblivion, lucid dreams walking me miles.
    The fondle oh thou breeze, let the illusions last incessantly
    Those tears, let them twinkle, for once my scars are without wrinkles..

  • aman_aj_00 15w

    Seraphic world of tropical skies, Oh! I am walking down the mile
    Through breezy reefs of shimmer rays, I met a friend with a sweetest smile.
    Beauty of Alice, I loved the regime of her wonderland
    Cascades in her eyes, thousand belle oh how she blends..

    I have million thoughts, for her simplicity and wonders
    For the time shall it come, we'll discuss books and their blunders.
    Thou river let them flow, charming dreams let then glow
    To a friend in her that I found, let this letter speak my words as they simply drown..

  • aman_aj_00 16w

    Memories chasing us

    To the stars, in a serene wonder
    Seraphic calm, I felt your thunder.
    Uncanny promises, oh thou whines
    Saccharine memories dims the shine.
    With angles you are lost, bleeding scars I am aghast
    Burnt leaf, yet I'll fly
    Let me leave, let those memories die.
    Droplets in your breeze, I'll freeze before sunsrise,
    Thousand years I have waited, let me defer one last time..

  • aman_aj_00 17w

    Eternal sacks of deniable crust,
    Raiding uncanny expectations to trust.
    Flying along, my paper planes in your town,
    Sun agleamed, fire cascading them down.

    Rise up today, may be again tomorrow,
    From a subtle grief, filled sands of sorrow.
    Thou dilated emotions, they are cesaro
    Soul, shadow, plunged universe, they never felt so narrow..

  • aman_aj_00 18w

    Dwelling nights in those woods
    Screaming heart and her dripping hood
    Uncanny hunt for her long trapped soul
    Lost with the redwoods in a shack so old.

    The breeze charmed the moon
    Agitated of desires, she moved in that cabin with divine croons
    Perceived the memories, enduring love in heart
    Fire in the chimney, yet unblemished for years apart

    The diary she saw, some pages she unfolds
    Solitary soul lived inside, craving for love she once sold
    Wind fired in freeze, made the night so dark
    She turned to last page, turning souls to her stars

    Eternal sins of her life, she waited by the lake
    In the summers of desire, tears rolling in winter breaks
    As she read the last words, the fire lost in dark
    Thou soul left forever, in a world free of scars..

  • aman_aj_00 19w

    Pearls of the words, lying deep in eternal reef
    Thoughts of her world, raging fire so deep
    Her scars rimmed through the dark outline
    May be the reason I never had insight of whine..

    Sketch in the dark, thou shadow on mountains
    Listen and they echo, the cries of their harsh pain
    Let there be light, some stars in the night
    Said will be unsaid, I'll hold the Silhouette so tight

    The story I heard, was unheard for decades
    I died for your love, yet the essence will fade
    Nights and mornings, that sketch in my hand
    A paper so wet, slipping deep in that sand

    Thou journey of crazy mind
    Rivers and oceans will make way in your regime
    My eyes, my wounds, to the core and sky
    Shadow of your sketch, flew away with those butterflies....

  • aman_aj_00 19w

    Is it hard? Said the heart
    To stay jovial in a world of wars
    At deemed end, on the tip of flower
    My mind smiled and said, "Here you are"..

    Are you shy? asked the sky
    My feet in water of wordly cries
    Breaking the chains of freezing mind
    My mind made it's own regime.

    Do you thoughts? asked the knots
    You seem to be lost in the horizon you caught
    Songs of thou breeze, escaping the weakness
    The scars smiling through knots of happiness..


  • aman_aj_00 19w

    For the birds, they have flown
    Thousand places, got no home
    Thou uncanny world
    I had eccentric musing,
    I am lost soul, burnt without bruising..

    On that cliff, here I endure
    Oh! My warbles, thou incarnation will lure
    Some day, another life, million years apart,
    For we'll sob together, In a mystic world,
    Gazing our souls depart...

  • aman_aj_00 19w

    Leaves of her life
    Shattered in blooms of forest
    Thou love, oh! It speared..
    I loved those wounds,
    On the pave of being dearest
    Let me be your fable tale
    I'll be knight of your heart
    Thou dreams, lost in the eternity
    Raging the breeze in my ocean of wars

  • aman_aj_00 20w

    Let me heal for thou love
    For I shall scream in your serene world
    In your dreams I wish to fly
    Dance with your shadow
    And that stupendous life..