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  • amara94 14w

    Just like candle wax
    we melted apart...


  • amara94 14w

    Some people can look you right in the eye
    & do nothing but lie.. lie.. lie..


  • amara94 29w

    I carved your name on the rings of Saturn..

    That's how far I've gone for you.....


  • amara94 29w

    Locked my heart in Mars i

    I locked my heart in Mars......
    & returned to earth....


  • amara94 30w


    One day I will fly to space,
    Walk on the moon &
    kiss the stars.


  • amara94 31w

    I met you by chance,
    I loved you by luck,
    & I lost you by weakness & fear.


  • amara94 32w

    Maybe there isn't an atom of love left In our hearts for each other anymore...


  • amara94 33w


    Little lioness. Roaming the cold golden.

    I don't need a photograph to remember.
    Loving you has been a series of moments.
    In this moment, you're saving my life.

    That winter brought ice, downed power lines, rolling blackouts. Think weather as metaphor. Imagine a sadness that stretches for miles.
    The future frozen over. Were we to overwinter, I wonder, what season would we become? You smile, & the ground begins to thaw. You laugh, & the world stops just to watch the melt.

    You run wildly towards a dying sun.
    Oh, how you lean into the light.

    Happy birthday Ayali♡


  • amara94 37w

    I'm scared......


  • amara94 40w

    Maybe we are forbidden souls

    Our body & souls are like magnets
    that can't seem to get attached,

    We tried all we could , we did everything we thought would help us get to were we want,
    but hope wasn't there for us, it just wasn't by our sides.

    All we had was our burning eyes & damaged hearts,

    that could see & feel but not touch.

    We should have known from the start that we were forbidden souls.