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  • amatullah_2 3d

    Morning Tonic

    If you believe that you have a covenant with time such that things will be the way you want in all your affairs,and you will only be given what you want and desire,then it makes sense to give yourself free rein to grieve every time you do not get what you want or when obstacles come between you and your goal.

    But if you are aware that things alternate,sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you miss out,and that life never gives you a gift and then forgets about it,rather it will come back and take it back,and that this is the way life is for all the sons of Adam.

    So try to calm your grief and wipe away your tears,for you are not the only one stricken with calamities and your problems are nothing new or unjust in the annals of calamity and grief.

  • amatullah_2 11w

    I wish

    I felt the pain on innocents lives being defiled.
    Never care about dear lives and future, yet, enjoy themselves and move on.
    The victims have no freedom to speak or raise alarm.
    Most involve are family, relatives that fake unequal closeness.
    I wish we all join our voices with the host of humanity to speak.

  • amatullah_2 11w


    The difference between Human being and Being human is living and alive.
    To be alive you need to be a participant learner and engage

  • amatullah_2 11w


    Rapist are not human rather animals living in human clothing...Rape is not a circumstance

  • amatullah_2 11w


    Poetry is not about stitching words that will amaze the reader without understanding the message you're trying to send poetically, rather the way you use your tools poetically to send message to the reader or the person you're trying to write for.