Give yourself that respect you deserve

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  • amber_blue 2w

    That smell,
    You stink in
    all the time

    The ugly,
    searing odor of rejections,
    dejections, failures, lies
    and insecurities
    discomforting nostrils

    and you keep on pouring perfumes,
    instead of a bath


  • amber_blue 3w

    I might reimburse
    to the lonely nights,
    Where stars guided
    and I enjoyed

    Not too close, alone
    to the sun,
    as I am afraid to burn

  • amber_blue 6w

    The world I see is still pale,
    from the bottom of this life

    Edges are well carved,
    Inside is smoothen, polished and shined

    Leaving no chance to climb


  • amber_blue 14w

    Do we ever realize,

    we are changing each second.
    the drops of rain, vapours on the blanket of green, bubbles of river, stones, wind, sounds, senses, expressions, relations...

    They are never going to be the same again after this very moment passes


  • amber_blue 17w

    To all the wilted rose in the vase,
    We paid for,
    knowing the fate and yore

    we paid and bring home


  • amber_blue 25w

    Was it easy to break the cold night,
    you think
    I burnt my heart each moment to reach dawn


  • amber_blue 26w

    Remember, what I said the night I held your hand,
    And what remained unsaid when my eyes were shut.
    Remember, the good I found in you,
    And the bad I shut to
    and everything I said about stars and the moon.

    Remember me as a summer day,
    Yellow, bright, warm in a glorious haze
    and the tale, I told you about the village,
    far in lands, a wife, a husband, and a rocking chair.
    and how they spent the rest of their days,
    I couldn't end it as they had so much to say.

    Remember, I do not recall those winter nights,
    or the cold and frost,
    When I write you on pages I turned off,
    You were and will be a hero, who fought my villains and never gave up on.

    Maybe, I lost the key somewhere back home,
    Maybe, I lost it on purpose, so it could all end well.


  • amber_blue 26w

    That body was touched, here and there
    In ways, it was used to, or not to be
    That body suffered autumn storms
    And dry summers
    Just before the numb shocks.

    They promised to be her eyes before nonfunctioning her vision,
    They promised to be her voice before bitting her voice
    They promised warm nights before putting her on ice bricks
    They promised to make her feel senses before peeling off her skin

    With all the bruises, with all the pain in joints
    With all the cold, with all the shakes
    Some days she sits on grass
    With the unpleasing smell of her rotten flesh,

    Still, keeps hearing weeps and knocks of glass promises outside her closet,

    In hope to be answered with warmth

  • amber_blue 32w

    Fragrance of night,
    often remains unattended
    Glorified sunflowers,
    often mentioned in morning phrases

    Discover me on unattended paths,
    When I often walk on busted roads


  • amber_blue 36w

    Vulnerability to light
    As some choose to curl up beneath and miles,
    Wish to be without light as
    light confirms you
    don't have anybody besides.