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  • amberglow 9h

    Hey guys!
    I'm bringing another challenge for you guys today. The rules for this are as follows:

    �� Write a 15 word sentence/poem (no more, no less!) in which the FIRST letter of the first word and the LAST letter of the last word are the SAME.

    �� No deadline.

    �� Multiple posts are allowed by a single person.

    �� Mention in the comment section of you plan to participate.

    �� Tag with #agflc , NOT @amberglow

    �� Share this challenge with your friends, the more the merrier :)

    �� Have fun!

    My post for this challenge is down below.

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    First Last Challenge

    Seeking you in a roomful of people,
    I feel bliss when my eyes meet yours.

    Soumya| ©amberglow

  • amberglow 1d

    My post for my description challenge.. ��

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    She snapped her eyes open and turned over to look at the screen of her phone, that was balancing it's vibrating body at the edge of her bedside table and beeping loudly, the only thing giving a bright light in the otherwise dark room. The glowing phone screen showed that the time was 6:03. She pressed the switch off button on her phone and it stopped vibrating and beeping.

    She sat up in bed, the quilt falling off her shoulders to pool in her lap. She dragged a hand over her face before throwing the quilt off her legs and swinging them off the bed. She slipped her bare feet into her blue slippers and padded over to the bathroom.

    She pushed open the door and went inside, shivering slightly. She stared at her reflection in the oval mirror hanging on the wall opposite the door at face level, looking at her puffy eyes and the little bit of drool that had dried up at the corner of her mouth.

    She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in and turned on the tap. She splashed water over her face. She squeezed some toothpaste onto her brush and began brushing her teeth in a slow and firm circling motion. Once she had gargled, she ran a finger over her teeth back and forth roughly, until a squeaky sound was heard. She did it two more times. Once done, she nodded her head at her reflection and wiped her wet face with a towel.

    In the kitchen, she poured some water into a saucepan and placed it on the stove. Fire flared beneath it with a popping sound. When the water began bubbling up, she put some coffee powder into it and stirred slowly, all the while looking at the calendar stuck to the refrigerator with a yellow pineapple shaped magnet.

    1 had a thick red circle around it and below it '1st day of Work!!' was written in tiny letters. She didn't look away from it until the saucepan jerked sharply with the force of a large bubble reaching the surface of the coffee and bursting. She hurriedly turned off the gas and poured some coffee into a mug.

    She leaned her hip against the counter, her fingers wrapped around the mug as she blew someair over her black sugarless coffee and took tiny sips alternately until she'd finished it. The mug was kept in the sink with the clink of glass on metal.

    She heaved a sigh, eyes closed and glanced again at the date encircled on the calendar. She left to get ready for the day.


  • amberglow 2d

    So, my friend gave me the word prompts of #coffin and #bed and I was supposed to write a Haiku on it. I did it to the best of my ability :)

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    I'll close my eyes now,
    it is time for me to sleep,
    in my coffin bed.

    A Haiku poem 5:7:5

  • amberglow 3d

    Sand under my feet,
    shimmering waves of the sea,
    kissed by summer sun.

    A Haiku poem 5:7:5
    16.II. 19

  • amberglow 4d



    Hey peeps!

    I've got another challenge for you guys. So, this one is actually an assignment that I have to submit on Monday for my Creative Writing class and it sounded real interesting, so I thought, why not make it a challenge?

    So the challenge, and my assignment as well, goes like this:

    Write a tiny story/snippet/instance playing only with descriptions and things that can be seen. Your reader should be able to imagine exactly what you're writing about.

    For example, you can't write something like 'she was hurt'. You can't SEE 'hurt'. So instead, you can write 'she winced in pain' because that is something that you CAN see happening. (Am i making sense?)

    Deadline: 18th February, Monday, 6:00pm IST

    No word limit. Write as much or as little as you like

    NO PLAGIARISM. Period.

    Tag your work with #ag_des. NOT @amberglow

    Text in the comment section below if you plan to participate. Share this post with your friends for maximum participation :)

    And the most important rule: Have fun, go wild!


  • amberglow 4d

    A small flower grew,
    it called the wilderness home,
    it was all it knew.

    Soumya| ©amberglow
    A Haiku poem 5:7:5
    15.II. 19

  • amberglow 5d

    They're all the first lines from my collection of Haiku poetry :)
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Birdsong showers flow
    cool gentle winds blow,
    shimmering tinsel,
    mistletoe lights shine.
    It's a cold White touch,
    Lips meet in kisses,
    My starry Fae swirls
    tonight, 'neath the stars.

    Soumya| ©amberglow
    14.II. 19

  • amberglow 1w

    The boat cut through
    the little waves
    sailing across the river,
    and when the boat
    eagerly bobbed back home
    every little wave
    recognised the wooden planks
    it was made of
    and made a path for it.

    Soumya| ©amberglow
    13.II. 19

  • amberglow 1w

    I turned on the radio,
    to a random music station,
    and the song came outta nowhere,
    rousing all these feelings and emotions.

    The song took me back years and years,
    melding into me like cream into skin,
    the music took over, the notes surrounded me
    inch by inch, and every corner from within.

    Soumya| ©amberglow
    12.II. 19

  • amberglow 1w

    She seeped into my skin
    trying to heal the cracks
    of wounds birthed by
    broken promises.

    Soumya| ©amberglow
    11.II. 19