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  • ambivertquki 1d

    Beside sharing out my emotions, feelings, or thoughts
    I'm still acting like a closed book that hadn't been touched ever by somebody

    ©Ambivert Quki

  • ambivertquki 1d

    Q: What do you think if a person stops sharing his thoughts?

    Me: When a person cannot express his worthy thoughts to let other knows exactly what he's thinking, but it becomes more terrible when a person gets used of silence.

    It makes another sense as well, that a person couldn't be thoughtful himself to get insightful reflection to read the inner and the basic real voice of an existence that rarely comes through the Lord to recognize the spiritual concerns and world values together.


  • ambivertquki 2d

    I don't get excited frequently
    if I'd been,
    then I can count it over other days


  • ambivertquki 2d

    We aren't here to live life same as we thought of dreaming and reflecting, some will is determined by the Lord, and it cannot be done by force at all, even how much you want your wishes to be true so immense. We couldn't even interfere with His Will, whatever is going on, is still going on, you, me or others couldn't do right exactly every time,

    Hope, is another perspective, I guess
    And good things when come in surprise, that's another blessing

    But we couldn't stop the click of each second, minute or hours for grasping our demands----

    Turning away our own decisions, we couldn't blame others, but how we do it exactly to make it call even its rightful sense, some surrounding actions couldn't let you exactly the way you wished and you left with no choice but only to trigger the brush to work on board to lead into spectacular puns to escape out of non realistic world that is still being related to the reality of world or earth,

    Thinking, but what else can we do?

    Self meditation?

    What else?

    Really want to visit outside the cage but still love cage back
    just because of what?
    Honesty kills every time,? yeah?
    Nope, I guess


  • ambivertquki 2w

    Scars on the moon
    still shines
    for day and night
    mind is tired
    yearning serenity
    in the air
    peace and divinity
    to recognize
    this lost soul

    ~Ambivert Quki

  • ambivertquki 4w

    And surviving is not so easy

    fighting is ever the last key

    to hold and to prove
    not to show off
    but to carry own existence
    with own concerns



  • ambivertquki 7w

    Negative people would never admire the positive energy

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    Find yourself
    not that one
    who lost own smile
    after making others
    happy into laughter
    so, my soul
    carry on your spirit
    ignore others
    and fly yourself


  • ambivertquki 7w

    He broke her sentence and concerned,

    "Why so hatred of love? ”

    She smiled and answered

    "Cuz, the love is the basic need that is mishandled,
    even by the elders, what should we expect in new hands, freak,

    She paused, he lifted his eyebrows,
    she continued;

    "Love doesn't hurt anyone but to grasp it by the caller, that's what makes a difference”


  • ambivertquki 8w

    What you experienced the most in 2020?

    The doubts, people still adore them
    like without adoring it they couldn't believe

    What you call it? Betrayal Act or What?

    "It's fabrication," I breathed

    See, you will see the mixing of doubts
    instead to prove your point
    even you are meant to be quiet

    People can leave you

    I've lost them frequently


  • ambivertquki 9w

    What if you aren't allowed to whisper to yourself?