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  • ameeri 1d

    Staring at my reflection from this blank screen.
    Whole town's probably asleep, living in their little world they'll call a dream.
    I should be too but there's one thing stuck on my mind.
    If I dodged a bullet or lost the love of my life.
    It's been more than a year since we split but you still always on my mind.
    I remember how perfect you were and how happy you made me feel.
    On your best days, you were love and peace.
    On your worst days, you were sugary sweets and sunshine.
    My whole world aligned with you in it.
    'Til we turned tornado and blew it away.
    A photo of you and your lover pops up on my feed.
    I'll admit I get upset and jealous at the sight of it.
    But mostly angry at myself for leaving you to some guy.
    I miss you dearly but my pride wouldn't let you know.
    Have fun with your lover, don't you worry
    I'll always be here, waiting for your love

  • ameeri 5d

    From the deepest pith in soul
    To the blackest part of my heart.
    The tears I shed.
    And scars that never healed
    From the nights I laid awake hoping for a savior.
    To the days when I was in the rain waiting for help.
    To all the feelings I ever felt.
    And the people I've lost.
    You are everything I am.
    My breath and my peace.
    You are my home, the only constant in this change.
    They may call me names and give me a label.
    And say "cheer up boy, it's an amazing life".
    If only they knew you
    Or had the slightest idea of what we've been.
    If only they knew how "okay" I was being myself.
    How happy I was in my world.
    And how peaceful I felt.
    They might tell me to laugh and glare at the half-full cup.
    But really, their words are like stars in the sunshine,

  • ameeri 7w

    Even if I was the last person on Earth.
    Will I be invisible or will you say you love me?
    Will you see my beautiful features? Call me beautiful and make me happy?
    Will your voice be the last thing I hear before I fall asleep.
    Will I be your maybe or just some rando you speak.
    So I'll continue to admire you from afar.
    Since that's the best I can do.
    A confrontation would shatter me forever.
    I won't be able to pick up my broken pieces and move.
    I'm scared you don't love me, as much as I do.
    I'll be listening to these love songs think of your soul.
    And when I finally have the courage,
    I'll stand in the rain and knock on your door.
    Would you open it for me to come in?
    Or would I have to chicken out and turn around?
    I really hope I'm able to summon the courage.
    I hope you don't leave me drenched in the rain, shutting your door in my face.
    Until then, I'll smile and hide my feelings.
    Like the moon until its dark.
    I hope one day you'll make me the happiest person in the world.
    And when I'm finally brave enough to tell you how I feel.
    Know that I'm ready to love you.
    For the rest of my life.
    And I hope you'd be ready too.
    We'd be together till man exists no more.

  • ameeri 7w

    Hey beautiful, I'm sorry.
    Sorry that no one is ever around when you need someone to talk to.
    Sorry that you sit all by yourself at lunch.
    Sorry that you are made a mockery of when you walk and talk.
    I'm sorry we don't care about what's outside than inside.
    And we all don't see how beautiful you are.
    If I was being honest, you're always the prettiest in every room.
    With your scars like a tattoo drawn by Picasso.
    Your eyes like precious Diamond.
    And your beauty like the sunset.

    I'm sorry we never saw you.
    Sorry that the internet makes you feel less of yourself.
    I'm sorry you're awake at night wondering if you'll be loved.
    Or you'll ever make a friend.
    You're the gold miners are searching for.
    The star that sparkles most at night.
    So wipe those tears off Mona Lisa.
    You are the prettiest thing in the world.
    You deserve love, happiness, and the best things in life.
    You matter.


  • ameeri 9w

    I was actually starting to hope again,
    You were the tiny ray of sunshine in my world of dark clouds and thunderstorms.
    You were the only thing that got me out of bed.
    You made me hope I wasn't as broken as I was and my scars were beautiful.
    It felt like I was in cloud nine
    Like I actually reached for the stars and touched it.

    .....Slowly it began to fall apart.
    My scars became hideous.
    It became cloudy again and felt the thunder again.
    I guess it was wrong for me to think you were the one.
    The one to save me from this den I'm stuck in.
    The one that proved I still felt something I wasn't just a hopeless man walking the streets.
    The one I gave my love to, or at least what's left of it.

    So I'm sorry
    Sorry for wasting your time.
    For wasting your love.
    I'm sorry scars are hideous and my life is a never-ending thunderstorm.
    I'm sorry that I'm here again, in my notes, writing my feelings as I always do with a little tear on the side.
    I'm sorry for being a liability.

  • ameeri 9w

    When you close your eyes what do you see?
    A world where you are the ruler?
    Where the people gaze at you with envy of your greatness?
    A world where there's no hunger, poverty or crime?
    A world that loves you for who you are? Or one that judges you for who you're not?
    Is it the Utopia you always dreamed it to be?
    Are you living the life you've always wanted with the love of your life and the perfect kids?
    Or the life you've always dreaded, feeding off scraps on the streets, with no certainty of a next meal?
    Is your life as perfect as you dreamed it ?
    Is it a facade and you're stuck in a never ending loop of sorrow and sadness?
    Is all this just an illusion, a fragment of your imagination and a taste of your expectation?

  • ameeri 10w

    I'm gradually losing it.
    This sadness has taken over my soul.
    My pillow and clothe is soaked.
    I'm tired of having to live like this.
    Having to live in fear and always watching my back.
    It's been 5 years since he was sent to jail.
    Would I ever be free?
    What if he gets out?
    Would I still be tortured?
    He's making everyday a living hell for me.
    I can't do this anymore.
    Is love something I want to ever feel?
    He claimed to love me, yet he hit me everyday.
    If I don't do what he wants, I get beaten to a pulp.
    I'm scared.
    All I wish for is a bullet to be shot straight at me.
    Without having to think of the ones I'd leave behind or the ones that truly love me.
    At least I'd be free from pain.

  • ameeri 13w

    It's 2 am, I'm angry and I'm scared,
    I'm usually not this weak,and breathing's not this hard.
    I lost sight for just a second,one,
    And I'm already way too far down this spiral.

    I'm sorry,I'm upset.
    I'm needy,and I hate it,and some days it's harder than most.
    I stretch out my arms of kindness,spread a little love.
    Some take my arms,tug on the lifeline,
    The rest just stare,like I'm not there.

    I'm helpless,in pain.
    Mama told me not to spread out to thin,
    But I tried,I tried,they needed me.
    Now I'm worn in some places,uneven in most.
    Maybe if I'd listened,I wouldn't be here to boot.

  • ameeri 14w

    Its been a while since I've seen you.
    My Pod got knocked off its course and now I'm stuck here alone.
    The stars are more beautiful up here in space.
    Unlike back home, they don't leave.
    I'm up here alone.
    The only thing knowing I exist is a meteor.
    The scientists have probably given up on any hope that I'm alive.
    You probably have too.
    Wake up every day and see the most beautiful thing from my window.
    It's Earth, My home.
    I miss it.
    I miss you.
    I only have a few air left.
    I go to bed tonight gasping for air.
    I doubt I'd be breathing tomorrow.
    I'll always love you.
    Your little man in space

  • ameeri 15w

    Sometimes, I feel like I'm trapped in a cage, begging the guards to let me out.
    They never seem to hear me
    Nobody does.
    It's so dark in here, I can barely see the bars.
    Or maybe my eyes are still faint from the constant tears and lack of sleep.
    Each day seems darker than the last.
    With more pain, agony, and sorrow
    The voices never shut up.
    They get louder every day.
    I guess I was wrong to check under my bed for monsters,
    The real monsters where there, every time I looked in the mirror.
    Sigh, I guess this cage is home.