A singer who tries to sing her heart out in her poems!!

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  • amerewriter 11w


    A white dove fascinates more than a colourful peacock!
    A mother's lullaby captivates more than rock music!
    An elegant saree graces a lady more than westerns!
    A beam of moonlight illuminates a room more than bulbs!
    A simple phrase of respect appeals more than multiple praises of flatter!
    A single hand raised by a father for blessing gives more happiness than lakhs of formal goodlucks!
    A simple selfless smile of our child eradicates all our distress!
    The love of an army man for his motherland is the fondest and simplest love in this world!
    A garland of flower is more worthy than millions of diamond necklace!
    A simple natural face with self confidence is more charismatic than hundreds of plastic faces soaked in make up!
    A simple truth is worthy than thousand of complicated lies!
    A root of Simplicity is the ultimate foundation of life!
    To keep this tree of life alive, existence of Simplicity is inevitable!

  • amerewriter 12w


    Another hope she gave to herself!
    Dreaming of happiness!
    With a smile larger than life!
    And eyes with wishful tears!
    She stepped into her new world!

    Black clouds consumed her world!
    Thunder made her heart quaver!
    Blazing lightning streak pierced her eyes!
    She stood in this stormy land forlorn!
    Still in a hope to witness a shine of magic!

    Day by day, darker were the clouds!
    Powerful was the force of wind!
    More engulfing was the storm!
    Now nothing pierced her eyes!
    Rather tears paved their way helplessly!

    Was it fate? Or last hope to meet her soul in her mate!
    He held her hands! Promised a life of love!
    She believed and walked holding his hands!
    Where did she come?Where did he bring her?
    Was this world that she dreamt of?
    Was this the promise that he made?

    She laughed but had a solitary smile!
    She sung but her heart was melancholic!
    She cried but in a deserted land!
    No one wiped her tears!
    No one listened to her song!
    No one came to save her!

    Was she wrong to hope again?
    Was she wrong to believe him again?
    Was she foolish enough to dream?
    Was she weak enough to yell?
    Was she frail enough to stand for herself?
    Or was she naive enough to trust him?

    Past she had forgiven!
    Present she could not forget!
    Future she is not able to envisage!
    Was she a girl? Or was she a withered tree!
    Which everybody took shed but never watered to quench her thirst to survive!

    Today she doesn't stand anymore!
    She sits on this enmeshed land!
    Not dreaming of happiness and hope!
    But awaits the ultimate culmination of her dreams!
    With her eyes closed and her heart cold enough!
    With a longing to become one with the rain!
    That is dormant in the lap of clouds since ages!
    Then no tears will roll...No dreams will unfold!
    Happiness will not be wished for!
    And a holy land of peace will enshrine her!


  • amerewriter 14w

    Father's Day is a day when we celebrate a day dedicated to our father.
    I remember my mother saying this to me:-
    "You know we got you as our first child after 8 years of marriage! And doctor said since i may have a risk to life for the past miscarriages, so this was the last chance that you could have a baby.And the moment my pregnancy was confirmed, the doctor congratulated and asked your Father that what do you want- Boy or Girl?
    Your father said without even a second thought that he wanted a Girl!"
    I wonder during those patriarchial days how many men who are about to become a father after almost a decade of marriage and that too for the first and last time would actually have the desire for a girl child!
    But that was my Baba.A man of Principles,honesty and simplicity....A person who has never cared for what he wore or what he liked to eat...the only thing he cared for is To do Right...Believed in doing hard work...And the respect, love and care he gave to my mother and me was just extraordinary...!
    His love is just invincible! He makes me win against every odd...his smile makes me laugh even in my tears...! are here with i am here fearless...
    I wish you get all happiness of this get a great health....and always be with me and keep smiling!!
    Happy Father's Day!!

  • amerewriter 19w


    When you start thinking that life is difficult to strive!
    Avert away your gaze from yours for a while!
    And take a look at others in the world!
    No soul you will find who is not contending to reside!
    Every soul engulfs a story of struggle,exertion,fight!
    Alas their faces show contentment and delight!
    So cease wailing at your fate!
    Raise your head sky high and stand tall!
    For you the only supreme should not sink at all!
    Portray your life with magnificent memories!
    Conclude your journey with winning stories!


  • amerewriter 20w


    Mama...tu sina mate atha barsa pare pailu...
    Kintu mu tate atha janma tapasya kari paichi...
    To hata dhari chalichi boli mu bahut garbita mama...
    tora sei hata sabu dina pain mo hata re chapi dharibu mama...
    To gapa suni rati re soichi...sabubele semti mo pakhere basi gaputhibu mama...
    Tora re sundar swara ra gita...ete sundar tu kemti gau Mama...sabubele emti to gita sunauthibu...
    Tu bhata dali tk dele b mate seta amruta lage mama...
    To hatare kan emti jadu je tu jaha dele peta puri jae...
    Tora se hasa...tora ae dunia re sabuthu sundar hasa mama..
    Tu jou mate mo chhua kahiki jete kanduthile b bujhijae mama...
    Mo mana jete dukha re thae...tate kebe kuheni...tu kemti kejani sabubele janidau...pakhaku asiki sabubele pacharu...mana kain dukha karuchu....sabu thik heijiba...tora setiki katha mate aji jaen sahas deichi mama....
    To gali b mate gela pari lage mama...
    To panata kani re mu kete luha pochhichi tara thikana nahi mama...
    Mora sabu bhul ku khyama karidau tu...mate sabubele thik bata dekheichu tu...
    Jebe jebe mo jibana re jhada asichi...tu mora sahas hei mate agaku munda tekiki badhibare sahajya karichu mama...
    Mu aji maa heijaithaipare...kintu to chhua heiki sesa jaen rahibi mama...
    Tu mate jiban duniya ku kintu ae duniya re to pain banchichi pain...mama...
    Mother's day ta sabu dine palile b kam...
    Tu mo pain jianta thakura...bahut bgagya karithili je tate maa boli paichi...Happy Mother's Day bina mo jibana ra kichhi astitwa nahi...

  • amerewriter 27w

    Long Distance Relationships!

    Long distance relationships sometimes prove to be a boon!
    It makes us love more even when we are far!
    When we are close we fight for silliest things!
    It makes us cry for the littlest possible word to hurt!
    It makes us laugh at the poorest joke shared by our beloved!
    Love is complex than Physics !
    Lovers are madder than Einstein!

  • amerewriter 31w


    Love is not just of four letters!
    Its a hard tied bond that lasts till four births!
    It might not be a relation of blood!
    But this relation of love is strongest in the universe!
    We might fight in anger...but love wins this anger!
    We might cry in sorrow...but love wipes this sorrow!
    We might stay silent out of disgust...but love makes our souls talk of trust!
    Love is not that weak to get defeated easily!
    Love stands tall and tough!
    When life is is the only ray of hope!
    Love makes walk thousands of miles even though we are restless!
    Love is so innocent that we can win life with a smile even if we are penniless!
    Love is a beautiful feeling which if one knows not knows nothing in life!
    Love can be replaced with none else than love!

  • amerewriter 49w

    My Heart At Peace!!

    When you are not nearby, my heart seeks you!!
    When your voice is unheard,my heart seeks you!!
    When your smile is distance away,my heart seeks you!
    When your gaze is hazy,my heart seeks you!!
    When your cuddle is not felt,my heart seeks you!!

    Rare is the day heart seeks you not!!
    For your smile is on my lips today!!
    Your voice echoes in my heart today!!
    Your gaze into my eyes reflects my happy soul today!!
    Your arms around me made my heart at peace today!!

  • amerewriter 52w

    Sky and Earth!!

    Earth, beautiful and alluring....
    Sky, respledent and engaging!!

    Earth forever in awe of the charm of the Sky...
    Sky with his arms opened wide to hug Earth someday!!

    Earth eagerly waits for the moment to surrender her love for the Sky...
    Sky feels the fondness of Earth for him in her moist eyes!!!

    Earth fears her acceptance might bring havoc in the World...
    Sky still stands tall with his eyes on his love Earth!!!

    Earth consoles herself and gathers strength...determined never to reveal...
    Sky upon the denial showers tears!!!

    Earth cries in the rain which the Sky will know never...
    Sky still believes not...holds hope strong in heart!!!

    Earth knows she may never touch the Sky...
    Sky still in search of every viable to reach the Earth!!!

    Earth is bound with promises never to be broken...
    Sky shatters all manacles to make promises!!!

    Away may be the Earth from the Sky...
    Forever lives the epic of the Earth and the Sky!!!

  • amerewriter 62w


    Always thought to pen something when happy!
    Alas! Never got this oppurtunity!
    Today with the same graveness in my heart!
    Writing a new piece for Mirakee!
    Smile on my face! Tears in my eyes!
    Silence in front of the world! Heart crying aloud!
    Love is everywhere! I am devoid of love!
    I have everything in my life still hands empty!
    I seek happiness! Sorrow has befriended me forever!
    I want to live for my little heart! Life is too hard to live!
    Everyone says kind words to me! One finds no good words for me!
    All want to live life! I strive to live life!
    Contrasts in world coexist! Me and sadness coexist!