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  • amitnapster 17w

    Who said I title it...?

    “Real eyes realise real lies”
    “The dark side of loyalty”
    “My own worst enemy”
    “My patience”
    “Truth of lie”

    The real @m!-|-

  • amitnapster 19w

    3 Rules Of Life

    1) If you don’t go after what you want, you will never have it.

    2) If you do not ask, the answer will be always be no.

    3) If you do not step forward, you will remain in the same place.


  • amitnapster 21w


    Degree is just a piece of paper,
    Real education is seen in behaviour.


  • amitnapster 21w

    Loved You Once

    Back here in the same town, same flat
    But now I don't even know you
    It's like we look down, ignore
    Now nothing's like it used to

    Getting heavy to breathe in this room together
    It's so awkward, we can't seem to do it better
    Can't we just fake a smile, put our shit to the side?

    What would you say if I
    If I come over
    And stand face to face now
    Now that we're older

    Thinking after all this time
    I just wanna meet your eyes
    So I can remember why
    Why I loved you once

    Thinking after all this time
    We should leave it all behind
    So I can remember why
    Why I loved you once

    We don't need to be best friends
    We don't need to hang again
    Tell me why we have to be strangers?
    'Cause I loved you once


  • amitnapster 21w

    I’d let you win

    Oh, oh I’d let you in
    I’d let you win my heart again

    These waking eyes and tearful skies are home again...
    Been walking streets, been filling sheets in memory...

    Oh, oh I’d let you in
    I’d let you win my heart again...


  • amitnapster 22w

    Haan Main Tujhe Chahta hu

    Haan me tujhe chahta hu, me teri naraajgi dur kerna chahta hu, me tujh se humare purane din vapis chahta hu...
    Me aaj b nahi bhula tere sath bitaya har ek pal, aaj b piche dekhne se yaad aate hai vo tere naught pal...
    Tera shingshang ki terah baat kerna or shizuka ki tera sharmana.
    Tera litchi or aalubukharee khana or mera hatho se peel ker k khilana
    Aaj b yaad hai mujhe tere hath ki chai or tere Ek baar khene per chod diya pina...

    Maan leya tere khene per ki tujhe farak nahi padta ab meri baato se, dil lga baitha hu tujh se, nahi jata dhyan kisi or per ab...

    Teri tera me b uthata hu sab jimewaariyon ka baar, Tha kuch majboor me, manta hu nahi de paya tujhe time, sapne hai sajaye tere sang mane, please Tu na ruth, naa Ho khaffa, bas mere sang chal...

    Nahi ker paya tha tujse us time me baat, Diya tha tune time mujhe Apni pheli short drive per or vo barish wali yaaad
    Jab lee thi mane short time chuti kam se
    Le sun le aaj jawaab
    Haan main tujhe chahta hu
    Haan main tujhe chahta hu
    Haan kerta hu tujhse aaj b pyaar

    Really miss you
    Hope Tu samajh paye mere jajbaat...
    Haan main tujhe chahta hu, bas ker le Ek baar baat, mil le bas ek baar...

    Taki tum Hum se or Hum tum se ker paye apne apne pyaar ka izhaar.

    Love you


  • amitnapster 23w


    I can honestly say you are on my mind 24/7.


  • amitnapster 23w


    While everyone says
    ‘You are mine”

    I’m waiting for the
    One who will say
    “I’m yours”❤️


  • amitnapster 23w

    Pyar tha waqt nahin
    Jo beet gaya do pal mein

    Jo tu na mila mujhe
    Dil ko kya bataunga...?


  • amitnapster 23w

    A lot of talks...

    I Don’t Need
    • Long video calls
    • Unlimited chats
    • Thousand of pics
    • Romantic parties, presents & surprises...

    I just need precious moments with you, filled with truth and unbreakable trust.
    You & Me @ Nature & Peace