Storms are true , not the drizzles

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  • amrithrajvk 2d


    Don't go slow into that deep sleep ,
    Don't go rough on that soft naps ,
    Don't storm into the deep schist ,
    Don't go sly into the steep .
    Because you don't.

  • amrithrajvk 5d


    Steep and sharp,
    Those curves and twists.
    Driven by blind ,
    Leaves society behind ,
    Blending characters ,
    Sharpening those imperfections.
    The beauty of love .

    Calm seas and
    Surging storms ,
    True commitments ,
    Lethargic arguements.
    Beautiful jealousness ,
    Embedded possessiveness ,
    All in a single puzzle .

    Some fake ,
    Some rake ,
    Your life true ,
    Some murmur truth ,
    Some squeak filth.
    All that makes you lovable.

    The autumn ,
    The spring ,
    The winter ,
    Love ain't a bright light
    But ,a melancholic night.


  • amrithrajvk 1w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word micro-tale on Ambition

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  • amrithrajvk 1w


    Body's cut ,
    Bleeding are those legs,
    Wounds deep,
    I could see the flesh,
    Thresh the pain ,
    Because nothing goes in vain.

    But when wounds heals ,
    Left behind are those scars.

    Cascade of stars ,
    Light the face bright ,
    Tinge of darkness spill through
    Those scars .
    And beauty compromised.

    The beauty ahead ,.
    The stars above ,
    The sun shines Hugh
    The scars hide behind
    The veil.


  • amrithrajvk 3w


    Lost temper ,
    And shouted ,
    Till ears redden.
    Lost hope
    And cried ,
    Till consoled.
    Lost arguements,
    Tried convincing ,

    Lost life ,
    And stared it ,
    Until hanged .
    By evening ,
    Everything shaded,
    Shores calm ,
    Seas silent.

    All they lost was a life.


  • amrithrajvk 4w


    Tremors shake ,
    People fake ,
    Life's at stake
    I would say , To be
    Brothers ,a god's make.

    Brawling brothers ,
    And Blathering bhai,
    Never leave u cold.
    Shouting harsh ,
    Consoling warm,
    Fighting fists ,
    And barking dogs. Us.

    Blood related,
    Blooming love.
    Brothers in arm,
    The bonding impeccable.

    Far are our destinies,
    Longer are our journey ,
    But a call and a hello ,
    Brings galaxies close.
    Neither you wish me luck everyday
    Nor we talk too much ,
    Call him once , he won't respond ,
    Call him twice , he wouldn't care.
    Call him again , he stands at your door.
    I call him a friend , a brother , a BHAI.


  • amrithrajvk 4w


    We stare down ,
    All those tiny teensy things ,
    For they get stamped,
    Confiscated and broken .

    Storms contempt the land ,
    Sweeping the rivers dirty ,
    Collapsing the life underneath
    And on the skies.

    People contempt ,
    When they shatter the rule ,
    Swap the pain with happiness.
    Hatred ,
    That's what drive them indeed.

    Oceans blow the rock
    Hard ,
    Softening the sides ,
    Granting the creaves,
    A split .

    Parents contempt ,
    Everything except
    The lies that stays truthful.


  • amrithrajvk 5w


    How thin are those bones,
    That shatters when too loud ,
    And are mute when at quiet.

    How thick are those hopes,
    That twines dreams and actions into one,
    And still don't break free.

    How far is it going to take,
    To understand that the world is fake?
    How fast is it going to be ,
    When you earned everything ,
    And still don't own.


  • amrithrajvk 5w

    Its better to grow stubble,
    Rather than to fake the dirt inside,
    With shave cheeks.

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    Even the fresh,
    Looks stale,
    Though your cheeks pink,
    Lips go pale.
    Even when you're a stud,
    Life ends with a thud.
    When your path turns at no points,
    For it can bend,
    Though you ain't an offend.

    Its when you're face looks innocent ,
    But still grows stubble.


  • amrithrajvk 6w


    I see them terrified,
    When they lose their child
    I saw them excited,
    Whenever they recited love.
    I saw them lost,
    When a mother host,
    A premature child.
    All the horrors of life.

    I see them fight ,
    From death and cancer,
    I see the same,
    Smoking a cigar ,
    And breathing in death.
    I see them strangle,
    Passing by lanes,
    And molested and raped ,
    The women.
    And last when draped in white ,
    And chant their cries .
    I see them all.
    But still couldn't.

    I see them drift ,
    From love to lust,
    I see them smear shame ,
    For their deeds.
    I see them change
    The light into dim,
    And then to pitch black.
    What they lack ,
    I see them ,
    All hands down,
    None so high.
    I see them struggle
    To keep us safe,
    And they yield ,
    A coffin and a rose.

    I see them ,
    Those when world nourish hatred
    And when world shades them black
    But the darker it is ,
    Only when we keep mum .