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  • amy_holder 1w

    All for You

    Look, I don't really do this thing...
    This lovey dovey shit
    But I'm willing to give it a try
    If I know you're part of it

    I don't do flowers or jewelry
    Or chocolates with pink bows
    Roses, violets, carnations.... Lol
    I don't do any of those

    The things I like might be weird
    But I'm into Science books
    I look at documentaries
    And I'd rather use time to cook

    I'm no bed of roses, I can give you stress
    And make your hair turn white
    But trust me, I can make you laugh
    And make everything alright

    I don't really do 'I love you's'
    But, for you, I'd never mind the fall
    Just ask anything you want and I will give it,
    I will give it all


  • amy_holder 1w

    Fade Away

    I've never felt more broken in all of my life,
    Funny how things just fade away,
    It happens, we lose it all like this...
    Like when a storm comes and clears all in its way.

    The emptiness is boldface
    With the way it gets to me,
    Maybe I'm not destined
    To be happy or be free.

    I've never felt more broken than this,
    I finally decided to have a dance,
    And the devil washed it all away
    When I gave in to take a chance.


  • amy_holder 1w

    Why and How Dream

    Why do you dream?
    I dream because I go one place every time I close my eyes,
    Away from all of life on earth, away from all the lies.

    But how do you dream?
    I dream when I find inner peace, I connected myself with space,
    Since we match well; I'm a beautiful person and it's a beautiful place.


  • amy_holder 1w


    Who are you?
    What are you?
    Answer me!!...

    I am Peace.
    I am a Spirit.
    I'm the one to set you free.

    What do you want?
    Where have you been?
    Tell me why...

    I want to help you.
    I've been in Heaven.
    I see you when you cry.


  • amy_holder 2w

    Change My Mind

    People can make us change our minds
    On things we've decided on
    But they question us in many ways
    As if what we did was wrong

    I am not bitter or cross or wicked
    And neither am I cruel
    But just because I'm unconditionally nice,
    Don't take me for a fool

    I'm a human too and I feel things as well,
    I laugh and scream and cry
    And I only change my mind for good reasons
    So don't bother to ask me why.

  • amy_holder 2w

    Where to go?

    Which way is right to go?
    But how should I know?
    If it's either so or so
    When both the pathways glow.

    Friday is fun day, our Friday has snow
    But one direction would tell us 'No'
    Hurry, hurry.... We have to go
    Choose right, choose safe but don't choose slow.



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  • amy_holder 2w

    Confusingly Abusing

    Sometimes it's so confusing
    When they're mentally abusing
    The parts that have been hurting
    But they know it and they're laughing

    They see it when you're hiding,
    All the nights that you've been crying
    But yet you know that you're still trying
    When the pain just has you dying

    They know you know but still they're lying
    Many things they've been denying
    Opportunities depriving
    And they watch you when you're falling

    All of it's confusing
    When you're mentally abusing
    Since you're what they have been using
    And you're the one that they're accusing


  • amy_holder 2w

    I Am

    I am a Champion,
    I am a hero,
    No man on this earth
    Can call me 'Zero'.
    I am a leader,
    I am a conquerer,
    I'm not the bullshit
    That they told ya.
    I am a lesson,
    I am a legacy,
    I am the best
    That I can possibly be.
    I am what I am,
    I am a Queen,
    It's in each of us
    But it's not always seen.


  • amy_holder 3w

    Black Everlasting

    Little Black Bird, why are you here?
    Why have you come for me?
    I know your only purpose
    Is to set one's troubles free
    But you're here, looking into my eyes
    As if you've fallen for me,
    Does this mean that if your love is so
    That I'll live eternally?


  • amy_holder 4w

    A Day to Differ

    It was 7:15, I was walking home,
    Had tea in a cup,
    I was freezing cold,
    I was tired and alone,
    My arms were kept in a fold
    Because I just came out of my boyfriends hold.

    It was 7:20, I had just reached back
    I was walking into the track,
    My head was light and my feet were in a knot
    I was feeling really confused, but
    My day was fine and so was I
    Even if I was feeling high.

    7:30, at last...
    Shower time, my shoes had mud,
    My body felt different,
    It gave off blood.
    7:50, I fell asleep,
    To a dream I never saw,
    Making my eyes open up
    To not want things anymore.

    Different things, different thoughts,
    Difference in everything,
    Me? I don't know
    But I know that I've been changing.