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  • amymci 9w


    Sitting by the fire at the table
    Drink some wine

    The stars are in the window frame
    I forget my name


    Yes as the fears remain

    The glasses clink
    Almost splash

    The food has nourishment
    The souls aghast

    Cheers my friend
    For all that will pass

  • amymci 14w

    Those who will apologise when necessary
    Live in a different reality than those who will not.

    It's a part of evolution
    It often separates the ego enslaved from the ones seeking self mastery.

    It's a huge implication of soo many things.

    Although nothing is promised for those who can see themselves but at least they see more.

  • amymci 14w

    Deliberately Obtuse

    Alot can be said
    For playing dead

  • amymci 14w

    When you bite a rotten souls hook

    They know you will one day

    Understand them

    They have no redeeming qualities

    Once you understand that you will set yourself free

    They anticipate this

    So destroy you while they have you.

    ... Or so they think

  • amymci 15w

    Being in a toxic relationship
    Its like walking into a lift with someone
    The lift breaks down

    People are trying to text you
    But you have no signal

    There's a button you can press
    But you haven't noticed it because
    The other person is standing in front of it

    There's a mirror showing you everything
    But you pay more attention to the relaxing music.

  • amymci 16w

    The self destructive buttons
    They are tempting
    Society points us to them

    Overpopulated mind prisons

    However they are dead ends
    Ultimately they are insane

    The ultimate distractions
    The unhealthy exercise
    To self distruct
    Is to hate oneself in the end
    To beg for an ending
    To be lost

  • amymci 17w

    Let her go far
    May she stay wise

    Never loose the sparkle
    She has in her eyes

  • amymci 17w

    Why is it some people are hit over the head for asking to be treated better?

    Why is it this way?

    Is it because its a question and not a demand?

  • amymci 18w

    Simple minds

    Looking at politics with limited understanding of it.
    Looking at it with children's eyes
    Like a child you can point out the obvious
    With limited understanding yet the truth is plain?
    "foolish fool you don't understand our complicated words or how the economy works don't try to understand you embaress yourself".

    But beginners mind often hoards gold

  • amymci 18w

    By unknown writer

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    They swung between learning the PC
    But throwing the board up in the air when it didn't work.