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  • an_eleutheromaniac 3w

    We succeed or fail, that's secondary
    What matters is the amount of efforts we put in
    If we give our hundred percent,
    being honest, consistent, and constant
    Forget about the results, the satisfaction that we get just after completion of the task is much more soothing,
    If we had put in whole of us, the fear of results vanishes, and failure can't haunt anymore
    In fact it brings enthusiasm to work even harder, to perform better, to prove ourselves.
    And believe me, whatever it maybe, if you get into completely, and work with honesty, nothing can make you lose.

    Destinations won't be that exciting
    If the journey had been boring,
    'cause it's all about the circumstances,
    difficulties and problems, which added to the roughness of the your paths, which made you more determined, and more stronger to work more and more, decide the amount of happiness and joy you'll experience at the end.
    The memories made during climbing, won't let you fall. And if you start climbing again, it won't be that hard.

    Life is always not about you and your selfishness
    And on the path to success it's never "me" it's always "us"
    As a child when we were growing up
    A few people in this world made some compromises to provide us the best of everything
    So when it's our turn, how can we refuse to compromise
    Sometimes life isn't only about earning money, being rich, and having lot of materialistic things of comfort
    but sometimes it's about, times spent together, meals we share with our loved ones and the happiness that we spread.

    It's never too late to correct yourself, it's never too late to sort things out. Now when our parents have grown old they need us too, not only their basic needs, and if so, then we're their basic needs.

  • an_eleutheromaniac 3w

    Idk why, but I had to share this..

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    While travelling back from home
    To college after biding a goodbye to
    Mom and dad, for which I traveled about 500 kms, so that they won't feel bad, they won't miss me, I wished them safe journey not because it's gonna keep them safe, just because this will keep them strong. And what they have done for me till now, they deserve much more. That glow in their eyes, the smile on their faces, (after seeing me at the railway station) it's so precious, that I can travel a 1000 miles, without a sign of exhaustion.

    That's about the love we share, me and my parents. But what I witnessed on the way back, is something I need to share-
    After my parents left, I boarded "Jan Shatabdi Express", while I reached at my seat, I found that there was a pregnant lady, who's ticket wasn't confirmed, so I decided to let her sit, and I went to my favourite place, the gate of the compartment. In Jan Shatabdi, standing on the gate, seems like a crime and everyone from their seats, stare you with cunning eyes.
    I gulped inside all the insults, and continued standing there like a shameless pervert.

    Two elderly males in their 70s, boarded the train very next station. One of them had some sort of railway pass, so travelling without tickets, won't let them to be caught. Soon they started conversation, about their, family, children, weather, agriculture etc etc... And I didn't get to know, what made them feel attracted for each other, the probable causes maybe (as I tried to derive it from their convo)-1-was it the ignorance they faced in the family? 2-Or the lack of love that they deserved? 3-or maybe that they had this feeling inside them, but couldn't express it due to the design of the society we live in? The fear of being criticised, the fear of being not accepted?

    Whatever the reason had been, they started making love in some unacceptable ways, and idk why my presence didn't bother them!, It was quite confusing, should I stop them or let them continue. I didn't have much courage to interrupt, so I just turned my face, and acted like a guard to protect them. But you all know, love making isn't that easy in our country, but rapes are, so few people bumped in to beat them, and at that very moment something struck me hard inside, why shouldn't we accept the people the way they are, and the very next moment I was there asking the angry mob not to beat them.

    And a lady from the crowd uttered, what can we expect from a pervert like you, who's travelling without a ticket on the gate of the compartment. And this is the 1st time ever in my life, I used my identity card, the proof of being a medical student, and as I just shouted, excuse me, that pregnant lady came in, and explained them all, about my seat status. And finally I succeed in saving those two elderly males.

    But I have a question, can we compare feelings with money? Is being rich a license to speak shit about people? Or whatever we do, how much wealth we gather, we shouldn't ignore the ground realities, the feelings, emotions can't be bought with money....

  • an_eleutheromaniac 3w

    It's shit, I know, so just scroll.
    If you wish, read at your own risk,

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    Sometimes it happens
    You wanna do so many things
    But the circumstances, they don't allow you
    And at that very moment you realise
    How pathetic it is to be
    Compelled to live, the life which you don't want
    And it's so fuckin irritating at the same time
    And what hurts the most is, you're the same guy who uses to solve every other's problem
    But when it's to you, you seem fuckin alone and so helpless, and this feeling, feeling of helplessness and petty and not being able to do anything in order to sort things out, is the worst thing to be ever experienced.

    Fighting out everything in your mind, trying to explore all possibilities, and then you realise there's not even a single way where you'll succeed. And then comes the most fearful moment, where to hold on or to walk away?
    And when you're the kind of person, where walking away is neither your habit nor choice, and still you'll hold on, you'll again fight the demons in your head, 'cause "you and demons are never on the same plane", and for fighting interplanar battles you need a few more dimensions, dimensions beyond "L, B, W and T".

    But to be true, actually it's the truth you're not gonna win, but holding on, creating passages of escape, not letting the one on the other sides alone, who always stands for you, not having thoughts of fleeing, the confidence and efforts you put in, that's all , which gonna make you win one day. So bad days come and go, what matters is the constancy and consistency, so be loyal, be honest, and hold on tightly until the storm is gone away.

  • an_eleutheromaniac 4w

    ढल जाऊं मैं बेफिक्र
    अगर सिरहाने बैठी हो तू����

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    चलने को तो सारी उम्र चलता रहूं
    मंजिल की कोई परवाह नहीं
    अगर हमसफ़र तू हो।
    सुकून तो उन काली रातों में भी है
    अंधेरे की परवाह किसे
    अगर संग तू हो।

    हजारों गम हो सीने में, पर ये दिल टूटेगा नहीं
    कांच पे भी है इतना भरोसा
    जब साथ तू हो।
    किसी भी उबड़-खाबड़ पगडंडी पे चल सकता हूं मैं
    इसमें कोई शिकायत नहीं,
    अगर उनके उस छोर पे तू हो खड़ी।

    मीलों का हो सफर, या सालों का
    वहीं आ जाऊंगा मैं, जहां तू हो
    तुझ बिन रहना अब गवारा नहीं।
    चाहे जितने सितम कर लें ये जमाना
    तुझसे हूं मैं, मुझसे है तू
    लौट जाना जब मिले तुझे फुर्सत
    वहीं खड़ा तकता रहूंगा तेरी राहें।

    मेरे हाथों की उंगलियों को तेरे हाथों से शिकायत होने को है
    और कितना करें ये इन्तजार, बस अब शब्र खोने को है
    पर बात दिल की जो तेरी नज़रों ने की
    तेरी आंखों की दरिया में सब छोड़ आया मैं
    रोकना है तो अभी रोक ले
    वरना डूब जाएंगे तेरी इजाजत के बगैर।

  • an_eleutheromaniac 4w

    See, you always used to say that you can't write anything longer, but this one, it's something called longer, isn't it? @_sparkling_soul
    And the comment section, has the best love notes for me, so I just compiled them together.

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    I used to dream of someone like you
    To hold me tight and see me through
    To love my eyes and all of me,
    When I'm scared stay with me for a while
    After I've got you, no longer I'm afraid of chaos
    It's amazing, the feeling I have for you
    When I look at you, my heart melts to the floor
    Everyday I fall in love, more and more
    When life puts me down, you're always there
    A good heart like yours is rare
    You are my world, be the way you are
    When I'm with you all my worries and problems disappear.

    I love you in a place where, there's no space or time
    My love is ever present, ever growing yet constant and everlasting
    My love for you knows no bounds
    I was drawn to you and your soul, in a way I can't explain
    It was like, I just knew, here he is, this is he, he is it.

    We've been through so much, we've had our ups and downs
    Moments where I thought we're in real trouble
    But we're stronger in our love, our relationship and in ourselves
    I know whatever life throws our way, we'll be ready to meet it, head on, together
    As long as we're together, there's nothing which can bother.

    My imagination and my body know much better, how to tell you that how much I love you, far better than my mouth or fingers on the keyboard
    My vocabulary seems so imprecise, so small, so poor when compared to the intense ball of love lying inside of me
    My heart can't stay in place ever since you've entered it
    Watching our loves ink thrive on paper, and narrating our story in dancing calligraphy, with all my heart I wish, it never ends,
    Chapter after chapter we add to it, with never ever a single page be torn.

    A million stars up in the sky, but one shines brighter I can't deny
    A love so precious, a love so true, a love that comes from me to you
    You always know just what to say, just talking to you makes my day
    I love you honey with all my heart forever and ever, and never to part away
    I know when I'll grow older, I'll look back at the days when we used to argue about pitty things and I'll be happier knowing that our love was much stronger and bigger than those silly craps
    You need to know that I'm thankful that you're in my life and I'll love you unconditionally, without any end, untill the day I die.

    ........and it would be amazing, an unconventional shower of love forever, ever and ever......

  • an_eleutheromaniac 4w

    Let's sit one fine day
    With whiskey in our hands
    In the name of those good old days
    Where I slept peacefully in your lap
    Your fingers swiftly caressed my hairs
    With that gentle kiss on the forehead
    All the worries vanished
    And that moment, it was the perfect moment.

    Let's sit one fine day
    With a diary in our hands
    To jot down all the memories that we have created
    To re-read all the love notes that we had exchanged
    To re-write those scenes which still lie in our brain in accomplised
    To re-create those moments which have been very close to the heart
    To look into each other's eyes, only to fall in love all over again.

    Let's sit one fine day
    With all the test reports, And medicine prescriptions
    And try to find the answers, Why it all happened only to you?
    Did he have some other plans for us, or god doesn't really exist?
    Weren't we supposed to be together, if no, then it's of no use, there's not a single force in existence which can separate us
    Or being happy, in what, we have is the secret of happiness
    And love has no boundations, let's explore it till infinitum.

    One fine day, when we'll be on our deathbed
    We'll laugh at the lame jokes, We'll cherish the strongest bond that we shared
    The love never comes with age, and it never grows old
    It doesn't matter, how fast the time flees, I never wanna lose hold.

    Our connection means forever, your smile means forever, for me you're forever.

  • an_eleutheromaniac 4w

    हाथों में तू है मेरे,
    क्यों नहीं लकीरों में?����

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    वक्त बेवक्त, चाहे अनचाहे, जाने अनजाने
    बहुत याद आते हो तुम
    वो ढलती सी शाम, तुम्हारी आंखों की जाम
    मेरी हाथों की उंगलियां, तुम्हारे हाथों में गुम
    उम्र भले बीत गई, पर इन्हें शिकायत आज भी है
    मेरे हाथों की लकीरों में तुम्हें लिखने की कवायत आज भी है।

    दिन बीते, रातें बीती, महीने बीते
    अब तो जमाने भी बीत चुके
    उम्र कट गई, पर दिदार की ख्वाहिश आज भी है
    गम के बादल छंटे,
    टिमटिमाते सितारों की रौशनी से आसमां पे नए रंग चढ़े
    याराना बदला, शौक बदले, लोग बदले
    मौसम भी बदले,
    पर बेमौसम बरसात का इन्तजार आज भी है
    लकीरों में चाहे कुछ भी लिखा हो, तेरा आगाज़ होगा, तभी तो धड़कनों में रफ्तार आज भी है।

    ताउम्र साथ रहने का वादा
    नहीं था दूर जाने का कोई इरादा
    पर वक्त ने कुछ ऐसा खेल खेला
    गिरा जरूर था मैं, पर थका नहीं हूं
    डराना फितूर है उसका, कोई उससे कह दो
    कि मैं डरा नहीं हूं,
    जो हाथों से फिसला था तारा, उसे लकीरों में खुद लिख लूंगा
    बस वो एक बार फिर से जगमगाए, उसके फिसलने का अफसोस आज भी है
    उम्र कट गई, भूल चुका सबकुछ, बस तुम्हारे लिए थोड़ा सा होश आज भी है।


  • an_eleutheromaniac 4w

    Loving can hurt sometimes
    Beauty may remain unexplored
    Tears can overflow for reasons unknown
    The dopamine may exhaust
    But memories, they don't do so.
    The ventricular walls may get hypertrophied
    The pH may get much lower leading to perforations
    May feel like vomiting, the stomach may whirl
    Twisting and turning on the bed
    But eyes glowing, like a burning charcoal, deep red
    May be we enter somewhere very easily sometimes,
    But departures are never that smooth though.
    There were times after entering the compounds of the sweet home, we forgot all the burdens, that used to be a different world
    Nine 'O' clock used to be ideal bed time
    Darkness seemed fearful, and the rays of light were symbols of hope
    May feel like returning back, to the level zero again from where we started, but can't
    'cause, now darkness seems soothing, and those compounds of the sweet home had become a dreamland's door, which rarely call us back, until we aren't wandering in our imaginations (at the same moment, found and lost a home.)

    Loving can hurt sometimes
    The valves can fail,
    And angina can be beautiful too
    But memories don't fade so,
    You may try to return back to zero
    And restart again, but darkness is
    no longer fearful, and hollowness
    and brokenness is soothing too

    Oh! fuck, I forgot to tell,
    It's life and now we've grown up dude.

  • an_eleutheromaniac 5w

    The feeling of being lost

    Some battles are fought, not to win
    rather losing is satisfactory,
    The one who's standing against you
    should make it, and rejoice the victory.
    After being unstoppable there comes
    a moment where you all need is peace
    but not expansion of territory.
    "Sometimes the efforts that have been made
    and still the journey remaining unexplored
    unable to have an eye to eye encounter with the destination", that moment, gives birth to a new world of hope, maybe which is just a narrow tunnel of light amidst the vast storm of darkness and hollowness,
    which makes sense that- sometimes if your defeat can stop someone from crumbling, if it has the power of restoring someone's brokenness, then it's blissful being lost on the way......

  • an_eleutheromaniac 6w

    वक्त की शाख से यूं लम्हें तोड़ा नहीं करते
    बीच मझधार में ऐसे किसी को छोड़ा नहीं करते
    बस थोड़ा धुंधला सा हो गया है मंजर
    फिर से फैलेगी रौशनी, बुरे वक्त से परेशान होके
    अपनों से मुंह मोड़ा नहीं करते।

    कुछ लोग पीछे छूट गए, कुछ लोगों से मिलना बाकी है
    कुछ हसीन यादें हैं, कुछ हसीन लम्हें हैं
    कुछ एहसास हैं, कुछ बातें बाकी हैं
    जिन्दगी बस इन कड़ियों को जोड़ने से बनने वाली
    सबसे खूबसूरत कहानी है।

    The dots that formed the curves,
    the best being your smile
    The commas & The gaps between the lines, all have separate stories to tell
    And the fullstops that I omitted, so that it would never end, all made this tale a little more charming.