Writer can trick you! Beware But it's okay coz I'm no writer ����

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  • an_empathetic_soul_ 1d

    They ask "why? "
    And I say "why not? "

    Darkness is something
    That's welcoming
    With open arms
    To embrace you

    It's something
    That made me believe
    In “forever"
    “Once you embrace me, I'll never leave you" it whispered, and it didn't!

    It's not deceiving like the light
    It'll never show us something that's not there
    Or something that's temporary

    It'll show what's true
    The demons around you
    Not like light which only shows you're shadow

    Yes darling I'm a Nyctophile
    But I'm not referring just the night
    But the darkness
    Which is outside and inside you

    Idk why I wrote this.
    Just random rambling

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    Darkness made me believe in forever's

  • an_empathetic_soul_ 1d

    When depression knocked me And people said it's just a mood.
    When they said anxiety is just an act,I agreed, coz I've no choice!
    And everything they said did nothing but increase my insecurities.
    I was fighting , a lost war.
    A war with invisible demons.

    Then I was dragged into a world.
    A world that taught me being sad can be beautiful,
    heart broken can actually be artistic,
    Happiness is not always about smiling

    A world that made me realize
    There can be tranquility amidst chaos,
    solace in drowning, contentment in the emptiness.

    A world that introduced the safest armaments
    Pen as sword,Paper as armor, Words as bullets.
    A serene world, Taught me to fight the inner turmoils.

    Be it be engulfing darkness Or too much light.
    Be it be my inner demons Or outer ones for that matter.
    The war no more is threatening,The demons no more fazes me.
    As I wage a war of one, my armaments can't fail me now.
    Poetry, gave the taste of victory.

    #cees_war_prompt @the_late_night_tales @ak_anjali_daydreamzz @ckfilvan @cheerfulmadwoman @musing_pixie @maahi_arora @_day_dreamer23

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    A world that introduced the safest armaments
    Pen, the sword
    Paper, the armor
    Words, the bullets
    Poetry, gave the taste of victory!


  • an_empathetic_soul_ 1d

    You can feel it all and die
    Or you can just be numb and live

  • an_empathetic_soul_ 2d

    It all started at the bus stop
    When I saw a boy, with no top
    In the cold winter, with trembling hands
    And shivering he stands
    He's not more than eleven
    Beside him is no one
    He wouldn't beg,But wipe those car glasses
    To fill his stomach, and the smile never ceases
    I stopped for a minute
    I wish I had a jacket
    But the bus arrived and I got in
    Something bugged me, but I can't exactly pin!

    Was it the heart ache that particular scene has caused?
    A kid who has to be actually cared
    Not in the school, learning
    But on the street, barely earning
    Not even covered properly
    Not with something keeps him warm and healthy
    Neither the clothing warmth
    Nor the motherly warmth
    Poverty, a sin, a curse
    And we people who are wealthy are worse
    What have we done to them or him?
    What have I done, except for writing this hymn!

    Was it the smile on his lips that never ceased
    Or the pain that's well hidden under the brow that's creased!
    How can he smile while freezing in the cold
    Hide the pain of past and fear of future, so bold
    Hands and feet so cold but heart so warm
    He taught me not to fear the storm
    It's not the money or comfort that makes you happy
    He taught me, we can still be happy, even if our fate is crappy
    Happiness is not something we lose
    But something we choose

    Now it all started at the bus stop!

    @writerstolli #busstop_wt @the_late_night_tales @ak_anjali_daydreamzz @ckfilvan @words_by_serene @cheerfulmadwoman @musing_pixie @maahi_arora

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the repost ��

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    Happiness is not something we lose
    It's something we choose
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  • an_empathetic_soul_ 3d

    I mean
    What can go wrong!
    Except for the already broken heart getting shattered.

  • an_empathetic_soul_ 3d

    No this is not a love letter
    Or bae, is it? A love letter?!
    But boy look into my eyes now
    Soul deep, don't you think it is love!

    Hidden behind my smile was love
    No this is not a love letter
    But hear my unspoken feelings
    And those unwritten emotions

    Days were spent, months turns into years
    Love in heart reflected in eyes
    No this is not a love letter
    But boy, will you love me, like her

    Come hold my hand, let's stargaze love
    Let's name the sky after our love
    Tell moon an eternal story
    No this is not a love letter

    Just tried ���� it's not that good. Please ignore if it's bad ��

    #quatern_wt @writerstolli @the_late_night_tales @ak_anjali_daydreamzz @ckfilvan @words_by_serene @cheerfulmadwoman @musing_pixie @maahi_arora

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    Come hold my hand, let's stargaze love
    Let's name the sky after our love
    Tell moon an eternal story
    No this is not a love letter


  • an_empathetic_soul_ 4d


    Kids these days want us to be understanding with all their irrationality and complain about how we are not allowing them to ruin their life

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    Sorry that I can't be rational with your irrationality

  • an_empathetic_soul_ 1w

    I'm lost
    Somewhere in the busy streets
    And loud honks
    Somewhere in the late night moon talks
    And fearing to face the dawns

    I'm lost
    Somewhere between
    My dreams and my responsibilities
    “I will" and “will I "

    I'm lost
    Somewhere between
    The promising lie and
    Vicious truth
    Somewhere between
    False hope and blind faith

    I'm lost
    Somewhere between wanting to live
    And just surviving
    Between searching reasons to live
    And searching reasons not to die!

    I'm lost
    In the limited forever's and
    Short lived infinities
    In between the broken promises
    And mending the broken heart.

    I'm lost
    Between being found and
    Being lost forever

    I don't know what it is. I'm sorry ������..
    #lost @the_late_night_tales @ak_anjali_daydreamzz @ckfilvan @words_by_serene @cheerfulmadwoman @musing_pixie @maahi_arora

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    I'm lost
    In the limited forever's and
    Short lived infinities
    In between the broken promises
    And mending my broken heart


  • an_empathetic_soul_ 1w

    All I am left with are broken promises
    All I could do now is try to fix broken pieces of my heart

  • an_empathetic_soul_ 1w

    I've seen this.. One moving on and one holding on.
    No one is at mistake
    But you know what ?!
    Just coz YOU can't move on don't make them feel like they did something vile and don't make them hate themselves

    Just my opinion

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    I wish it didn't end that way
    One moving on.
    One wishing to move on
    One hating themselves for moving on
    Other hating themselves for they can't move on