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  • an_unloved_lover 2w

    Music is the closest thing to time travel

  • an_unloved_lover 3w

    See I pulled a sneaky on ya.

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    Will you date me ?

    A. Yes
    B. A
    C. B

  • an_unloved_lover 3w

    The old world is dying and the new world struggles to be born , now is the time of monsters

  • an_unloved_lover 3w

    Pharmacist are just educated drug dealers

  • an_unloved_lover 3w

    Life is easy with eyes closed

  • an_unloved_lover 4w

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    Smiling faces
    Toxic hearts

    These are the fake people who
    Rips open our life apart

  • an_unloved_lover 5w

    It has been a while since we last spoke
    Let's forget our past and have a lil walk

    Let's re-live some memories that we hold inside
    And allow the fire inside to ignite

    This fire won't burn us, I promise this to you

    It will transform our love into a something beautiful
    like a lagoon which is blue

  • an_unloved_lover 7w

    Tradition is peer pressure from dead people

  • an_unloved_lover 15w

    I wonder ,why do we exist?
    In this world full of pain,
    Where it's not easy to resist
    Our urges for some gains

    We fight everyday, we kill nd we conspire
    Now I can see why, they say a man is a liar,
    We do all this to satisfy our greed
    All I can say is "morality is our urgent need"

    We still have some time
    But surely that isn't infinite,
    So throw away that jar
    Before everything explodes like a dynamite.


    #writersnetwork #mirakee
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Greed! Greed! Greed!

  • an_unloved_lover 15w

    Surprise madafaka

    Sadness is pulling my heart down
    I wonder what's happening as i frown,
    The cracks within me begins to rise
    Looks like m getting a bloodcrudling surprise

    The pain is Piercing me like a sharp sword
    Oh God plz I don't want this torturous reward,
    I unite my strength as i begin to rise
    Only to fall down like a rolling dice

    Loneliness consumes me , it gives me chills
    Oh shit I really need those sleeping pills,
    Tired of this shit nd catching my breath
    I think I don't deserve this kind of death

    Exhausted nd spiritless I begin to close my eyes
    Sleeping with a fear , waiting for some other surprise