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  • anamika17 15h

    Innocence with all its magnificence,
    Dreamy magnetic eyes par excellence.

  • anamika17 17h

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Obsessed

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    I'm compelled to be obsessed for you .

  • anamika17 5d

    My confirmation depends upon your information.
    Your information ,responsible for my confirmation.

  • anamika17 1w

    Beauty beyond boundaries
    Not needed accessories.

  • anamika17 1w

    Life is Beautiful

    The beauty of life is hidden deeper under .
    Beginning of its journey is not a blunder.
    You and I can glare the beauty outside ,
    But the root of it sprouts deep inside.
    When your best cell chosen my best cell
    to fertilise each other and to cast a spell,
    blessings from the whole universe was there,
    to present us the best ever gift to be taken care.
    For the first time, I wondered what a beauty is!
    By cuddling,owning little angel with heavenly bliss.
    Beauty at its best form, I proudly announce,
    God gifted us joy abundance, I pronounce.
    Life is really wonderful as well as beautiful.
    As I shall remain ever thankful and grateful.

  • anamika17 1w

    In search of finding myself,
    true and better version of myself,
    I lost,someday,somehow, somewhere ,
    to get back a puzzled ,selfish myself.

  • anamika17 1w

    Picture courtesy..., Pinterest

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    गया नहीं वह भूल
    नागफनी में खिलाना फुल।
    दर्द देकर भूलेगा क्यूं?
    मलहम तो लगाएगा यूं
    जैसे हो कोई रखवाला,
    है वह मेरा गोपाला।

  • anamika17 1w

    Oh! prickly pear,
    Are you more thorny
    Than the thorns
    That I bear.
    The thorns of
    Being cheated by love,
    Or the thorns of
    Negligence and despair.
    Your thorns don't hurt you,
    Rather save you,
    But my thorns keep
    Hurting me,which haunts.

  • anamika17 1w

    Glow and grow, grow with glow

    Glow with the glow of your own glow.
    Be the main cause of others to glow.
    Don't ever try to snatch others glow.
    Help others to rejuvenate with your glow.

    Grow yourself and help others to grow .
    Don't ever try to stop others growth.
    Grow with your own glow and obviously,
    your growth will be more glowing .

  • anamika17 1w

    एक अपनापन है
    उनकी निगाहों में
    खींच लेती हैं
    मुझे करीब अपने।
    क्या है वह?
    जादू, नशा ,या
    कहुं उसे प्यार,
    समझ नहीं आता
    मुझे कुछ यार।