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  • anant_infinite07 15w

    Burning those flowers, my idiotic fetish,
    Atleast now I don't think about you when I listen to 'Billie Ellish'.

  • anant_infinite07 15w

    *Here we go again, from heroes to villain*
    Transition of songs,
    'Good guy' to 'bad guy',
    'MMLP' is ON,

    Maybe I should put Eminem in my life too,
    Like a fucking kamikaze, I should blow my thoughts out.
    Fed up of other views, explode those moths out.

  • anant_infinite07 15w

    *Playing Halsey*
    Getting in that never ending loop again, "
    I still ask myself, What were we?
    Resisting my brain, trying not to think about it,
    Back of my head the music goes on,
    *"Can you live without me"*
    Fuck it, changing the song,
    trying to get my mood better, Kamikaze is on.

  • anant_infinite07 15w

    Sometimes I feel I am in a war,
    Getting chased by shotgun,
    I sprint, I mourn,
    Grab my hand, take me to the dawn,
    Fuck it, putting this facade face on,
    Headphones on,
    Cutting these bushes Outta my lawn,

  • anant_infinite07 16w

    Constantly suppressed, i was the kira of my time,
    Fucking death note under my bed,
    I would scribble names every night,
    I wished those feelings would die,
    They didn't, respawned, haunt me till date. What to say,
    My mind is a overthinking slut,
    Getting fucked by my feelings everyday.

  • anant_infinite07 19w

    Maybe after 2 months I have sat
    down on writing something.
    Maybe I was too busy with my social life,
    Wasting time, skipping Ryhmes,
    To forget her, Smoking joints.
    'Twenty one pilots' going on the ride,
    I have lost my Eminem, will to fight.
    Escaping my insecurities,
    Collecting signs,
    Petting snakes, Being high,
    "Like NF, leave me alone,
    Or James arther, say you won't let go."
    Opposite side, ironical life,
    Hallucinating, bad trips mine.
    Summing up my meaningless life,
    Somewhere I lost my will to write.
    Playing with words like it's Crossword,
    Maybe I lost in this mf maze,
    Not so sage, not so humble,
    Outspoken, still vulnerable.
    Battles I left, I haven't even fought,
    How am I a rebel?
    Still waiting for that 'cause'.

  • anant_infinite07 23w

    Too many questions in my mind,
    Hustling to keep moving forward.
    Maybe, I should rest sometime,
    Watch a show, what about money heist?

    Maybe I should follow some trends,
    reply stories, to show myself 'a-live'.
    Dalgona coffee? I should give it a try!
    Nah, I am good with my adrak wali chai.

    Quarantined, but I have still got wings to fly, say hi to myself and stay dark, improve and improvise, think and synchronize, create and advertise.

    Maybe use this lil pause of life,
    To spill out the inner me,
    To explore, spit out the real me,
    Spend time with the real ones,
    Creating memories without recording it.

  • anant_infinite07 25w

    Here's to cheers for moving on,
    Penning down those memories:
    Scooty rides, spooky fights,
    When We had just you and I.

    Sleeping together day and night,
    Urban khichdi, Tapri wali chai,
    Prateek kuhad's warm voice,
    When we had just you and I.

    Laughing out loud, hugging tight,
    Playing on repeat your crazy voice,
    Missing out your irritating vibe,
    Waking you up with a pillow fight,
    Not leaving the bed until the stomach cried,
    When we had just you and I.

  • anant_infinite07 25w

    Here's to cheers for moving on,
    Writing down, thinking out,
    Fighting all those insecurities
    Sealing it with a broken heart.

  • anant_infinite07 28w

    Like a lover waiting in the line
    You made me feel like someone else
    Like a lover waiting in the line
    Somewhere I knew you will never be mine.
    The hugs? The kisses?
    They were never special
    I could smell other boys under your sweater.
    (Lies) The things you said weren't very true.
    Maybe your fucking right,
    I don't belong with you.
    I should hurry, there's a guy behind,
    He is one of us, a lover in a line.
    I still get lost by the perfume of your body
    I still remember your fragrance,
    That's all I have left of you,
    Smoking eyes, reminiscing reference.