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  • ananyaaa_army 1w

    have heard many people saying "Draco is the boy who made all the wrong choices" a lot and quite often!

    But the truth is that "Draco is the boy...who never got a choice."

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    Draco Malfoy

    Malfoy is a good Slytherin, all Slytherins are not evil. They just have complex personas!

  • ananyaaa_army 1w

    It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness...nothing more!

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    Harry Potter⚡

  • ananyaaa_army 1w

    And she finally gave up,
    Dropped the fake smile as a tear ran down her cheek,
    And she whispered to herself looking at her reflection feeling broken as all the memories start to flow in front of her eyes...
    "I can't do this anymore" she whispered...

    "You can do it I know you will! Please have faith!"

    "Faith? You don't know what I have gone through" she chuckles...

    "I will help you, we will go through this together"

    "NO! I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE, I AM SICK OF THIS. I AM FUCKED UP! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?" she finally burst out feeling what she had been bottling up.

    "Please be with m-me, don't leave m-me"

    "I-I am sorry, leave me alone, I don't want to leave!"

    "I-I love y-you" she whispered the last line before closing her eyes forever...

    (Please tell me how this is! I am still working on this��)

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    This is actually one of my story that I am writing and working on Wattpad, I love this line a lot and I thought of writing it here.

  • ananyaaa_army 1w

    Some days are just like volcanoes,

    Your throat burns, your eyes stings, you feel like throwing up, you scream into a pillow.

    Others days can feel the cold hands of death and horrible isolation.

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    Some days are good to consider life as a replica of Volcanoes!

  • ananyaaa_army 1w

    Sometimes it's better to let go of the person that is not meant for you.

    Be strong! Be yourself!

    Don't let others hurt you.

    And give those a chance, who deserve it.


    Not to those, who already had a big chance bit wasted it.

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    Let Go

    You are a delicate flower, don't let people make use of you!

  • ananyaaa_army 2w

    Dear Younger Self,

    I know you wanted to believe in me, but sometimes you didn't.

    Because through all the darkness you were facing, you simply could not see.

    But here I am,

    I still think back to when you were only 6 yrs old, and absolutely terrified of your first school day.

    I know you didn't wanna go, but you did it anyway.

    You pulled through all of it, bullying, depression, suicidal thoughts, years of isolation, anxiety, heartbreak, panic attacks and nobody believing you.

    All you ever wanted was to be held, love and appreciated, and I know you didn't get to feel that way.

    You were afraid of the world because of what has been done to you, yet you always kept believing in positivity and embodied the change, you wanted to see in the world.

    I admire you for that!

    You were the victim of so much negativity, you still put yourself in that role even when nobody was harming you in any way.

    You made yourself suffer more than you had to, and I forgive for that.

    You thought you had to be the victim for people to care about you.

    But enough is enough!

    YOU! have suffered!


    You were so kind, so beautiful, and maybe you didn't see it but I do now, and I am sorry that I didn't see it earlier.

    I am sorry that I didn't see your magic, I am so sorry that I wanted to run away from you for such a long time.

    But I didn't know any better, I can't run from you tho, because you are a part of me and always will be.

    So, I turned around, opened my arms to you and finally held you like you always needed.

    And I know you needed to hear it from me more than anybody else.

    So I'll say it now.

    I love you, and I am so so so proud of you!

    I am tanking you for not giving up, everything happens for a reason, and I will not let all those years be for anything.

    I will not let your tears be for anything.

    When I was the one who wiped them away. I got you, and I will not disappoint you!

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    Dear Younger Self

    Please read it as you are speaking it to your younger self!

  • ananyaaa_army 6w


    Your skin isn't paper, so don't cut it,
    Your body isn't a book, so don't judge it,
    Your life isn't a movie, so don't end it,
    Your heart isn't a toy, so don't let someone break it,
    You're beautiful!♥
    Be you...

  • ananyaaa_army 7w

    Dear one who hurt me,

    You will know my importance when I will be no more,
    My heart was taken by you, broken by you, and now it's in pieces because of you.

    When I look back at me being a fool in a love which was just by my side, I chuckle seeing how big idiot I was.

    You made me realise how idiot I was and I am.

    You left me alone when I wanted you the most, left me crying all alone, was I not good enough...oh wait you never cared!

    I was the one who waited for you to text me, but that never happened.

    I am just like a mirror, I was beautiful and worthy when I didn't date anyone, but I was broken and shattered into a million pieces when you broke me.

    I knew that you didn't love me, but I was sad when I found you cheated on me.

    You called me a stalker when I used to care for you.

    I tried everything to make you happy, but I didn't even get a clue that I was destroying myself to be perfect for you!

    I am broken from inside, but you don't know how hard it is for me to mask the smile.

    It shatters me just by seeing my reflection.

    I used to starve just to be a person who you would admire, but I was not able to match your ex.

    I was there for you when your ex left you, but you never cared for me.

    You always said be more like ...... but you didn't know about how hard I tried, how bad I starved that I became so pale.

    After getting thin, you again compared me with your ex. You never let me be the one who I wanted to do.

    But now I am happy that you left me.

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    You will know my importance when I will be no more,
    My heart was taken by you, broken by you, and now it's in pieces because of you.

  • ananyaaa_army 7w


    We live in a world so fake, that good people have lost the touch of their real self and are cheated again and always!

  • ananyaaa_army 7w


    Words hurt more than the actions do,
    Appreciate the person who loves you and care for you,
    And please watch your mouth before saying something harsh to the person who cares for you,
    Because words are powerful than the actions and can hurt the person.